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Factors Leading to Muslim Separatism

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Factors leading to Muslim Separatism: There are a few factors which spit the inhabitants of the sub continent into two nations. RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCE The Muslims and Hindus have different religious. Islam preaches Tauheed and believes in equality of man before law. Muslims are believed of ALLAH, Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H). The Holy Book holds a cohesive approach towards life. Whole the Hindus follow the religion which is based on the concept of multiple Gods.

They follow a caste system and the society is divided into four classes.

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Factors Leading to Muslim Separatism
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HINDU NATIONALISM: A number of Hindus nationalism movement which spring up from time to time addict fuel to the five by playing up the tension which already existed between the two communities. The nationalist leaders totally ignored the great contribution made by Muslims by way of promoting education and other social activities. They failed up the criminal discord to further polite the political conditions. CULTURE DIFFERENCE

Muslims follow an Islamic culture while Hindus follow self built culture.

Muslims burry their dead ones while Hindus burn them. Both Hindus and Muslims have totally opposite culture. SOCIAL DIFFERENCE There exist a number of social differences between the Hindus and Muslims. The food, their clothing, words and salutations, the gestures are totally different. ECONOMIC DIFFERENCE After 1857, Muslims economy was crushed and all the trade policies were formed in such a way so as to destroy the Muslims ambition.

They were thrown out of Government services and their estate and properties were confiscated. However the Hindus were provided ample opportunities to make program. EDUCATIONAL DIFFERENCE The Hindus had advanced in educational field because they readily acquired English education. The Muslims were not able to acquire modern knowledge so they lacked behind in education. POLITICAL DIFFERENCE There were many political differences which gave both to the partition of India. Congress Attitude:

Congress was founded in 1885. it held that it represents are communities but it always opposed the Muslims ideas and supported Hindus. Partition of Bengal: In 1905, the partition of Bengal ensured a number of political benefits for the Muslims but Hindus launched an agitation against the partition and the partition was annulled in 1911. LANGUAGE Hindus and Muslims have different languages. Muslims speak Urdu written in Persian script while Hindus speak Hindi which is written in Sanskrit.

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