Ethics at the Crossroads of Public Administration and Business Essay

Ethics at the Crossroads of Public Administration and Business: A Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography
22 February 2015
Ethics at the Crossroads of Public Administration and Business:A Research Paper and Annotated BibliographyAbstractThe paper ventured to bridge the gap in literature which challenged the philosophical assumption that ethics is universal, grounded on empirical differences in the ethical perspectives of individuals from public service and business organizations. An annotated bibliography was written to summarize the substance of authoritative works which helped resolve the issue.

A reflective analysis was also carried out to close the gap. The main points of the analysis focused on the fundamentals of public service and business ethics, the perceived differences, the factors that influence ethical decision-making, and selected ethical paradigms. The selected literature and subsequent analysis were deemed to have sufficiently settled the issues that gave rise to the perceived gap. Among others, findings showed that: (1) the fundamental constructs that ground ethics are basically the same, or at least comparable in theory for both the government and business sectors; and (2) both sectors have their own share of ethical blunder stories to tell.

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Ethics at the Crossroads of Public Administration and Business
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Conclusions pointed towards ethics at the crossroads of public administration and business as the beacon of morality. The universality of ethics was affirmed.
Table of ContentsAbstract 2
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 5
The Literature Gap 5
Annotated Bibliography 6
Cooper, T. L. (2012) 6
Frederick, W. C. (2008) 6
Kalantari, B. (2001) . 7
Kernaghan, K. (1993) 8
Khuntia, R & Suar, D. (2004) 9
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Milakovich, M. E. & Gordon, G. J….

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