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Sexism in Video Games Essay



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    Video Games are taking quite big role in society nowadays , undoubtedly video games have one of the largest source of amusement. Video Game Developers are releasing 3D universe games day by day . One of the ideal instance is “GTA 5”. Which takes gaming experience to another level.

    However , with the technological advances in video games it also fetches serious condition in community. The term ‘’Sexism’’ Which typically means discrimination based on specific gender especially against women. Sexism often can be seen in society, Surprisingly this phenomenon now is in video games as well. Video game developers exploit sexism to attract more players and for promotions. Unfortunately , these traps are altering attitudes and expectations of youngsters towards women in negative way.

    At first glance, in such games female characters often showed in perfect body shape ,good looking and sexual appealing , whereas male characters on the other hand displayed are aggressive, overly self confident. One of the popular example of these games is “Dead and alive”. For this video game , Developers used half dressed women fighters which allowing players to pay attention on their figures with lust. Moreover, ‘’ Virtual Girlfriend Simulator’’ offensive game is considered to be best game in video game history by players , which was created women to achieve certain tasks or goals through sex. Video game developers set unrealistic beauty and behaviour for female characters because most of their target audiences are young men or teenagers. In ‘’ Gender and computer games:Exploring Females ’ Dislikes”, author Hartmann and Klimmt explains one study (MFS,2005b) concluded that people aged 12-19 only 15% females accounted to be interested in such video games as compared to 52% males .

    Furthermore, teenagers want to see something cutting-edge features in latest games. Video game developers using women avatars as sex object(Begue et al.01). They come with VR sexism games with HD quality just because of promotions . These games become top selling games . Developers are just supplying sexism games because these games are money oriented. Everyone knows video games are popular but how much no one has imagined. It is quite strange , video games are earning more than movies( Alpert 17). “ Video revenue in 2018 reached a new peak of 43.8 billion up 18 percent from the previous year surpassing the project total global box office for the film industry , according to new data released by the Entertainment Software Association and The NPD Group(Join Extra Crunch january 22, 2019).”

    Even though , games are made for entertainment not to promote sexist attitudes. However, they are promoting. Douglas Gentile , a professor of psychology at Lowa State University illustrates, such attitudes can be inspired by subconciously, by a gamer’s prolonged and repetitive exposure to certain content. This statement is supported by study which reveals by Gentile and his team researchers and involving more than 13000 adolescents. “ Gentile says that “Many different aspects of life can influence sexist attitudes. It was surprising to find a small but significant link between game play and sexism. Video games are not intended to teach sexist views ,but most people don’t realize how attitudes can shift with practice, “Gentile said.” Nonetheless, much of our learning is not conscious and we pick up on subtle cues without realizing it” (ScienceDaily). In social congnitive theory “how we learn from the behaviour of others” Cynthia Vinney explains people learn more by observation or models and specific environment. It affects people to learn behaviour.Individuals who play such offensive or games related to sexism can build behaviour just by playing it.Because it is virtual reality kust like model.In real world players can perform these task in case they gains such behaviour. Another study “Psychology of Nakedness” in this Jonah Lehrer proved that when a person looks at nakedness whether in real world or in games even wherever ,it fills person with sexual desire.In same manner more time teenagers spend to play games that depict women in sexist or misognistic way, higher the chances of expections development.

    Still there are many games which are eliminating gender stereotypes and sexism.But, these offensive games in which female avatars are showing attractive, sexual appearing to attract most of men.Which further leads to negative dominance on behaviour and expectations of men.It can be cause to serious offense if men perform such behaviour and desires in real world .Should these games be banned ? Goverments of many countries has already banned games which perform very task of offense and sex.tThis phenomenon needed to be considered and fixed by video game developers. It can be seen video game is effective tool of learning ,so attention is required on this serious condition.

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