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Let me introduce myself

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My name is Hunt. I was born In Vietnam. I’m 17 years old. I have just been in U. S 4 month. These are so many things to know about me. First of all like smile, I like dream, like everyone be nice to me. I like to sleep because when I sleep I can relax after tired time school, and I can do anything in my dream. I like study and I want to learn more. I want to find out everything I didn’t know.

I love my family, so I like trips with them in holiday.

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Let me introduce myself
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I like silent, so I like to read novel love. For me, I can learn a lot of reading. Can see new life in the novel, and make me hope better in the future. I want to become photographer, because I want to catch the beautiful moment in the life. When you see one picture you will feel this scene previous your eyes.

Sunset and sunrise, or accidentally you get picture Of child smiling. Like my date of birth because in that day cried everybody smiled. Even though I like many things, these are something in this world.

I don’t like lies. Don’t like misfortune. I don’t like lizard and some soft animal. I don’t want to stay alone in night because I scare dark. I don’t like jealousy because I like peace. I think the life will better if everyone would be nice with themselves. I don’t like war because like freedom and want to do everything I want. I feel hold great things. I’m young and hopeful. Try to get my dream. I want to build small family with my husband and children. I wish everything best for everyone love.

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