Fake Moon Landing Essay

As social media and ways to talk to people grow, information spread among the public also grows. If I have friend across the country who I never I visit I still might know everything that is going on in there life because Americans love to post everything. In 1999 only 6% of people believed in the moon landing being fake, now almost 20% believe in it, and 28% of the Russian population(Gallup Poll 1999). The reason this conspiracy is spreading so many years after is because just now people are starting realize that this theory isn’t totally crazy, in fact there are many reasons to believe the moon landing was faked by NASA.

To start off this conspiracy theory I want to introduce the motive to why NASA would fake the first moon landing. The day we supposedly reached the moon was July 20th, 1969 with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. In this time period of history Russia and America were trying get to the moon. Each country wanted to get there first and both were creating knew technology and exploring new ideas.The Cold War put a lot of pressure was on America to go to the moon first to show its superior technology and Americas capability(History.com). This pressure on the U.S. gives motive to why America would fake the moon landing. America wanted to win the space race and at the time would have done anything to get to the moon before Russia. Remember though, back then they didn’t have the same technology as us today and space travel was still a pretty new idea.

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I think at the time America thought if we can’t actually get to the moon before Russia the only thing we can do is fake it. Many people believe the place they set up to fake the moon landing was Area 51. If you don’t know what area 51 is, a highly secretive government run base in the desert that many people believe and still believe was used and still may be used to document aliens and other life forms from different planets but that’s another conspiracy. Anyway, America was set on creating the moon scene as well as possible so people wouldn’t know the difference and believe that we got there before Russia even though America wouldn’t actually make it then. America’s plan did mostly work at the time and a lot of the pressure was off their back.

Since I covered all the backstory about how America faked the moon landing now I will show examples of why people started to believe it wasn’t true. My first reason people don’t believe the moon landing happened is because in the picture of Buzz Aldrin standing next to the flag on the moon it appears that the flag is rippled, almost like its waving, but that would be impossible due to the fact there is no air on the moon. The second reason people believe the moon landing did not happen is because of the Van Allen belts. “These belts are a magnetic field which captures a lot of radiation and if passes through suck high doses of heat would cause cancer”(Jillian Scudder,Forbes). N.A.S.A. says the path they took would allow them to go through without receiving such high doses, this could be true due to fact that some places have higher radiation level than others but many people believe that there could be no way at the time to pass through without receiving the radiation.

Those are my reasons of why I think the moon landing never happened. The US had the motive to do it at the time with Russia and the race to the moon and the US knew the only way to make it before Russia was to fake it. The US’s mistakes in the filming of the moon landing now have people questioning if it ever really happened.

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