Explanatory Synthesis Essay

There is a big gap of rich and poor people today, in this society, how the upper class and middle class people think about poor people, is it really Just about money? However, there are number of reasons that being poor. Some people can’t get equal chance to get education, and some people born poor, so these problems are cause middle social mobility in America. In the article “Born Poor and Smart”, author Angela Locke (2005) claims that her mom was smart but poor, she loves read, but for the other people they will look down to her, because they think poor people can’t be mart.

On the other article “A Great Time to Be Alive”, author Matt Walleyes (2010) argue that we can achieve our goal by higher taxes to extend to abroad, and tax on undesirable behavior, also, he claims that our next generation is going to get better than what we are now. In addition, in the article “Middle of the Class”, The Economist (2005) states that the three problems that we are facing now, American stays middle social mobility, mobility may continue to decline, and family behavior decide you position in U. S. The inequality of opportunity cause of poverty, social mobility, and Emily behavior has become big problems today.

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Inequality of opportunities cause of poverty. “One way that cooperation works with class is that intelligence is scorned within the ranks of the poor” (Locke, 2005, up 451). She explains that it is unfair and wrong that people have wrong opinion about lower class people, and Judge them being poor, and think they can’t be smart. A lot of people life is all about how much you have and how much you can use, but Locke defined “rich” is about relationship to success, and success is being able to use your talent and your interests.

Walleyes says “higher taxes to finance more and better public services is not the only conceivable method of curbing inequality, but it is the best one because it directly tackles the most objectionable aspect of high inequality in the economy’. (2010, up 465) He explains that disproportionate of technological progress and economy globalization already contribute for upper class. However, redistribute tax will help people tend to be equally, also it can start help our next generation, but it could be hard, because in a country, the public is averse charge higher taxes on enrich people.

The Economists (2005) shows us the demand of higher rewards have to pushing up the value of degree. However, the income gap is getting bigger. Inequality of opportunities have been one of the reason to be poor, these all three articles represent and well explain that poverty problems. Social mobility has gone down and is being a problem. Locke (2005) states that she has to work and study hard to prove not only herself but her family, and she went to school with a lots of wealthy people kids who didn’t study as hard as she did. Also, she had to make someone’s coffee in order to get alone with them.

She implied that only study hard and work hard can be only solution to help social mobility. The Economists explains that there are big problems on today’s society. First, social mobile has never been that high like what Americans expect. The Economists (2005, up 484) states ” despite America’s more flexible labor markets, social mobility there is no longer greater than in supposedly class-ridden Europe, and if anything it seems to be declining. Secondly, social mobility may continue decline because the roots in fundamental change to economy, they require higher degree to receive higher income.

However, both authors talk about social mobility has been a problem now, The economists gave a solution that policy has been change, such as giving help to poor college students will less social inequality and prove social mobility. Family behavior as a predictor if poverty or success. Locke ( 2005) explains that hardness of her social class is low is because she born in unhealthy family, her mom works and study so hard in order to get alone with the other people without problem, but the class division has already decide where she stay, even she put all her efforts.

On the other hand, The Economists (2005, up 485) claims that “moving upwards- are partly determined by family behavior”. She explains, the rich people are no longer just rich, it’s all about the structure of their family, it’s become more than income. Both authors claims about the important of family behavior, is not about money, but a structure. In sum, inequality of opportunities as a cause of poverty, and social mobility, and family behavior. These all three problems that happen now is becoming serious, the gap between unhealthy and wealthy people are getting bigger.

However, we can prevent it by working, and studying hard as individual, or by take higher taxes for rich people, and redistribute to all people for better public servers and social mobility. What the policy has changed now is federal help poor college students, and reforming the way school finance, but the American should be the first person who observe those problems. I think follow this structure and idea of solving these problems, America social mobility will increase and we have big hope of our next generation, hopefully it can reduce those serious problems.

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