Importance of Medical School for Medical Student

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The documentary of “Making of a Doctor” that was watched was a summarized version of what went on in the lives of seven medical students and how it went during their residency program. During medical school they learned their basics for becoming a doctor and many different skills that should be known for future use if need. The years spent in medical school was training for them to go out in the world, to practice with observation. As time went they got to start practicing their career of choice with observation of course. They would get feedback if they did great or if they did something wrong. As time went by in their residency, all 7 got to start their career. Tom Tarter as an emergency physician, Lunda Grazette as a cardiologist, Jane Liebschutz wanting to get involved with public health and serve patients, Jay Bonnar as a psychiatrist, Elliott Bennett-Guerrero as an anesthesiologist, Cheryl Dorsey finished as a pediatrician, David Friedman as a doctor.

There are many qualities for you to be successful for both medical school and for a residency program. In medical you must have discipline coming from yourself, your parents, and from the educators in your life. Medicine, is career a you must study for your whole life because new diseases and other things pertaining to your career are discovered, so must study and keep on learning, and be able to help your patients. Have persistence for sure! It takes time to get where oyu want to be in the medical field and it gets very hard once in a while but you have to keep pushing yourself and bring yourself up each and every time. Learn to be humble in order to be a team player, because you will be having assistance every day. Also be able to adapt to other ways of working because not everything will say the same. Be empathetic, and see yourself as them and be able to understand your patients. One of the most important qualities is to have a good attitude and have a sense of humor because many people get depressed at the hospital and they would like smile and you it would bring your confidence higher, because confidence is the most important one out of all because it doesn’t let others know that you might be weak but strong. When you enter a residency program it is almost the same qualities as fro being successful in medical school. Only for residency is that you are getting closer to your dream job, make sure you save those exciting and successful moments, make time for yourself because you don’t want to be consumed by your job, don’t stay in the same place for studying, take breaks don’t work yourself to much. Also find someone that can help you and keep your mindset clean and positive when dealing with a lot of stress. Most importantly prepare for the future because you are almost at the finish line. For example when Jay Bonnar and his wife divorced during residency he moved forward and kept going until he made his career. Also don’t be like Jane Liebschutz, don’t let them know you are weak, cry at the place that is appropriate.

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The most difficult part considering medical school and the residency program would be studying, because as of know as a high schooler studying is not my favorite thing to do, and I tend to make excuses to not study. In medical and after that, that wouldn’t be acceptable in any way because you must know the anatomy and everything else that comes with being a doctor. Also managing the stress that comes with wanting to be a doctor, there is so much on your plate and some people don’t know how to manage it.

Time commitment is very important in the process of medical school and residency because there is a lot to learn and to know. You can’t miss days or a few hours, not even any time when needed to be somewhere for the education that you need, because you miss something you’ll be behind and you’ll have to put in even more hours to what you missed.

Watching “making of a doctor” documentary and reading all of the follow ups, Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, in my my opinion has been the successful one out of all of others. The reason for that is because when he was in medical school he wanted to become an Anesthesiologist and that is exactly what he is doing as his career and is very successful with it. Elliot knows the true meaning of work as all medical students know, he always there to help in any way. As the follow up says he doesn’t want to be “rich” as the other anesthesiologist’s want to be, he just wants to pay his bills and that’s how he is satisfied. I feel he is the best also because he isnt needed all the time, but is still hard working, because he can miss a whole week on not being on duty and nobody depends on him the whole week because he only is there when the operation is getting started. Aside from anesthesiology he also does does business side as for clinical research.

In my honest opinion I am not sure if I would like to pursue medical school, on the documentary I could see the stress the residents were on and how busy they were, and I do know medical school is hard and stressful but I don’t want to feel that way 24/7 . On the other side i’ve always knew I wanted to help people, specifically with their hearts. I’ve wanted to become a cardiologist since the first day i found out about my youngest sister heart condition, which is having two switched valves and a hole in heart. Never knew what the illness was called but since that day I wanted to become a cardiologist. But I do somehow see myself pursuing medical school but im still not sure yet, maybe i’ll decide in a few years or maybe sooner!

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