Ethics Paper Essay

Ethics Paper
June 22, 2015
In today’s sociality, ethics and social responsibilities has become an organizational importance. Over the years, many organizations conducted unethical behaviors for the sake of profits that deprived the innocents while enhancing the devious. These practices of unethical behaviors caused a public outcry of angry citizens demanding businesses to incorporate ethics and social responsibilities in its operational systems. The aspects of ethics are more than just a safety measure used in protecting the image of a company, or a submission of forced policy.

Ethics brings the firm a vision that opens multiple doors of opportunity that benefits the future of the establishment (Brimmer, 2007).
Making ethics a priority within the company not only influences the decision-making process, but also eventually sways and changes the organization’s culture. For a business to implement ethics successfully into its system, the process must properly align with the company’s vision, strategies, mission, and goals. Communities benefits in a positive way by the influences organizations places with social cultures.

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Ethics Paper
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The unique influences occur when the workforce of a Corporation takes these values home to his or hers family, friends, and outside connections (Brimmer, 2007). The purpose of the ethics paper explains the roles of ethics and social responsibility. Then this document will discuss examples of overstepping ethical boundaries. Lastly, this piece will describe the types of preventative measures.
Roles of Ethics and Social Responsibility
Ethics is the basic morals, beliefs, and values that dictate individual and organizational behaviors. On an individual level, ethics is as simple as determining the difference between right or wrong according to personal upbringing and society’s standards. On an organizational level, ethics is not as simple and sometimes decisions in determining right or wrong does not…

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