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It might surprise you to hear that traveling green agencies to get down with one simple measure at a clip and so with clip grow from at that place. Traveling green need non be hard, you should non allow “ Traveling green prig ” halt you from making the right thing to assist our planet.

An ever-growing organic structure of scientific grounds suggests that clime alteration and ecosystem debasement are pressing menaces to the environmental, societal, and economic wellness of our communities. Many of the clime breaks and ecosystem alterations in recent decennaries are the consequence of human activity intended to run into our turning demands for nutrient, fresh H2O,

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To forestall the most ruinous results of planetary heating and to construct a sustainable society – 1 that incorporates values, systems, and activities that are environmentally sound, socially merely, and economically feasible – requires bold and immediate action. Leading clime scientists and other experts have recommended the necessary stairss to decelerate or change by reversal humanity ‘s impact on clime alteration trends that will assist construct a low-carbon, clean energy economic system. These recommendations include uniting short-run schemes – preservation, efficient usage of resources, and usage of renewable resources – with long term investings in clean engineering research and sustainable development schemes.

The emerging passage to a low-carbon and sustainable economic system holds great promise for economic growing and prosperity, invention, and occupation creative activity. New green engineerings and finds – coupled with new demand and forward-thinking public policies that advance sustainability and promote public-private investings – are get downing to transform the economic landscape as merchandises, services, and occupations are reoriented toward a greener hereafter

GO Green Drive around the Globe.

In Europe, the modern environmental pollution as we understand it today was given rise by Industrial Revolution. Industrial revolution saw the outgrowth of great mills in the part. The huge measures of coal and fossil fuels consumed by these mills gave rise to unprecedented air pollution. On the other manus the big volume of industrial chemical discharge was adding to the turning burden on untreated human waste.

Therefore a demand was felt to control the threat of pollution which led to the formation of the first British jurisprudence to modulate the deadly air pollution emitted from the “ Leblanc procedure ” , used in the production of “ Soda Ash ” . This was the first large-scale modern environmental jurisprudence, passed in 1863, that came in the form of the British Alkali Acts.

The uncontrolled industrialisation, the rapid growing of metropoliss, and the of all time declining job air and H2O taint led to unrest and the first motion against it was the agreeableness motion. Environmentalism grew out of this motion

In Victorian Britain, intellectuals such as Ruskin, Morris and Carpenter, who were all against consumerism, taint of natural resources ( pollution ) and other actions that were damaging to the natural universe, awaited modern-day environmentalism and advocated a “ Back-to-Nature ” motion.

Their thoughts besides motivated diverse proto-environmental groups/societies, like

the Commons Preservation Society, Kyrle Society, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Garden metropolis motion. It besides encouraged the Socialist League and The Clarion motion to recommend steps for nature preservation in the UK.

In the United States of America, the beginnings of an environmental motion can be tracked as far back as 1739, although it was non considered as environmentalism and was still called conservation/preservation until the fiftiess. Benjamin Franklin and the occupants of the sate of Philadelphia petitioned the Pennsylvania Assembly, mentioning “ public rights ” , to stop waste dumping, and acquire rid of tanneries from Philadelphia ‘s commercial territory. The environmental motion expanded in the US in 1800s, due to concerns for conserving the natural resources of the West and cardinal philosophical parts from persons like John Muir and Henry David Thoreau.

Hospitality traveling green

Since 1987, when the construct of sustainability was foremost mentioned on a co-ordinated international platform with the release of the UN-sponsored Brundtland Commission ‘s “ Our Common Future, ” the motion towards sustainability has expanded across the Earth. Governmental and nongovernmental organisations, corporations and consumers are progressively concentrating on the demand to be in harmoniousness with their milieus and cut down their environmental footmarks. The cordial reception industry is no exclusion, and eventually, the construct of sustainability has begun to derive impulse in this sector.

10 Areas in which Lodging & A ; Travel Operations could take action:

As issued by “ The World Travel & A ; Tourism Council ( WTTC ) Green Globe Program

Go Green Need in India

About a 3rd of India ‘s energy and H2O use is consumed by commercial edifices, including hotels, thereby supplying a important chance to measure and speed up the execution of environmentally sustainable patterns in the state.

Ecotel A® ?


Cotel A® is an environmental enfranchisement for Hotels that enables them to be truely green, socially responsible and sustainable in the long term by conveying the full value concatenation of proprietors, designers, enterprisers, employees, providers and invitees.


What Ecotel A® method?

The Ecotel A® method evaluates a belongings ‘s systems, procedures and policies in the environmental impact through a thorough reappraisal of the range, size and public presentation across five cardinal parametric quantities known as “ The Five Globes ‘ . These are: A Commitment to the Environment, Solid Waste, A Energy, waterAndA Employee Education and community involvement.A To be certified as an Ecotel, a hotel scored the lowest duty intervention to each domain.


What are the advantages for Ecotel A® Hotels

Lower operating costs, more surplusA through a targeted attempt to cut down waste production and increase operational efficiency.

Greater visibleness for membersA through Ecotel A® web site, which besides entree the engagement engine and other selling maps.

Publicly recognized brandingA Hotels, which might non be / have worked with international ironss.

Value for moneyA as the cost of enfranchisement is comparatively lower than others to let the hotels benefit from the transportation of cognition.


Why should you take to be an Ecotel A® ?


i? A Strict standardsA method used for enfranchisement, are updated on a regular basis informed of scientific advancement and international thought into history.

i? A Specifically for the Hotel ( Hospitality ) industryA Ecotel A® which is led by the HVS, a planetary giant in audience.

i? A Recognition of the hotel-Specific green activitiesA with hotels and show such significant grounds be encouraged to seek enfranchisement, instead than merely those who could ‘ , built in ‘functions.

i? A Wider than the 2nd certificationA since a hotel at a sensible development, while the positive developments in the community.

i? A Driving scopes throughout the period of certificationA when clients are updated and to assist better their public presentation through consulting, preparation and designation of operational countries where they can cut the efficiency and ingestion.

i? A Spanning positioned spectrumA Recognition of a superior degree of committedness for environment and environmentally friendly activities in hotels, irrespective of size, location, or profile.

How to be an ECOTELA® ?

Hotels seeking the ECOTELA® Certification are assessed for their environmental preparedness through a belongings walkthrough, which entails review of different sections and random interviews with hotel staff. As per their position, they are either awarded the specific enfranchisement or enabled through a customized design to accomplish a specific degree. In instance of the later, the hotel is eventually audited after the intercession and awarded the enfranchisement

Ecotel A® Certification?

Ecotel Hotels A® Certification seeking to measure their environmental preparedness through belongings walkthrough, which includes a reappraisal of the assorted sections and random interviews with hotel staff. As per their position may be awarded either to a specific enfranchisement, or enabled through a customized program to accomplish a certain degree. In the instance subsequently, he wanted a concluding reappraisal after the intercession and awarded enfranchisement


5 Earths


A methodological analysis for Ecotel Certification focuses on the thought of 5 Globes or 5 countries of enfranchisement together consist the procedures, systems and patterns to guarantee environmentally responsible operations of the hotel. The audit is carried out in each of these Earths, which is based on a reappraisal list. Checklist of Audit for each of the factors of 5 Earths is really good researched and is based on assorted scientific and technological advancement and international paperss and understandings specific to salvaging the environment.


Environmental Commitment -A Hotel showing their environmental committedness through comprehensive plans and best patterns to minimise its environmental impacts throughout the value concatenation, while take downing entire operating costs.


Solid waste -A Catering, waste generated by day-to-day modus operandi is an on-going challenge. This would be in add-on on to the incurred costs of waste disposal, hotels should besides be given valuable back-of-the-house infinite for waste to be stored and sorted. For hotels, the consequence of good waste direction scheme of greater efficiency, waste direction from landfills and cut downing nursery gas emanations.



Energy Management -A Energy is among the fastest turning points of the cost of lodging industry worldwide. In India, about 8-15 % in the hotel ‘s gross income. While the design and operating system betterments to supply a model for the preservation of resources, important energy nest eggs and the economic consequences of efficiency through the passage to a lowcosting, easy to implement option and regular care.

A Water direction -A Rampant abuse and cachexia H2O, along with planetary heating has led to the challenge of H2O scarceness, which is serious effects for the planetary community and economic system. Good H2O direction scheme involves the preservation of H2O by utilizing engineering efficaciously and plans, recycling, through steps such as grey H2O, and earth-friendly patterns, such as land H2O recovery and rainwater harvest home.

A Employee instruction and engagement by the Community -A Motivating employees to understand the demand for alteration in environment friendly patterns, believing in them, and to set them is a necessity for environmental enterprises, which are both effectual and sustainable.

Certification Details -A Certification valid for a period of one twelvemonth merely, after which members must reapply. It is applicable to hotels, whatever the member hotel ‘s state of beginning, it is designed specifically for the acknowledgment of environmentally-friendly systems, procedures and patterns in the cordial reception industry.

The Procedure

The Procedure for Certification is typically undertaken in three stairss, which are:

Calciferol: -ArenaSIMSR AssignmentsPOMECOTELFlowChart.gif

Measure One: Property Appraisal: —

In an attempt to understand the current criterions observed by the hotel, an in-depth appraisal of the belongings is conducted covering all the relevant countries of focal point. The review includes:

Interviews with the direction and staff to grok the belongings ‘s committedness to environment.

Physical review of the capable belongings including back-of-the-house countries to measure the systems employed for set abouting environment friendly operations.

Collating informations on ingestion of assorted resources such as electricity, H2O, Diesel, and chemicals among others to measure the procedures for environment friendly operations.

Interviews with the staff to measure their cognition, attitude, and preparation degrees to transport out environment friendly operations.

This phase of the enfranchisement procedure culminates in coevals of a Property Assessment Report that inside informations the belongings ‘s baseline position as respects accomplishing minimal criterions considered indispensable for an ECOTEL.

Measure Two: Roadmap for Certification: –

If the hotel wishes to attest itself as an ECOTEL, our squad prepares a elaborate design for the enfranchisement in concurrence with the hotel ‘s direction squad. This Roadmap for Certification includes reciprocally distinct marks, engineering, and developing workshops that will enable the hotel to go an ECOTEL.

The procedure is estimated to take upto 5-6 months and will include developing enterprises, inclusion of best patterns as portion of the hotel ‘s standard operating processs and the necessary capital extract where required.

Phase Three: Audited account: —

A concluding audit of the belongings shall so be conducted and a enfranchisement awarded on its successful completion.

Rating System: The hotel is rated on the parametric quantities defined in our checklists covering the five Earths. Our methodological analysis rates every criterion on a Likert graduated table, delegating weights to them based on their part. The checklists have a predefined minimal criterion, Primary Criteria, which every take parting hotel has to unclutter before being certified as an ECOTEL.

Business Description

Kamat Hotel equipment ( India ) Ltd ( KHIL ) , Vithal company to Mr Gear promote, carry on concern in the cordial reception industry and related companies, and its activities can be loosely classified into ( I ) operating hotels owned by the Company, ( two ) the direction of the hotels owned by other parties to the understanding ( three ) catering services, and ( four ) portion clip.

KHIL is steadfastly anchored four ironss, Internet Explorer. Orchid – Ecotel Hotel 5-star section and Vits Luxury Business Hotel 4-star Hotels and Resorts section Gadh Lotus. Focus of the company in positioning the concern section of the luxury hotels, full-service class. The company has intentionally followed a policy of environmental protection activities in all its hotels. The design, building and operation. This environment can be two advantages for positioning the company for the selling and visibleness with a lower activit


Key Management forces

The managers of the company are:



Mr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat

Executive Chairman & A ; Managing Director

Mr. Ramesh N. Shanbhag

Whole -Time Director

Mr. Vikram V. Kamat

Executive Director

Mr. S. S. Thakur


Mr. Ved Prakash Khurana


Mrs. Rajyalakshmi Rao


Mr. T. M. Mohan Nambiar



To do Kamat Hotels ( India ) Ltd one of the top three listed hotel companies by net incomes by 2015 in India

Plan to accomplish this?

Expansion of trade names through self-owned and Management/Franchisee paths Grow in virgin districts where the degree of competition is low and market is non tapped to its possible. Merge with smaller hotel ironss and turn through acquisition.

The adult male behind the vision:

From a low beginning as a little clip eating house proprietor to a Chairman and Managing Director, Vithal Kamat ‘s journey has decidedly been long and backbreaking. When 35 old ages back, a immature chap hardly in his teens joined the household eating house concern, non many would hold predicted the phenomenal rise of this easy-going adult male. His countrified appeal along with his street-smart acumen and a thrust to win has made him accomplish what he has set out to and is a steering force.

Mr. Vithal V. Kamat

He is a sing module of assorted providing colleges and direction institutes like NMIMS, Symbiosis etc.

With a 4th degree black belt in Karate, Mr. Vithal V. Kamat is the President of the All India Karate Federation and besides refereed many lucifers.

He was felicitated as the best Chief executive officer and received a particular Indian Express Editors Choice Award for advancing eco-tourism and back uping the healthy cause of environment.

A book in Marathi was authored by him based on his entrepreneurial experiences called “ Idli, Orchid Ani Mee ” , which is already in its 21st edition. The book has besides been published in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu and is being translated in 16 different linguistic communications.

Growth Pattern

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.khil.com/hospitality-management/images/trans.gif

1958: Satkar Restaurant ( * ) , opposite Churchgate Station at Mumbai was the first Restaurant started. The success of Satkar Restaurant and increasing demand for fast-food prompted the group to establish Samrat Restaurant ( * ) at Churchgate in 1972 and a host of restaurants and providing concerns in western India. ( * ) Not portion of the KHIL Group now.

1986: The Company KAMAT HOTELS ( INDIA ) LIMITED was incorporated on 21st March, 1986. It took over its first residential hotel in Vapi – Shalimar Hotel. The group besides purchased a Residential Hotel at Khandala, a Hill Resort, between Mumbai and Pune. In the same twelvemonth, Kamat Super Snacks was besides started at Nana Chowk, Mumbai with 69 screens.

1988: The group built a Three Star Hotel with 32 suites in first stage with proviso for another 60 suites at Silvassa, a Union Territory, approximately kilometer from Mumbai.

1990: Plaza Hotel which was a four star Hotel in operation with 81 suites situated near Domestic Airport was purchased. The Hotel was remodelled and a Family Club with discotheque ‘Go Bananas ‘ was started.

1994: The Group went public through an IPO.

1995: Origin of the Kamats Catering Institute at Goregaon. Kamats Tours & A ; Travels established. In September same twelvemonth the Management of Kamats Plaza decided to upgrade and reopen the belongings as a Five Star Hotel.

1996: Hotel Siddharth ( Nasik ) – 32 suites – 3 leading hotel with license room & A ; a turnover of Rs. 76 hundred thousand in 2000/01, was taken over under a direction contract for 35 old ages.

1997: The Orchid, An Ecotel Hotel, Asia ‘s first Eco Friendly Five Star Hotel, was opened to Public on 27th September, 1997.

2001: The Company ventured, abroad by opening two of its subdivisions to get down with in San Francisco, USA in the name of “ Vithal Kamat ” on Management Contract footing, farther enlargement is in the grapevine. In the same twelvemonth ‘Vits Luxury Business Hotel at Mumbai ‘ was opened.

2007: Clear Water Capital Partners support for the New Projects. Besides the First Heritage Hotel “ Fort Jadhav Gadh ” was opened.

2008: VITS successfully rolls out across 5 major metropoliss in India, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik 2008: Lotus Resorts launched and turn over out across Goa, Murud Dapoli Beach, Udaipur, Silvassa, Aronda Backwaters.

2009: Fort Mahodadhi commences 1st stage of operations.

2009: Lotus Konark Commences operations.

2010: Lotus Karwar commences operations 2010 VITS Delhi & A ; Bhubhaneshwar to get down operations 2010 Orchid Mumbai Expansion to get down operations 2010 Vithal Kamat, Honourable CMD wins PATWA award at Berlin for his accomplishments in Hospitality Industry.

Future Plans

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.khil.com/hospitality-management/images/trans.gif

Having pioneered the Ecotel revolution in the state, Mr. Vithal V. Kamat is all set to transform the cordial reception industry in the state with his hereafter undertakings and is eyeing international markets.

Undertakings Under Execution:

Existing Hotels:

Refurbishing of The Orchid, Mumbai

The 3rd stage of refurbishing of balance 58 invitee suites and suites in the Company ‘s flagship hotel “ The Orchid ” at Mumbai has been completed.

Fort Jadhav Gadh, Pune

The Company has added swimming pool, watering place, unfastened air eating house and 12 collapsible shelter suites to Fort Jadhav Gadh, a Gadh Heritage Hotel at Saswad, Pune.

Upgrading of “ VITS ” Nagpur

Simultaneously, the Company has refurbished the first two floors of its chartered hotel belongings Hotel Sunny International at Nagpur and upgraded it to concern category hotel, viz. , VITS. There are programs to renovate the 3rd and 4th floors suites during the coming twelvemonth.

Refurbishing of Kamats Hotel Sidharth, Nashik

The Company is adding two conference suites to the bing hotel belongings at Nashik. This will ensue in addition in the hotel grosss.

Expansion Undertakings:

“ The Orchid Expansion ” Bombay

The building work of Orchid Expansion Hotel Project at Mumbai, add-on of 128 hotel suites to the Company ‘s bing five leading Ecotel Hotel “ The Orchid ” has started in October, 2008 at an estimated cost of Rs.136 Crores, This undertaking is likely to be to the full completed by August 2010.

“ VITS ” Bhubaneshwar

The Company has acquired an bing hotel with 80 suites and installations at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa State. Presently this belongings is under renovating and will be operational by November terminal, 2009.

Long Term Agreements with OTDC

The Company has signed two lease understandings with Orissa Tourism Development Corporation ( OTDC ) during the twelvemonth, on completion of successful command procedure and took ownership of Mahodadhi Niwas at Puri and Eco Resort at Ramchandi, near Sun Temple at Konark. The undertaking work is in advancement and likely to be completed shortly.

Lease Agreement for Palace at Parikud, Orissa

The Company has besides acquired, on long term rental footing, Parikud Palace in Orissa for eco- touristry and environmental survey for Chilika Lake.


The Company has entered into direction contracts and agreements for supplying proficient consultancy. The new contracts includes

Lotus Lakeview Resort, Udaipur 80 suites

Lotus Beachside Resort, Karwar Karnataka, 60 suites

VITS- Luxury Business Hotel, NCR Delhi, 150 suites

JOINT VENTURE/SUBSIDIARY COMPANYThe Company increased its interest in BW Highway Star Pvt. Ltd. from 17 % to 75 % by geting equity portions from other members/shareholders.

As a consequence of addition in the interest of the Company, BW Highway Star Pvt. Ltd. , has become a subordinate of the Company.


The Company is keeping immoveable belongingss at Baddi, Raipur, Nagpur, Coimbatore, A Kottayam-Kerala and Amravati for the intent of developing hotels and eating houses at the appropriate clip in position of great potentialA for touristry in the coming old ages. These hotel undertakings will be taken up at the appropriate clip.

Development From Kamath Brand

Development of Orchid Started from Kamat Groups when the Late Mr. Venkatesh Krishna Kamat opened a little eating house in Mumbai near Mazgaon and followed by opening another eating house Krishna Bhawan in Mumbai ‘s Null Bazaar and from there onwards, there was no looking back for Mr. Venkatesh Krishna systematically.

Kamat Hotels ( India ) , a populace listed company, for a period of 30 years signed a contract with the Owners & A ; direction of Plaza Hotels. After subscribing the contract with consequence from 1 April 1994 it facilitated The Kamat Hotels to run and upgrade the Kamat Plaza, a four-star hotel near the Santacruz Airport

One of celebrated Architect DM Upasni and celebrated hotel interior interior decorator Lynn Wilson was roped in for the farther development of the Hotel. As The Kamat Plaza, was near to the International Airport if became the easy assessable for international concern travelers, and came to be known as The Orchid. On 27 September 1997, World Tourism Day The Orchid was opened for the Public

The Prestigious Ecotel enfranchisement by HVS Eco services, USA was awarded and first received by The Orchid Hotel – Ecotel, India in Asia. Kamat Groups both Hotels The Orchid – An Ecotel Hotel and VITS have given first-class public presentation in past old ages to stay in the top three best hotels in the metropolis of Mumbai on the footing of mean gross per room. The Orchid – An Ecotel Hotel is in the group of best top 5 hotels in Mumbai in all classs.

Below are the Accomplishments of The Orchid Hotel – Ecotel,

In 1998 from World Travel Mart London The Green Globe Award

In 2000, Green Globe Achievement Award

In 2000, The Environment Policy Award

Environmental protection, in London from Dr MS Swaminathan Award,

HVS ECO Services of 5 Globe ECOTELA® International Certification position in May 1997 and December 2000.

ISO 14001 Certification was received by The Orchid Hotel on 24 May 2001.

Administration STRUCTURE

Official Name The Orchid – five-star ECOTELA® hotel

Category Five-star hotel

Location Vile Parle ( East ) , Mumbai, India

Opening Date 27 September 1997

Flagship Company Kamat Hotels ( India ) Limited

Suites 245

Guests 700

Certification ECOTELA®

ISO 2001 and ISO 14001

International Awards 51

Uniqueness Asia ‘s first five-star ECOTELA® hotel

The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai, is a gilded 245-room, five-star hotel. It accommodates 700 invitees for responses and feasting, and is next to Mumbai ‘s domestic and international airdrome. Having won 51 international awards, The Orchid is a pioneering eco-friendly hotel, and the ISO 14001 enfranchisement reflects its concerns for the environment. The belongings is portion of the HRAWI Hotel Group.

The Orchid is located in the bosom of Mumbai. Its installations include broad invitee suites, four charming eating houses, a concern Centre, meeting suites, an intricately equipt fittingness nine and watering place, and an indoor swimming pool.

Transparency is another advantage offered by The Orchid. The express cheque out is enabled by the synergistic telecasting installed in each room, which lets invitees look into their room measures, and topographic point orders and messages. World room Connect allows invitees to utilize the cyberspace by merely stop uping in and get downing work.

Green history

The Orchid won the ECOTELA® Award for its eco-friendly environment. Guests can gain recognition points on all disbursals incurred during their stay, which can be accumulated to deliver wagess such as vacation bundles or gifts. The recognition points can besides be donated to the “ green history ” which supports several eco-friendly causes supported by The Orchid.


The Orchid has five types of room: the deluxe, executive, club prive room and suite, the orchid suite, and the presidential suite. Each room is eco-friendly and includes imported anti-allergy and odour-free rugs, discreet usage of wood, paper and plastic, cloth shopping bags, and newspapers and wash delivered in cane baskets. Coat hangers are made from pressed atom boards, and out of recycled composition board pencils and pens are made, reprocessed plastic and bit wood. Handmade, rubber-soled reed slippers are available in the room, as are healthy potted workss alternatively of cut flowers, a recycle bin and bedside eco button to salvage energy. The bedside eco button helps invitees to salvage energy and cut down the room measure, and earns the guest a certification for engagement in energy economy. Each invitee can besides salvage energy by the discreet usage of the cardinal card system.

Business enclave

Business invitees are catered for by the concern enclave at the anteroom, and the brilliantly coloured council chambers in jade, opal and gold. Built with a soundproof surrounding, each room can be used for either meeting or dining. Banqueting installations are offered as Chamberss, senates and Cascadess suited for seminars, preparation, residential conferences, merchandise launches and cocktail eventides.

Challenge Ahead

Its was a Challenge is to happen ways of consistent creative activity of more wealth with limited resources, limited natural stuffs, Optimum energy ingestion, Minimal waste, and Zero pollution.

Wordss by: Mr. Param Kannampilly: Ex-Director ( 2009 ) . The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai.

The Two chief factors which made them believe sidelong were ;

Global Standarisation and

Environmental Concern

What they did?

Environment Culture at Orchid


Architecture & A ; Construction

Team Members


Business Spouses

Local Community

Challenges to face:

Rising Electricty Charges

Making Sustainable edifice

Climate Change

Indoor Air Quality

Limited Water resource

Architecture & A ; INTERIOR

The Approach for Architecture & A ; Construction is a major subscriber to the squad of the HOTEL. The assorted facet of these Factor were ;

Factors which influenced the Design of the Building.

Angle & A ; extent of Exposure to Direct Sun Rays.

Size, Extent and Orientation of windows/Curtain walls.

Forms and Shapes of the Building.

The reply to their inquiries guided them to something called as “ Passive Solar Architecture ”

Simplest Example: Using Natural Energy ( Sun, Wind etc ) to conserve Conventional energy for accomplishing Thermal comfort which means ( Controling temperature, humidness, and air flow )

Def: This Architecture uses the Fundamentalss of Heat & A ; Mass Transfer to Roll up, Store, Distribute and command the Energy Flow.

Principles used for the architecture:

Using natural North Light.

Lower Surface of exposure, utilizing Gardening constructs.

Orientation of Windows to cut of Direct Sun.

In Cold Climates.. Using Large windows to Capture Heat from Sun.

Partially Glazed Windows.

The Following was the result of the Architectural Work

72 Rooms non exposed to direct Sunlight.

Entree of Daylight through Atrium Skylight.

Indoor Space Created to Human Scale.

Architectural characteristic Reduces Heat.


Wall Panels used 99 % of fertiliser waste.

Used AAC ( Autoclaved Aerated Concrete ) fly ash ( 60 % ) from thermic power station is used for doing.

Processed Rubber Wood used alternatively of Raw Wood.

Used Cement which contain 15-20 % fly ash.

WATER Preservation.

An Article in News paper mentioned that “ India uses merely 1/10 of the rainfall it receives yearly and 40 old ages from now it might make near to a quarter. “ . Although the genunianty of the article may non be known but the things go oning around us would give a clear indicant of the H2O nest eggs which we intend to make.

This was the most ambitious factor due to shortage of H2O supply in Mumbai.

Techniques adopted were ;

Ozone H2O Purification Plant was Installed.

Low ingestion Blushing units & A ; Shower Heads.

Aerated / Flow restrictors.

Sewage H2O Treatment Plant.

Drip Irrigation.

Criticality of the H2O nest eggs were considered for basic Cisterns & A ; Flushes excessively.

Using particular Cisterns which consumed 5L of H2O for blushing compared to 15-20 L in a conventional System.

Exploitation of Aerated / Flow Restrictors reduced the ingestion of H2O by about 50 % but increased its force per unit area there by run intoing the necessity.

Drip Irrigation is chiefly used in Orchards where the H2O is provided to the Plants in the signifier of Drops. They besides used the recycled H2O & A ; timer to command the H2O use.

The Sewage Treatment works recycled about 85000 L of H2O every twenty-four hours the treated H2O is used for Cooling Towers ( HVAC ) and Gardening.

ENERGY nest eggs.

Energy hogging equipments in any Industrial sphere are ;

Air Conditioning System

Lighting System

Motor & A ; Pumps.

Fans & A ; Blowers.

Cooling Towers.

Generator Sets

A unsmooth Energy distribution of the ORCHID were as follows ;

Measures to cut down these were ;

Installed Sub Energy Meters across the Assorted equipment to supervise their energy ingestion.

Optimization of AHU with relate to Air Conditioning.

Use of Air Curtains.

Monitoring & A ; optimisation of Chilled H2O System.

Exploitation of Building Management System.

A Major measure towards Energy preservation was to make Renewable Energy.

Ex. Of Renewable energy: Hydro Electricity, Ocean Tides, Solar Energy, Wind Energy etc.

Orchid invested in a Windmill at Satara which had a capacity of bring forthing 500Kw of electricity. Even though the Windmill is installed at satara the benefit is received by Orchid as these generated electricity is provided to the State Grid and tantamount Electricity freedom is provided to the investor in footings of Electricity or Money.

They have Solar cells installed at the roof, to provide to Energy Needs.


From the above Chart it was really clear that Lighting was the 2nd Most Important Energy consumer.

Measure to counter these ;

Use of PL Lamps & A ; LED lamps.

Dimmers were used.

Electronic Chokes, higher efficieny compared to normal choking coils

Variable velocity Motors for fans.

Fiscal Summary

Below is the sum-up of the fiscal public presentation for Kamat group of hotels for the twelvemonth stoping 2002, 2003, 2004 & A ; 2005.

Sum in hundred thousand

Kamat Hotels













PBT, Interest & amp ; depreciation




Tax, Interest, Depreciation




Net income after revenue enhancement




The figure below showcases the fiscal public presentation of Orchid Hotels after using the Go Green Approach. In the twelvemonth 2006 the company besides came up with public issue under the group Royal Orchid Hotels Limited.

Sum in hundred thousand

Orchid Hotels



















Net income before revenue enhancement, involvement & A ; depreciation






Tax, Interest, Depreciation






Net income after revenue enhancement






In the twelvemonth 2005 the company has seen a growing of 10 % in the gross every bit compared to 2004. 2006 saw growing of 52 % in comparing to 2005. Similarly 2007 recorded a growing of 37 % , 2008 recorded a growing of 35 % . Year over twelvemonth the company has been turning with an norm of 34 % since the twelvemonth 2004. Due to the planetary recession coupled with the terrorist onslaught in Mumbai in 2009 which lead to falling tenancies and lower grosss for the hotel industry Orchid group besides saw a negative growing in 2009 and 2010. However the company has been able to keep a dual figure net income after revenue enhancement in all the old ages. The net incomes derived are besides ploughed back into the concern by the group to transport frontward with its enlargement programs. As per the analysis by one of the taking broking house the company will go on to turn at 33 % between 2011- 2013.

The group is one of the outstanding names in the hotel industry, and has a current presence in 7 metropoliss and on its manner in front for pan India presence. In the recent interview with Mr.Balajee he besides confirmed that the company proposes to utilize the IPO proceed of Rs.500 crore to transport out the enlargement programs. The group proposes to spread out its current presence of 13 hotels to 20 hotels by following financial twelvemonth. In the month of Aug, 10 the company has finalized the Rs.300 crore enlargement program. The first one-fourth covering April, 10 to June, 10 recorded an addition in the gross by 26 % . The locations covered in the enlargement program include adding up of 678 suites in the metropoliss like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Shimla, Goa and Mussoorrie. The company has forecasted that these add-ons in the suites will hike their gross growing by 30 % compounded degrees in the following three old ages. The company is besides suggesting to raise extra financess of Rs. 150 crore through equity linked instruments which the board has already approved off.

Company Financials for Year 2010 Vs. Year 2009


In the Orchid, the squad succeeded in turn outing that eco-friendly combined with invention and a deep sense of committedness can travel manus in manus. This has been reiterated by the fact that since its creative activity in September 1997, Orchid has won infinite national and international awards, including: :

Recognized worldwide as ” The trademark of environmentally sensitive hotels ” Ecotel enfranchisement by HVS Eco Services, portion of the elephantine consulting renowned cordial reception, HVS International, USA. Orchid Ecotel enfranchisement was awarded in May 1997. Indeed, the Orchid is the first hotel in Asia to have the rubric Ecotel.

In November 1998, the orchid is the proud receiver of the desired World Travel Market ‘s ( WTM ) Company Environment Awards 1998.

1999 was the twelvemonth awards Orchid bags non one but two. The Orchid won the esteemed International Hotel and Restaurant Association ‘s Green Hotelier and restaurateur Environmental Prize 1999.

The twelvemonth 2000 began with a happy note with the Orchid won the Green Globe Achievement Award 2000 – Award of Recognition.

The latest aggregation of monetary values, the World Travel Market ‘s Environmental Company Awards 2000 received on 15 November 2000 in London. This is the 2nd clip that orchids have this award, the first obtained in 1998.

The orchid is was merely under 5 Globe Ecotel Hotel on 6 Recertified in December 2000. Mr Christopher Balfe, Director President of HVS Eco Services.

The orchid now with the demands for the enfranchisement ISO 14001, which squad will run into shortly.

This twelvemonth the hotel has besides become a member of Green Globe, waiting for the enfranchisement.

End Note

At The Orchid, success in turn outing that being environment friendly combined with invention and a deep sense of committedness can travel manus in manus. Today, Team have proved that sustainable development is non merely commercially feasible but looking at the hereafter this is the lone right and responsible thing to make. Hence, the war cry now is sustainable hotels, which are environmentally responsible, economically feasible and socially progressive.

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