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Expository Paper: Qualities of a Hero

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The prompt
A hero is a person you admire or look up to. Before you begin writing, think about someone respect. Why do you revere the person? Write a composition in which you explain to your classmates whom you admire and why you admire this person. The Model Essay

She was a lost cause. No one could help her because she could not see, hear, or speak. Why did Anne Sullivan think she could help Helen Keller when no one else could? She took on a task that many people thought was impossible: to communicate with Helen Keller and to bring this blind, deaf, and mute girl into a world that she could never have imagined.

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Expository Paper: Qualities of a Hero
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Anne Sullivan demonstrates the kind of the people I admire. Through her determination1, her ability to connect with a troubled child2, and her refusal to give up3, she set an important example for all of us.

Anne Sullivan appeared an ordinary person on the outside; however, her character reveals that her ordinary appearance was misleading1.

Her greatest qualities lay inside her. Anne was an intelligent woman who could deal with all that life threw her way. In 1887, life gave her the opportunity to meet her greatest challenge, Helen Keller. To be able to cope with all that came with this job, she relied on her determination and her loving and patient personality. No matter how grim others saw the situation, Anne saw the little steps of progress in Helen; no matter how long it took, she refused to give up her hope that someday Helen would be able to function like other children.

I personally hold a great admiration for Anne Sullivan because she related to Helen Keller and made her life better2. To truly touch and brighten the life of a child is one of the most incredible achievements that one would ever hope to reach. Helen had lived a life of complete frustration, absolutely cut off from the world around her. Anne Sullivan changed that. She taught a girl who did not know anything about relationships and love to communicate with a world she could not see or hear. Helen Keller’s life was changed for the better because one woman’s untiring efforts paid off. Anne Sullivan connected with her, as one human being to another.

An accomplishment second only to touching the life of a child is completing what most would consider an impossible task3. Anne Sullivan did both. Though many before her had tried to teach Helen and failed, she began her task as though nothing could stop her. Even after several minor failures of her own, Anne continued to push Helen and herself to find a way for this little girl to know the outside world. She put in long hours of frustration and hope in order to complete her task. Most people in her position would have given up and left this poor girl on her own, but not Anne Sullivan. She put Helen before everything else. By refusing to surrender, she set herself apart from all others.

Bringing light and hope to a child, though many obstacles might stand in the path, is accomplished by few people. With her never-ending patience and love, Anne Sullivan succeeded where others had failed. She serves as extraordinary star for me because she is a symbol of all that I hope to be and accomplish in my life.

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