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Essay – Used Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

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Have you ever been to a dealership to buy a car and come away discouraged by the outrageously high prices on new cars? Don’t worry-there is hope! You can get a reliable, good-looking vehicle for thousands less than the new car dealerships charge. The answer? Buy a used car. Used cars are some of the best deals available to you.

Can a used car meet all your needs as well as a new car? Sure it can. The most common reason why buyers are skeptical about buying a used car is because they don’t think it will be reliable.

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Essay – Used Cars Advantages and Disadvantages
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In fact, regular maintenance and good upkeep can prevent many car problems.Used cars that have been well taken care of can be just as reliable as new cars.

A casual conversation with the car’s previous owner will be a good indication of how reliable the car has been and how well it has been maintained. If you maintain a car that was well taken care of by it’s previous owner, your used car can last for years.

Another prejudice that buyers have about used cars is that they look like junk. If you are concerned about how your car looks, don’t worry.

Just because a car has thousands of miles on it doesn’t mean that it has to look bad.Again, cars that have been well-taken care of by their previous owners can look just as good as new cars. For many car owners, there comes that fateful day when something or someone spoils that beautiful paint and chrome. On this day, used car owners realize one of the great advantages to owning an older car.

They are not the first person who has had an accident or a breakdown in that particular model and year vehicle. After the mishap, used car owners go down to their local junkyard and buy all the parts they need for a small price. New car owners go down to the dealer they bought their car from.This dealer types something into his computer and reads off two large numbers-one of which is the price of the parts and the other of which is the time required to ship the parts in from Japan.

The used car owner gets his parts right away and for a fraction of what the new car owner pays. The biggest advantage to buying a used car, is it’s low price. According to a recent article in Consumer Reports, a new car depreciates quite rapidly in the first three years after it is purchased. During this time, it looses one-third of it’s original value.

From an investment standpoint, buying a used car makes more sense because your initial investment is much less and it will depreciate much more slowly than a new car. In short, used cars are a good solution to the dilemma of buying a car. They can be just as reliable and just as good looking as a new car. For those who are not excited about paying high prices for the latest model vehicle, a used car can be just the break they’ve been looking for.

If you are willing to do some smart shopping and are willing to carefully research the car’s maintenance record, a used car is the answer for you.

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Essay – Used Cars Advantages and Disadvantages. (2018, May 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/essay-used-cars-advantages-and-disadvantages/

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