The Benefits of Facing and Overcoming Challenges Part of Life for Everyone

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Challenges provide important opportunities for learning, personal growth, and the acquisition of effective problem-solving abilities. They are an essential aspect of every individual’s life and are frequently perceived as unjust. Nevertheless, successfully overcoming challenges contributes to personal development. This topic has inspired me to share my own encounters and how I have emerged victorious from them.

The article “Why Are Challenges Good?” emphasizes that challenges in life, although difficult, motivate us to work harder, think creatively, and consider alternative options. These obstacles often lead to significant personal growth and achievements (Stanley Bronstein). This suggests that facing challenges encourages us to persevere and improve our lives by correcting our mistakes. If we neglect to address our errors, they will accumulate and become overwhelming. Similarly, a pile of mistakes is akin to an accumulating heap of trash if not consistently dealt with.

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Dealing with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) presents a challenge in my life involving attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. Remembering information can be challenging due to my ADHD. Regrettably, I have been labeled as unreliable because of this. However, the comment about my reliability was painful but it motivated me to work harder on improving my memory retention abilities. Instead of allowing challenges to negatively affect us, we should perceive them as opportunities for positive development.

Instead of dismissing them, it is important to acknowledge and correct our own mistakes. Neglecting our errors will impede our progress and leave us filled with regret. Moreover, reacting too strongly to mistakes can hinder our ability to overcome challenges. For instance, certain individuals may resort to self-harm in response to their mistakes. In fact, I recently encountered a quote on a discussion board that delves into the rationale behind this behavior:

“Being human means making mistakes, as it is part of our nature. However, as individuals, we often strive for perfection which is unattainable. This imperfect nature is what makes us beautiful. However, sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves when it comes to the mistakes we make. We tend to punish ourselves excessively, even more than the mistake warrants. In conclusion, no mistake we make should result in eternal self-punishment.” (chris91).

This quote suggests that individuals engage in self-harm as a way of punishing themselves, yet this behavior ultimately exacerbates their already existing mistakes.

Passing difficult classes at Weber State University is a challenge I face in my education. Despite being aware that there may be some courses where I struggle, my personal goal is to pass all of my classes going forward. In the past three semesters, I failed 12 credits, including math, microbiology, and history. This challenge arises from difficulties in focusing during class and experiencing testing anxiety.

To overcome this challenge, I have implemented a strategy involving audio recording lectures and listening back to them while taking notes. This method helps me comprehend the lecture even if the professor speaks too quickly for me to keep up with. By adopting this approach, not only am I learning new strategies to tackle these obstacles but also striving for success in each class.

Despite finding math to be a challenging subject, I never give up and always put in my best effort. Each semester, my goal is to successfully pass math. Although I don’t always meet this goal, I often come close to achieving a passing grade. In those moments, I remind myself to persevere and continue pushing forward.

An example of my determination occurred in the summer of 2018 when I completed math 0970 with a final score of 67%. If it weren’t for three late assignments, my score would have been 70%, allowing me to move on to math 2010 in the upcoming fall or following spring semester. Despite having to repeat math 0970 due to this setback, this experience taught me an important lesson: completing all assignments on time enables me to pass math 0970. This knowledge motivates me to work even harder when retaking the course in the spring and serves as constant motivation for overcoming this specific challenge.

Professor Basu Mali emphasizes the significance of learning from mistakes, stating that it is crucial for progress in life. I agree with this sentiment as not correcting our mistakes can result in stagnation. Professor Adam C. Olson from Brigham Young University supports this belief, referring to President Thomas S. Monson’s teachings on the joy of trying again and the reassurance that failure does not have to be permanent.

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