Facts About Our Cultural Food Boshintang

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Does Korean program to function Boshintang soup for the visitants to Seoul during the World Cup tourney?

This is one inquiry from an American to Korean English newspaper last month, reprobating Koreans for eating Canis familiaris as cruel maltreatment to animal. Some of the Western media dainty Koreans as barbarians for eating Canis familiaris meat and set it on the air as a most challenging piece of intelligence. As good, many international people who know something of Korea or visit to Korea ever ask about this dog-eating. And so, how should we respond to this issue? Should we call on the carpet them back for lacking of understanding others? Or should we truly experience abashed about this old portion of our civilization and throw off like old places? Boshintang is seemingly our traditional nutrient wont, which can be irrational and non easy to understand for aliens. But whenever Koreans were heard unfavorable judgment or asked about it, most of them could non support themselves or reply the inquiry logically. We have to cognize that it is our duty to inform them the right position of thought. I am here now to give some interesting informations about our eating wont to look at it in a new visible radiation.

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What we eat or non is patterned by civilization. Some eating wonts may look gross outing to others who don’t portion the same civilization. A sense of cultural high quality is incorrect because every civilization is a specialised version of environment. Korea is really cold during the winter, so it was hard to raise cattle a long clip ago. Besides, bullocks were the indispensable agriculture animate beings that pull ploughs and carts. As a consequence, by and large eating beef in Korea was really uncommon to people. So Korean started to raise Canis familiariss which grew good even in the cold conditions and without particular nutrient or attention to obtain deficient nutrition.

Many westerners think that Canis familiariss have been bred for centuries to be adult male’s best friends or even household, and non to be livestock. But Korean construct of Canis familiaris is really different. There are distinguishable differences between human and animate being in Korea. Many Koreans even wear’t like populating with any carnal under the same roof of the house and acquire them their ain place exterior. As good, the household relationship has been really strong in Korea, so they don’t handle Canis familiariss as pets in the western manner. That’s why Koreans do non hold much fondness for Canis familiariss, which is normally given to eat leftovers and manure traditionally.

There is besides misconception to be fixed up about this dog-eating among Koreans. Harmonizing to some scientific research, dog meat contains enzymes to assist our digestion, and this is why eating the meat is good for our wellness. And from the long clip ago, Canis familiaris meat was used with herbs as medical specialty. So dog meat was recognized as a particular energy-giving nutrient. But there is nil with sexual energy as people believe.

At this clip, Korea is non a little land of the Morning Calm any more. It has become a dynamic and modern state that is taking its of import topographic point in the universe. More and more the international imperativeness and people are giving attendings to it. Stating them about us right is stressed right now to take them to the better apprehension of us. After all, the good image of Korea will be the really benefit of us. So, even though it is a little thing, acquiring to cognize better about this nutrient wont is really really of import for us.

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