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A Narrative Essay is a genre of essay that tells a story, frequently drawing from the author’s personal encounters, like a previous incident, an ongoing circumstance, or an extraordinary individual. Usually written in an informal conversational manner and from the writer’s point of view.

The author’s perspective drives the essay and prompts the reader to contemplate. When crafting a narrative essay, there are specific elements to consider:

1) The opening paragraph serves as an introduction, explicitly stating the type of narrative being presented – be it an event, experience, or observation.

2) It is crucial to provide a wealth of sensory details in order to create a cohesive and impactful effect.

3) While imparting these details, it is essential to incorporate anecdotes and include dialogue if necessary.

4) The goal is to recreate the event, experience, or observation in a manner that engages the reader and makes them feel involved.

5) The choice of verbs and modifiers should be vivid and precise.

6) It should encompass all the essential elements of a story – plot, setting, characters, climax, and a closing.

7) The essay should be well-structured, with the events narrated in the order they occurred.

8) In the final paragraph, it is important to reflect on the broader significance or relevance of the “story”.

Remember these points when writing your narrative essay to ensure success.

An Explanatory Essay, also known as an Expository Essay, provides the perspectives of others or documents an event or circumstance. It discusses another individual’s information extensively and clarifies what may be hard to comprehend. By examining the subject, the essay writer elucidates it without offering any criticism or argument.

The key elements of a strong explanatory/expository essay include:

The purpose of the introductory paragraph is to present a concise explanation or analysis.

The second point is that every following paragraph should have a distinct supporting topic.

All sentences in the paragraph pertain to the topic.

The organization of the paragraphs is logical, which leads to a seamless transition between topics.

The use of exact and precise language communicates the message.

The main goal of Paragraph 6 is to further highlight the position in a meaningful way.

When writing an explanatory/expository essay, it is important to take into account the following elements: clarity and effectiveness of writing, ensuring that your analysis is understood by readers and they comprehend how you reached your conclusions.

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