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Nowadays the ethnotourism attracts more and more visitants who are non apathetic to the civilization, traditions and life styles of autochthonal people populating in the folk communities in different parts of the universe. The essay touches upon the subject of benefit gained from this tourer tendency. The research inquiry of the essay is A Well-Managed Ethno-Tourist Business Can Be a Rich Source of Benefit for All. The essay considers the country of economic sciences and civilization, and proves the fact that the ethno-tourist concern has fantastic possibilities in the nearest hereafter supplying it has been well-managed.

Tourism is considered to be one of the fastest industries in the universe. The figure of visitants to this or that state is invariably increasing. A great trade of organisations involved in this concern supply more than 300 million occupation chances for the people. ( Economy Watch ) Furthermore, the World touristry industry contributes greatly to the economic system of each state supplying the growing of different domains of economic system ( the adjustment services – hotels and eating houses, the transit services – sail ships and coachs, the employment in the service industries ) . That is why the Ministry of Tourism practically in each state of the universe is interested in advancing and development of touristry. Many particular tourer betterment plans are worked out in order to derive this purpose.

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The subject of this drawn-out essay is The Great Opportunities of Ethno-Tourist Business. The paper touches upon one of the tendencies of touristry industry which is non so popular as other tendencies but it promises to be at the top in the nearest hereafter. As touristry is an of import beginning of income for all the states of the universe, the research inquiry which will be evaluated in the essay is one of the most important in the economic system of each state involved in the touristry concern: A Well-Managed Ethno-Tourist Business Can Be a Rich Source of Benefit for All. The probe made in the essay will throw visible radiation on all the participants of the ethno-tourist concern including the visitants, the tribal communities and the circuit companies. Furthermore, it is necessary to see such countries as economic sciences and civilization which are closely connected with the development of this concern. This subject is of great significance to me excessively, as my future life and calling have relevancy to the ethno-tourist concern. So, my end in the essay is to turn out the fact that the ethno-tourist concern will bring forth a good net income to all the participants of it.


The Ethno-tourist concern is based on the term ethnotourism which is “ a specialised type of cultural touristry ” , a alleged jaunt, the chief purpose of which is to demo human existences instead than nature, and to give tourers a opportunity to see the life styles of local people. The chief characteristics and ends of ethnotourism include the undermentioned 1s: an chance to cognize more about autochthonal people and to enlarge the range, to research the behaviours and civilization of community work forces and “ to happen the first nexus with the folks ” . ( Zeng ) One of the chief ends is non to wound the autochthonal people and their civilization and traditions.


Normally the ethno-tourism attracts those tourers who are interested in the civilization of autochthonal people. They are true travellers who do non afraid of low-civilized people and happen their alien states the best manner to hold a good remainder. Most of them are scientists, historiographers and anthropologists. They have a great chance to larn their linguistic communication, civilization, traditions, to do exposures and utilize the gathered information for their research works.


The tribal communities are the chief participants of the ethno-tourist concern. Of class, the chief expression for this sort of concern involves both the authorities and “ the assistance bureaus ” ( Bankss and private spouses ) who will assist the tribal communities to develop the ethno-tourist concern in a proper manner. ( Sustainable Travel ) The chief purpose of them is to impart a willing manus to the local people in forestalling their poorness. They will assist the folks to salvage their “ natural milieus ” and to forestall them from such harmful activities as hunting and de-forestation. Furthermore, the authorities and other spouses will assist to protect the rights of autochthonal people and command the income from the tourers they deal with. Unfortunately, this type of touristry have some disadvantages for the tribal communities, viz. the diseases which are brought to the local people by the visitants, other civilizations and intoxicant dependence. It is known that stray tribal people have “ small or no unsusceptibility against diseases like grippe and rubeolas ” . ( Vidal, 2009 )


Bolivian ethno-tourist plan. It is one of the most popular ethno-tourist plans which is supported by the spouses. Here the Chalalan ecolodge situated in Madidi National Park is a topographic point for tourers where local community work forces work and have this concern. The Lodges for tourers are built of natural stuffs and base for the traditional manner of this tribal community.

The Ethno-tourist plan in Ecuador. This plan – the Ricancie Project ( Napo state ) includes 10 colonies in a traditional manner for hosting tourers. The tourers are offered guided Tourss and traditional nutrient together with the community work forces. All the money received from this concern are distributed among the members of the community and spent for edifice schools and infirmaries in the state.

The Ethno-tourist Undertaking in Costs Rica. The Cabecar autochthonal community of Jameicari has a good chance to protect their traditions and civilization, and environment. The tourers spend their clip basking river rafting, analyze the vegetations and the zoology, learn much information about medical workss of that country, larn ancient Cabercar dances. This undertaking was supported by a figure of organisations among which are Manitoba Model Forest from Canada, the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and other 1s. It gave the community non merely the economic development but besides protected the community ‘s cultural values. ( International Model Forest Network )


It is known that a well-managed ethno-tourist concern should vouch the visitants who are ready to pay money for a good escapade, the most interesting topographic points with beautiful landscape, wild nature and kindhearted local people. Here is the list of the autochthonal folks ‘ colonies where the ethno-tourist concern has already found its prosperity:

The high mountain part of Sinai ( Egypt )

The legion autochthonal folks ‘ colonies in Panama

South Central Alaska

Northern New Mexico ( Pueblo people )

Ecuador ‘s Andes ( tribe communities )

Bolivia ( tribe communities )

Peru ( Quechua community )

New Zealand ( Maori folks )

Nunavut in Canada

South Dakota in the USA ( Indian folk )

Chittagong in Bangladesh

Columbia ( tribe communities )

Honduras ( tribe communities )

II Ngwesi Lodge in Kenya is a fantastic topographic point for ethno-tourists where they can non merely bask a beautiful landscape but besides “ travel on game thrusts, camel campaign and guided shrub walks ” . Masaari folk of Laikipiak own this Lodge. II Ngwesi stands for “ the people of the wildlife ” . ( Figure 1 )

This colony is located on the north seashore of Honduras. It attracts the visitants by its flaxen beaches and kindhearted local people. The visitants are offered to larn local dances, nutrient and music. Furthermore, they have a opportunity to larn traditional Garifuna ‘s fishing civilization. ( Figure 2 )

These 1s and some other folks and autochthonal people offer good chances for visitants all over the universe interested in ethno-tourism. ( Mugbil, 2009 )


Talking about the function of the ethno-tourist concern in the development of the circuit companies, it is necessary to state that among all the bing sorts of touristry the ethnotourism takes one of the last topographic points in the list. The ground of this fact is in bad organisation of the circuit and deficiency of professionalism of some circuit operators. However, the publicity of the ethnotourism has gained prominence among the representatives of immature coevals who are greatly interested in this sort of touristry.

Of class, it is really of import for the circuit companies to form the ethno-tourist concern in a proper manner with guided Tourss, dance and music companies, traditional nutrient of local people in order to give visitants a opportunity to experience the life style of tribe communities.

Each circuit company should hold the ethno-tourist tendency in its list of the provided services.

So, a well-managed ethno-tourist concern can be a rich beginning of benefit for the circuit companies.


In decision, it is necessary to state that the ethnotourism is non merely a really interesting tourer tendency for visitants but besides a good fiscal beginning for the circuit companies and the tribe communities. The last have an chance to develop their communities and civilization, to acquire occupations and protect their environment. The indigens become both the active participants and the boosters of their ain civilization every bit good as the “ chief receivers of the economical benefit ” that the ethnotourism rise. ( Apodaka, 2010 )

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