Business Ethics in Mediatrix Medical Center

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Mary Mediatrix Medical Center is a privately owned medical facility based in Lipa City, Batangas. It began as a humble clinic in 1958 founded by Dr. Vicente L. Magsino, a Cardiologist who engineered its success to become a full-pledged medical center in 1994. Mediatrix is classified by the Department of Health (DOH) as level 4 tertiary hospital with a 120 bed capacity capable of offering multi-specialty services and medical training programs.

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Mediatirix is also an accredited hospital by the Philippine Council on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (PICAHO). A highly dynamic team of business leaders, healthcare experts, and allied health professionals work in synergy to provide superior yet affordable medical services.

Manpower is complemented by state-of-the-art medical equipment acquired to assist health professionals and clinicians deliver reliable results and diagnosis. Customer service is a cornerstone for the hospital that integrates provincial hospitality, personalized service, and proactive care to ensure highest patient satisfaction. Mediatrix efficiently combines the best practices in preventive, curative, and palliative care. Moreover, it also offers industrial healthcare services to various corporate partners in the high-growth region of Southern Tagalog.

With over 50 years of committed service to the people, Mediatrix remains to be a dynamic health partner through its remarkable medical service portfolio.


The Medical Center of choice providing affordable health care of the highest standard imbued with personalized care and compassionate ideals.


Provide quality health care through well trained, committed and compassionate hospital staff delivering effective and innovative services and processes complemented by the state of art medical facilities.


Faith in God We shall fulfill our mission all for the greater glory of God.

We shall dedicate ourselves to uphold and fulfill the vision and mission of our Medical Center Integrity We shall practice the core values of honesty, transparency and sincerity with the highest ethical standards to deserve the peoples’ trust. Teamwork We shall strive to move towards a common direction guided by a dynamic leadership in the spirit of collaboration, trust and mutual respect. Professionalism We shall conduct ourselves at all times with the proper decorum befitting professionals and other personnel involved in the delivery of healthcare services.

We shall strive to involve ourselves in community endeavors as responsible members of society. Compassion We shall deliver care with empathy, respect and love for, along with courtesy and sensitivity, to our parents and their families. Quality Value Statement We shall provide quality patient care to achieve optimum customer satisfaction, while being constantly responsive to the need for continuous improvement of our services and clinical practice.

DLSL belongs to the third generation of schools founded by the De La Salle brothers in the Philippines. The mother school, De La Salle University, Manila, was opened in 1911. The second foundation did not come into being until 1952 when La Salle College was established in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The third group of foundations is composed of La Salle Academy (Iligan City, Lanao del Norte) in 1958, La Salle Greenhills (Mandaluyong) in 1959, St. Joseph’s High School (Villamonte, Bacolod City) in 1960 and lastly, De La Salle Lipa in 1962.

The school was built on a 5. 9 hectare lot along the National Highway. Construction of three one-storey wings of classrooms, a gymnasium-auditorium and the brothers’ House began on 29 January 1962. During its first year, DLSL had to operate as the Boys’ Department of the Maryknoll Sisters’ Our Lady of the Rosary Academy (OLRA). As the Maryknoll Sisters were phasing out OLRA’s Boy’s Department, 221 students were admitted from first to fourth year. ber 1963. Br. Hugh Damian took his place and held the helm for the next two years.

The school population more than doubled during its fourth year of operations. This necessitated the construction of the two-storey St. Joseph’s Hall during the administration of Br. Frederick Martin (later known as Br. Raymond Bronowicz) in 1967. In schoolyear 1985-86, the College Department was formally opened, with former High School Academic Assistant Mrs. Elsie Rabago appointed as Officer-in-Charge. The Grade School Department had to be phased out, albeit in hindsight, the phasing out turned out to be no more than a temporary move.


To be a sign of faith as an excellent educational institution, sharing in the Lasallian mission of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives. ” Sign of Faith We, as members of the DLSL community, are living proofs of man@s closeness with God and deep spirituality. One of the Lasallian values which is fundamental to our Lasallian identity is the spirit of faith. Thus, quoting from the article “Foundational Principles of Lasallian Formation” (Guiding Principles of the Philippine Lasallian Family – Published by the Philippine Lasallian Family 2005):

The spirit of faith flows from a relationship of communion with the Triune God who wills to save all people by drawing them into a life-giving communion with Him and with one another. In the Lasallian tradition, the spirit of faith is a spirit that allows one to: a. discover God as active presence in His Word, in men and women, in the poor, in nature, in history and in ourselves; b. judge and evaluate things in the light of the gospel; c. search for God as will in order to carry out His saving plan; d. unite one as actions to the ongoing saving action of God in the world; and e. rust in God as loving presence and providence when acting or discerning God@s will. The spirit of faith is a disposition of the mind and heart that

  1. allows believers to interpret, judge and evaluate reality in the light of the Gospel;
  2. moves and motivates them to contribute actively to the fulfillment of God as saving plan;
  3. enables them to take necessary risks and act with boldness in accomplishing what is demanded by each situation, placing their trust in God as providence to guide, sustain and make fruitful their efforts.

My Work: Roselle Marie De Leon Azucena, RN, MAN is the AVP for Nursing Services of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, a tertiary level hospital private hospital recognized as the Center for Excellence in the Southern Tagalog Region. She is at the same time a Part-time Faculty-Professor II at Dela Salle Lipa College of Nursing teaching Bioethics, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Science and Technology. She is also a built-in Clinical Instructor for Far Eastern University in the Intensive Care Unit.

She is a Key-Opinion Leader and Speaker for Health and Solutions regarding Intravenous Therapy in the Southern Tagalong Region. She is the founder and president of Lipa Nurses Society, a professional non-government nursing organization with a mission to serve and answer the needs of the Lipeno -community. She is also recently elected as the first president for the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines-Batangas Chapter, as well as the vice-president for the Philippine Nurses Association-Batangas Chapter.

She currently ventured on putting up her own Review Center: RM Azucena Training, Development and Review Center at Lipa City, Batangas. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at University of Santo Tomas where she also earned her Masters Degree in Nursing major in Nursing Administration. She is currently enrolled at Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business-Regis Program. How can I put into practice Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s admonitions in my workplace? The Message of Father Arrupe: What kind of Person?

The prime objective of education is to form men and women for others, men and women who will live not for themselves but for God and his Christ. The character and quality of the type of people that we want to form, the type of man or woman into which we must be changed and towards which the generations succeeding us must be encouraged to develop should be persons that are able to perceive the serious injustices which are building around the world of men and women such as dominations, oppressions and abuses that tifles freedom and keep the greater part of humanity from sharing in the building up and enjoyment of a more just and a more fraternal world.

There should be associations of men and women with new awareness to liberate themselves and be responsible to their own destiny. In transcending towards that destiny may it be a destiny to love God and love our neighbor. Just as love of God and love of neighbor fuses to a point where they cannot possibly be separated may charity and justice meet together and in practice be identical. How?

Be Persons with works of Justice: started with the basic respect for all people so as not to use them for our own profits. Be Persons with firm resolver never to profit from or allow selves by positions of power to be contributors to injustice and silent beneficiaries of injustices. Be persons with an attitude not simply of refusal but of counterattack against injustices, persons with decisions to work with others towards the dismantling of unjust social structures to free the weak, the oppressed and marginalized of this world Humanized the World

Never let ambition and competition dehumanize ourselves and others by not succumbing to egoism. Do not allow oneself to be overcome with evil but rather to overcome evil with good. Overcome hate with love and overcome egoism with generosity by: -Living simple -No unjust profit -Change unjust structures How Can I Become A Man or Woman For Others? As a Nurse: I chose to become a nurse to serve people who are in dire need of care when they cannot do it themselves, for people who are in pain and misery yet do not know how to keep it away, for people searching for love and care in times of their helplessness yet cannot find it.

I shall deliver care with empathy, respect and love for, along with courtesy and sensitivity, to our patients and their families regardless of race, sex, beliefs and religion, culture, social and economic status. Ensure that at all times I shall provide quality patient care to achieve optimum customer satisfaction and safety, while being constantly responsive to the need for continuous improvement of our services and clinical practice. I shall do all in my power to become an advocate for my patients.

Safeguarding them from harm and ills that surrounds them. I will make sure that treatments and procedures being given to them are appropriate and necessary to keep them from undue economic cost, undue physical harm and misinformation. I shall make sure that the rights of each patient to Autonomy or to decide for themselves are adhered to. The rights to confidentiality should also be safeguarded through proper draping of their susceptible bodies and securing of their medical records.

Their right to veracity should always be given through education and honest presentation of facts by giving them both the risks and benefits of every drug and treatments being administered to them. I shall also make sure that their rights to every resources be given to them, treat them as an individual, each according to need, each according to merit, each according to their social contribution and effort and each according to the greatest good to the greatest number of people. In times of death, I shall do all in my power to assist them in a comfortable and happy journey towards their end of life.

I shall conduct myself at all times with the proper decorum befitting professionals and make sure other personnel involved in the delivery of healthcare services do the same way. If ever any injustice may occur or may have occurred with regards to my patients , I shall not keep silent, but will a make a move to correct this injustices even to extent of losing my job. I shall at all times involve myself in the development of my skills, knowledge and attitude by continuing education, training and research so that I may better serve my patients and help uplift the practice of my profession.

As An Administrator in Nursing: As an administrator in Nursing, I shall be able to form men and women in nursing that chooses nursing because they wanted to serve the sick, to love nursing as a calling from God to love others and answer to the call of society. To be men and women for others and not for DOLLARS, to be men and women who do not nurse to gain experience for a lucrative nursing position abroad but men and women who give themselves to comfort the sick and assist the dying for God and his Christ.

I have to be a role model myself and live by example. When new policies and procedures are being instituted specially those involving patients, I had to make sure that no rights are violated and that the economic considerations and human considerations are well balanced. In a workplace where the institution exists for both profit and service, it is really a very arduous task to maintain humanization while taking in consideration the need for profit.

I shall do all in my power to make sure that high quality and safe nursing practice is being given to all patients by educating and training the staffs, monitoring their performance and evaluating the progress of each of their patients against a set standards daily. If any discrepancies exist, I must be able to correct it at once so as not to jeopardize the life of our patients. They say “to Err is human”, but in “Healthcare to Err is not Humane. ”

As an administrator, this is my dictum, It is true that there is no perfect man to ensure rightness all the time when nurses deliver their care, but I believe that to address the human mperfection, the system in which they operate could be molded close to perfection. Therefore to be a man for others, I shall look for ways and means to address the imperfection of man through technology and engineering, workflow simulations and corrections. As A Nurse Leader in the Field of Nursing: “LEAD BY EXAMPLE” or “WALK YOUR TALK” As a nurse leader I shall become a Man for others by sharing the experiences that I had with my hospital to other hospitals specially those best practices that ensure quality patient care and patient safety.

I know that through sharing of these information and round table discussions with other chief nurses with regards to our nursing practice, I will be complacent that wherever hospital you go in our country, patients will be better taken care of and will always be “SAFE. ” As nurse leader, If there are any inadequacies in the healthcare that exist, I shall be able to gather the group and lobby for changes like what we did this October in our Nurse’s Week Celebration.

I should have the strength and assertiveness to go to our politicians and bring forth to them changes and needs in the healthcare setting, especially those that are detrimental to the health and safety needs or our patients and co healthcare workers. I should also be able to motivate my co chief nurses and staff nurses a like to work together to make the healthcare setting a better place to live in and work with and a safer place to take care of patients. As A Faculty of Nursing:

As a teacher I should become an instrument of Change in molding our young to become responsive to the needs of others not for their own glory but for the glory of God. I will teach them to live simply, to be responsible for their own destiny and as they try to achieve their goals towards their destiny, I will teach them to make sure that while doing so there should be no injustice, dominations, abuses and oppressions to other people. I will teach them that there is no other reason for nursing except to respond to the calling of society to serve others for the greater glory of God.

I will structure my lessons in ways that stimulate their thinking towards doing good and preventing hate. I will give them true to life scenarios and discuss with them the ethical way of deciding for a particular scenario. I will shy away from a very structured learning environment and make the teaching –learning environment conducive for reflection and critical thinking. I will be a good judge of their character, a good facilitator, a good coach and a mentor. I will be an ear to their young minds’ questions and hopefully guide them effectively to the most ethical answers.

I will encourage them to speak their minds and voice their opinions against injustices and challenge them as to what they could do to correct them appropriately. Above All: I should be a Living Epitome of “ A Man or Woman for Others” to them.


Father Pedro Arrupe’s message inspired me a lot. I always endeavor to do my best because of the glory not just for God but most specially because in achieving and doing something I also profit from it. Upon reading his message I was able to realized that much of the problems that exist in our world or let me say in my world was caused not by any other person, but ME.

In a world where there are a lot of possessions to acquire, a lot of ambitions to covet, it is no wonder for a strongly driven person who thought that having it all is the answer to happiness, to oppressed, abuse or use others consciously or even unconsciously. With Father Aruppe’s message, I am now conscious of my reason to be happy in this world. To live for God and others and not for oneself will guide you towards a more happy and fulfilling existence. By doing so you may become a catalyst that could change the world towards a less oppressive, abusive and ambition driven world.

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