Examples of Doublespeak Phrases

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1. The phrase “passed away” is used instead of saying someone died.

2. “Pregnancy termination” is said instead of someone having an abortion.

3. The term “on the streets” is used instead of referring to people as homeless.

4. It is referred to as “adult entertainment” instead of calling it pornography.

5. Instead of saying someone is naked, we say they are “au natural.”

6. The term “comfort woman” is used instead of calling someone a prostitute.

7. We call a garbage man a “sanitation engineer”.

8. A maid is called a domestic engineer.

<9>p>Someone being homosexual is expressed by saying they are “batting for the other side.”p

<10>pInstead of saying someone vomited, we use the phrase “blow chunks.”-p


1. Agonal – A term used to describe a major, negative change in a patient’s condition

2. BP – An abbreviation for blood pressure

3. FX – Medical jargon for a bone fracture

4. JT – Referring to a joint

5. NPO – Indicating that a patient should not consume anything orally

6. IM – Abbreviation for intramuscular

7. K – The elemental symbol for potassium

8. Bang for the buck – A phrase that implies getting the most value for your money

9. Due diligence – The act of conducting thorough research before making a business decision

10. Sweat equity – Receiving ownership in a business instead of monetary compensation

Inflated Language

1. The negative patient care outcome was that the patient died.

2. Insanity is mental activity at the margins.

3. A reutilization marketing yard is a junkyard.

4. A domestic helper is a maid.

5. A family aide is a driver.

6. A standard operational procedure refers to basic rules and directions.
7. A management consultancy is a group of analysts.

8. Teachers are educators.

9. Pointers are points to ponder.

10. A price integrity coordinator is a sales clerk.


1. Finding the right timing for calibrating the decline in inflation-generated risk premiums, caused by decreasing incomes, is a challenging problem as it must prevent the premature termination of the decrease in risk premiums while also mitigating the acceleration in their growth.

2. Federal and non-Federal buildings occupied by the Federal Government need to be made completely invisible during an air raid. This can be achieved by implementing black-out construction or turning off internal or external lights that illuminate them, for any period of time.

3. The undersigned agrees to assume sole responsibility for all transactions conducted under this agreement, acknowledging the associated risks. Furthermore, they commit to indemnify and safeguard you against any losses or outstanding debts arising from these transactions.

4. Sachin Tendulkar, the Indian cricketer who possesses over 40 cars, expresses his desire to engage with his fans and inspire them to actively participate in enhancing our planet’s well-being during Earth Hour.

Michelle Grattan from Fairfax suggests that Julia Gillard should contemplate resigning from the Labor Party, as she is incapable of maintaining any credibility for the forthcoming election.

Anthony Albanese, a member of the Labor party, expresses his criticism of the Greens, highlighting their consistent failure in effectively exerting political power.

7. Kevin Rudd once again criticizes factional influence over the Labor party, stating that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed and resolved.

8. Julia Gillard acknowledges the concern of her colleagues, stating that everyone in her cabinet, ministry, and caucus is worried about job security.

According to the ABC, a Labor source has made a statement regarding Kevin Rudd’s revived leadership ambitions, saying, “We will unleash bloody vengeance on all of those who brought this vampire back to life.”

10. A protester calls out to Prime Minister Julia Gillard as she hurriedly leaves the scene, saying, “Gingerella, come get your shoe!”

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