Impact of social networking sites

1.1 Background of the Study
Internet is a very essential part of life from shopping to electronic mails and education, internet is very important. It is a very large community which is using internet for pure education but unfortunately we have also a very large number of people including majority of youth and teenager using Internet only for social networks. Internet is very big evolution of technology but when we talk about the social networks it is extremely dangerous for youth and become enormously common and widespread in past few years. The phenomena of social network is quite simple to understand, it is a web based facility which all individual us to build a profile identity and generate subjective associations and connections among himself and list of other friends and communicate with them at a central location. These websites are powered by many international companies because these websites are centrally visited by millions of people thus companies can get benefit of advertisements, this is how social networks are get paid; user can register himself free of cost in social networking sites like, and etc.People get connected to one another after registration and then post news, information, fake news and other things including videos and pictures etc.

Although social network can be used for good purposes but it is generally used for involvement of digital snapshots, illuminating demographic material and information, exposing securities, and conducting online conversations, because many communities motivate user for this kind of inappropriate actions and these communities has almost spoiled the image of social networks. In late 1990’s social network born with Web 2.0 introducing features of blogging and posting with the website named (1997) which allows user to create profiles and make friends, later it come up with new features in year 2003 a new face of social networks and but in year 2003 and change the total concept of social networks in the history of social media and web sciences, it changes the definition of social networks. After year 2003 social networks were very much advance with new features, by new features the user even can change the whole front end appearance of the website on his profile.

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1.1.1 Statement of the problem
For the study of impact of social networking in students life have arisen various research problems, which problems are solving by the help of the various tools and techniques with setting some specific objective. It has some research problem and question which are as below. How the social networks influence the student’s academic performance? What are the effects of social networking on student’s life? What is the main propose of using social networking?

Which social networking is most used by the students?

1.1.2 Importance of the study
Social networking sites are very important source of communication. It helps to communicate with every person in every corner of the world it has some objectives which are given below.

It helps to analyze positive and negative impacts of using social networking sites. To evaluate the impact of social networking sites on academic performance of students. It helps to know the economic status of students.

It helps to overcome the problem which is derived from social networking.

1.1.1 limitations of the study
The study is the academic research, which conducted for the partial fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration. This study has undertaken with in some boundary. Therefore, it has some limitations appear, which has given below. Most of the regarding issues unable to solve this finding due to time and budget frame. The analysis was only limited on the descriptive test only.

Usually it is not fulfill as much as required.

1.2 Objective of the study

The main objective of the study is to analyze the impact of social networking on academic performance of student’s . While the specific objectives are as follows.  To find out the positive and negative impacts of social networking among students academic performance. To find out the usefulness of the social network among the students . To find out the economic status of students.

To find out the solutions for the problem derived from social networking.

1.3 Literature Review
Literature Review means that our investigation’s objective should be fulfilled from given theory. Literature review is systematic and scientific.

When talking of about communication, scholars have always made emphasis, that “communication is the essence of science” (Garvey, 1979), and that “without communication there would no science (Lacy & Bush, 1983, p.193). this means that communication is one of the basic tools to human science. The increased use of Social Networking Websites has become a global phenomenon in the past few years. What started out as a hobby for some computer literate people has become a social norm and way of life for people around the globe (Boyd, 2007). Teenagers and youth especially student have embraced these sites as a way to connect with their friend and make new once, share information, photos of their activities such as birthday, photo with friend in class etc, and showcase their social lives. With the increase of technology used for communicating with the spread of the Internet, “Social Networking” has become an activity that is done primarily on the Internet, with sites like MySpace, Face book, Skype, etc (Coyle et al., 2008). Many people especially student spend a lot of time on this site creating profile, updating or doing research concerning their career or academic work, while some just use it to chat with friends, post latest pictures of event they attended, e.g.

Young et al., 2009, have examined their profiles to determine why and to what extent they are keen on posting their entire identity, sharing pictures and videos, and indicating their religious affiliations, marital status, and political orientations on the internet. These users interact with others, exchange information about their interests, and raise discussions about new topics, follows news about specific topics on different Social Networking Sites. With the advent of social network it has become easy to get information on nearly every issue around the globe. Before now it is not easy getting information, you need to buy newspaper, stay close to your TV set or radio to get information. Internet has change everything and social network has made it more flexible (Lewis. 2008). According to the questionnaire used for this project, everybody who answered the questionnaire has access to the internet, and they are connected to one social network.

1.3.1 Conceptual framework

1.4 Research Methodology
The research method that has been carried out to know the factors affecting the academic performance of student in using the various social networking sites and also its impacts on the students. This research methodology has been carried out to know the impact of social networking among students.

1.4.1 Selection of site and its Rational
The research of this study would be conducted among the students of NTHMC-BMC, Gairapatan that helps in getting the information regarding the Impact of different social networking sites on academic performance of students of NHMC-BMC.

1.4.2 Research Design
In this research, survey technique and sets of questionnaire would be used. This methodology will use survey technique and questionnaire for the data collection.

1.4.3 Population and sampling
The population of this study included the students of NTHMC, age ranging from 20-25.

1.4.4 Nature and source of data

From the entire population of 20-25 age groups, sample of 10 people were taken. Of the 10 samples, the research was conducted on 6 males and 4 females engaged to different programs. The research was conducted with the students engaged in different programs like BBA and BBA-BI.


The study was based on convenience sampling method as per the requirement of the study.

1.4.5 Data analysis and presentation

A standard structured questionnaire was designed effectively to collect the adequate truthful facts and factors from the respondents. Class visit was done on the college and data were collected on the spot. During the data collection process, the respondents were first explained about the questions in the questionnaire and requested to provide the actual information. In few cases, Microsoft Excel was used to make a diagram, table, Bar diagram, pie chart and so on.

Boyd, D and Ellison, NB (October, 2007), ‘Social Network Sites, Definition, History and Scholarship’, Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Danah M. Boyd & Nicole B. Ellison, “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship”, In Journal Of Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol. 13, Issue 1, October 2007.

J. Cain, “Online Social Networking Issues Within Academia and Pharmacy Education” In American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, vol. 72, Article 10, February 2008.

Lenhart A. and Madden M. (2007) Social Networking Websites and Teens: An Overview. Pew Internet and American Life Project.

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