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Evidence of a Young Creation Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    I believe that the biblical account of creation found in Genesis 1 is to be taken literally, and therefore, that the earth and all of its inhabitants were created by God a mere thousands of years ago. This conviction is fueled by the belief that the Bible is the infallible word of God and the convincing evidence discovered throughout the history of science that supports it. This evidence can be found across the wide spectrum of scientific branches; including geology, astrology, and biology. For years, scientists have engaged in an ongoing debate about the reason for life. Many evolutionists claim that life was not created intentionally, but by a rather unintentional process that began with a primordial soup. Contrastingly, creationalists maintain the belief that life was created intentionally by the hand of God. While both appear to have many pieces of rock-solid evidence, only one can be correct.

    Firstly, evidence of a young creation can be found in both geology and biology. Carbon dating (a form of radiometric dating) has been used to estimate the age of materials such as fossils and–by extension–the earth, for decades since its proposal in 1946 by scientist Willard Libby. This method measures the amount of carbon-14 (14C) in the organic material, such as a fossil to estimate its age. For more than 40 years, evolutionists have claimed to have found evidence of an acient earth through carbon-dating; a claim that had been used to overpower any opposition over the years. In 1997, RATE project scientists tested diamonds that evolutionists had stated to be millions of years old, and found “significant detectable levels of radiocarbon…dating them at around 55,000 years” (Six Evidences). Carbon dating relies largely upon assumption, often causing the conclusions drawn to not be completely reliable having been initially biased. Evolutionary scientists also claimed to have found bullet-proof evidence from the (claimed to be 65 million years old) fossilized remains of a tyrannosaurus rex that (surprisingly) included intact cells, flexible tissue, and blood vessels. Mw? Unfortunately, the bullet that has finally punched a hole in this claim, is the simple fact that it has been scientifically proven that it is impossible for biological materials to last for millions of years (not even 1 million).

    Secondly, evidence of a young earth can be found in Astronomy. This simple piece of evidence can be found in the moon’s slow recession from the earth caused by a “tidal bulge.” As all astronomers know, the moon spirals slowly away from the earth over time. If the earth is as young as 6,000 years old (an estimation in favor of a creationlist viewpoint), the moon would have only receded a mere 800 feet away. Adversely, if the earth is even 1.5 million years old (much less than most evolutionists claim), the moon would have been touching the earth at the start of its recession, which is impossible due to the gravitational pulls exerted by both the earth and the moon. Once again, simple facts of science provide evidence pointing strongly towards a young earth.

    Finally, biology also puts forth powerful evidence for a Creator. One large counter Argument, or rather, question, that evolutionists often throw at creationalists is: “how can you logically explain the beginning of the world?” The better question is “how can you logically explain the gaping holes left between evolutionary claims and scientific laws?” One such example provides evidence that both disproves any idea of an “organic soup” beginning and points, inarguably to a Creator. For many years, most science textbooks claimed that life began with the forming of amino acids due to lightning strikes, that concentrated in what is known as an “organic soup.” From there the amino acids would have then linked together to form proteins, which then supposedly got together with DNA (later claimed to be RNA) to form the very first living cell. This narrative found within the very pages written to teach children about our “evolutionary beginning” was very far from being scientifically possible–it has been proven that proteins are so difficult to assemble, that they are never found to form outside of living cells. The Principle of Biogenesis states that living things only come from other living things. The claim that life began with chemicals and evolved into what it is now is utterly impossible. Neither DNA, nor RNA can form outside of living cells. This fact, along with the Principle of Biogenesis and point directly at a Creator. Life only comes from life.

    In conclusion, while many scientists claim that evolution is the cause for the beginning and development of life and view it to be a simple fact of science, it appears that “science” is beginning to be contradicted by science. True facts and laws of science once began as hypotheses which were tested, their data observed; and finally, a conclusion made. Evolution, while it begins with an idea, which is then followed by testing and observation, it seems that its scientists cannot bear to acknowlege evidence that disproves their initial hypothesis. Evolution continually runs in circles, trying to fill its holes and cover up its contradictions. If one truly studies the facts, it appears that it takes much more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a young Creation.

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