Where Do I See Myself in Five Years

Where do I see myself in Five years from now? When I ask myself where I will be in five years from now I begin to come up with many ideas as to where I would like to be, however many of them may be unrealistic. I see my self doing many things, whether it be going to college, or maybe even working at my dream job; I am sure that wherever life takes me it was meant to. I see myself over the next five years graduating college and beginning my dream job as a Biologist.

One place that I feel I will be over the next five years is in Florida or somewhere close to the water. One reason that I feel I will be in Florida is because after you graduate college you can go anywhere whether it be Florida or California, however the main reason that I feel I will be close to water is because I want to become a biologist. One of my passions that I have discovered about myself over the past years is that I have a strong passion for animals and also for science. Have you even seen the shows on the discovery channel where a biologist runs their own boat and studies marine life? When I graduate college with a biology degree I want to move to Florida and work on one of those boats, whether it be one of my boats or even with another biologist.

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Another reason that I want to become a marine biologist is because I get to study marine life, this includes reefs and other plant like organisms that live in the ocean. One reason that I feel I will find myself near water is because I love to fish and I would go fishing with my grandfather in the morning, as stated in writing project 2″ from going fishing in the mornings” (Wittkopf 5).

One goal that I have for myself over the next few years is to be able to buy myself a house somewhere. One reason that buying a house is one of my goals is because it represents, to me, financial responsibility. At the present time I currently have problems being financially responsible. One day, over the course of this class, I decided to get a credit card. When I first got my credit card I saw it as an unlimited supply of money, this turned out bad for me in the end.

Once I realized that my card was not an unlimited supply of money I decided to pay it off but still have the card. I then got an offer from my work to sign up for one of their Credit card which I too soon had a high balance on, however now that I have both of my cards paid off I feel that I have learned something about being financially responsible and that you should only spend what you currently have and nothing more.

Another place that I see myself in the immediate future is at The University of Akron. The reason that I will find myself at The University of Akron is because I am going to be getting my Bachelor’s degree in biology from there. The main reason that I picked Akron as my school is because of their willingness to help students find jobs after they graduate. At Akron they also have a program where prospective employers will come to campus looking for students to work for them after they graduate and sometimes if you sign for a job with them they will even pay for your school whether it be in the form of scholarships or even grants.

Another reason that I see myself at Akron is because of their class sizes, at Akron they have a very appealing student to teacher ration which in turn allows for me to take classes that don’t have as many students in them, where as if I went to a larger school then the class sizes would be significantly larger which would in turn hurt me in the long run. Another reason that I am going to The University of Akron is because it is a much smaller school. The reason that I personally like smaller schools is because it allows me to meet people easier.

One thing that I have discovered about myself is that I have a hard time meeting people and making new friends, going to a small school would allow for me to be able to meet people easier and possibly have an easier time making new friends.

Another goal that I have set for myself is to be able to be financially sound. One reason that I feel it is important to be financially sound is because if you are not financially stable than any goal of having your own place or even being on your own will not matter. The reason that you must be financially stable is because as I said “you are on your own” (Wittkopf). When you are on your own you must be able to provide for yourself, if you are unable to provide for yourself than, unfortunately you will be forced to move back in with your parents, and no one wants that.

Another reason that I want to be financially sound is because without money you will not be able to do things you like to do, such as hunting. As stated in writing project 2 I talk about how I would go hunting with my grandfather” when selecting a gun to go hunting with” (Wittkopf 6).

In the end, there are many places that I want to be in the next 5 years. Weather it be working at my dream job or graduating from The University of Akron. No matter where I end up or whether some or even all of my goals are fulfilled depends on one thing, me. If there is one thing that I have learned so far is that if you do not apply yourself, than you will not succeed no matter what it is. And finally the ultimate reason as to weather or not I will achieve my goals depends on if it was truly meant to be.

One thing that I believe is that everything happens for a reason, however when you truly believe you know why something happened, you soon realize that there is a much greater power controlling everything that happens to you throughout the corse of your life and that you will never know the real reason why an event occurred to you.

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