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Expository Cause and Effect

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  • Pages 3
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    Expository Cause and Effect Essay
    3 February 2012
    Pollution is one of the main reasons why global warming is increasing. Pollution comes from natural and man-made sources such motor vehicles, littering, and businesses like construction, mining, and agriculture. Pollution effects the environment and habitats of living things.

    Motor vehicle pollution is one of the leading causes for pollution. The fumes that vehicles create are increasing global warming. For instance, the car exhaust goes into the air and damages the atmosphere. It also harms the human body when a person breathes in those toxics. It could cause respiratory problems and other serious problems.

    Littering is another cause for pollution. One reason is because people do not dispose their trash carefully and are lazy. When that happens, animals will eat the trash and will become ill and will die. Also litter is expensive to clean up. That money could be used for other uses such fixing old roads, hiring police men, and firefighters.

    Companies also pollute the world. Certain companies that do that are BP, Pepsi-Cola, and Nestle. These companies sometimes dump their waste in rivers or lakes, or like BP had an oil spill. In addition to that the toxics released in the water harm animals and the environment. Pollution is the reason why global warming is getting worse. Companies right now are trying to figure out ideas to keep the world clean. To help keep it from getting any worse, people should drive less, recycle, and find a safer way to dispose their waste.

    More NFL Games
    Rodger Goodell the, commissioner of the NFL, thinks there should be more games. He plans on extending the season from 16 games to 18 games. It is not just the commissioner that wants more games it is the fans, too.

    The NFL has 4 preseason games before the regular season starts. The fans think there should be less preseason games and more regular season games. Rodger Goodell agrees with the ideas and said he will try his best to make that possible.

    There are a lot of good things about having more NFL games. For example, there would be more money for the NFL and the owners, more entertainment for the fans, and more money for the players. All of these would improve the NFL and make it the best of all sports. But, there are dreadful things about having more games. For instance there will be more chances for players getting hurt. It would take a lot of work to have this done. However the players said they did not want more games. The players like the idea but they do not think it is smart. Because they do not want more chances of getting themselves hurt.

    Having more NFL games would be awesome. There will be a lot more football to watch. And for sure more injuries will happen. But the NFL will have to do a lot of work to make this happen, but like Roger Goodell said it takes commitment to get it done.

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