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Ethanol production

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Due to increasing demand for energy, renewable energy sources particularly waste products like banana peel waste can be utilized to produce ethanol, as the vitality of ethanol are well known in science world, besides the methods of producing it is incomplex and it can give big impact to the world.

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Ethanol production
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A Ethanol is widely recognized these days as a very promising alternative source of energy (Low & Isserman, 2009)
1 Ethanol produced from waste products is blended with gasoline to produce bio-fuels and it is broadly used nowadays (Rangasamy et al,2011)

a Ethanol can reduce our dependence on fossil fuel oil (Pacheco,2006)
i Enormous usage of fossil fuel energy imposes environmental costs by releasing carbon dioxide,therefore development of clean energy is eagerly required (Hall,1991 as cited in Panwar et al,2010)

ii Ethanol will increase sustainability of the natural resources base (Dercan et al, 2012) Ethanol made from banana peel waste can be replenished as there are continuing sources of banana plant in the world thus decreasing the use of fossil fuel (U.

S Department of Energy, 2003) 2 Ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline thus reducing environmental effects (U.

S Department of Energy, 2003)

a Greenhouse gas emissions produced by ethanol is lower compared to gasoline (Ethanol Across America,2009)
b Ethanol produces less than half the carbon dioxide emissions of gasoline (Helps, n.d.)

B Banana peel waste is a good alternative source to produce ethanol compare to other eminent source like corn and sugarcane.
1 Ethanol produced from banana peel waste did not affect food supplies as it is made from agrowaste unlike ethanol produced from corn or sugarcane.
a Within 50 years, the world demand for food supplies will expect to double, therefore we need an alternative energy that will not compete with food supply (Hill et al, 2006)

2 The methods of producing ethanol from banana peel waste is incomplex. a The yeast cultures used in the study were isolated from the banana and the substrates was saccharified using acid and the resultant was a yeast culture (Rangasamy et al, 2011) b The culture was then left for fermentation about 72 hours. The isolates culture named Saccharomyces cerevisiae stain was used for comparison (Rangasamy et al, 2011)

c 160 minutes is found to be optimum saccharification period for the substrates with the temperature up to 30°c (Rangasamy et al, 2011) C Ethanol production from a renewable energy gives a great impact to the world. 1 Renewable energy resources will play an important role in the world’s future.

a Enhance energy supply reliability and elevate organic fuel economy (Panwar et al, 2011, p. 1514)
i Ethanol is a precious renewable alternative to the limited supply of available fossil fuels (Dercan et al, 2012)
ii Environmental friendly ( U.S Department of Energy, 2003)

b Increasing the standard of living and level of employment of the local population (Dercan et al, 2012)
i Development and implementations of renewable energy project in rural areas can create job opportunities (Dercan et al, 2012)
ii Minimizing migration towards urban areas
(Low & Isserman, 2009) 2 Banana peel currently are treated as waste and, as such, represent a very low cost feedstock.

a Large quantitiy of waste banana peels are already available from plantations therefore it would be more economical since they are cheaper and easily available (Rangasamy et al, 2011)

It is concluded that ethanol production from banana peel waste is the best renewable natural resources for developing country as the usefulness is reflected in many aspects, particularly economic, because producing ethanol from a banana peel waste does not require much cost and it give more positive effects to environment and also the people.

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