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Moon Landing Hoax in the History of Humankind



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    At the end of the 60’s decade, the global society was shocked and surprised to witness one of monumental events in the history of humankind. The event that was only presented in fictional stories and novels written by famous writers such as Jules Verne was made really on the day of July 20, 1969. Through the lunar mission of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong accompanied by Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was able to successful land the lunar module Eagle on the surface of the moon.

    This has signaled the very first successful mission of putting a man on the moon and successfully returning him home. Indeed, this event has seeped down in the history of humankind as the breakthrough in the field of space exploration.However, the foundation of the substantiality and realism of the event of the first lunar landing and the succeeding lunar missions are not being questioned and criticized. Many critics of the lunar missions, equipped with significant informations resulted from their intensive investigations, are not stating that the said events were plain hoax perpetuated to deceive the society.

    These allegations and claims state that the United States government and the NASA administration created an international conspiracy of faking the lunar landing to serve their benefits primarily their pride of being the leading society in space exploration.The belief regarding the falsity of the lunar success has three general claims each having their own significant proponents and evidences.  The first is the complete hoax stating that the whole affair starting from the early lunar mission until Apollo 17, which is the last were indeed faked. The second is the partial hoax or the unmanned landing claim wherein proponent of this conspiracy states that the space launch of the missions were real however, the exploration beyond the Van Allen belt and the lunar landing were faked.

    The third is the claim of successful manned landing with cover-ups stating that the NASA was compelled to hide the real facts surrounding the event thus, launching the cover-up evidences being tackled by conspiracy analysts. These events suggest different claims for the reason and intentions behind the conspiracy yet they similarly state that the entire world was deceived by the NASA administration and probable the United States government for them to gain the pride and prestige between the lunar landing events.Among the three claims for the lunar conspiracy the second claim, namely the partial hoax manifests much influence to the interest of the society. As the substantial evidences of the conspiracy analysts state, the United State government is indeed capable of launching probes and manned mission towards space however, this still , at that point, lack the capability to make it as far as the moon.

    Advocates of this claim state that after the lunar missions have launched, they just stayed and circling around the planet while the pre-made films of their mission’s continuation is being shown throughout the globe. Some people even claim that the lunar film that was shown was made in the desert or in a secret military facility (Area 51). Indeed, this conspiracy was perfectly timed and orchestrated to deceive the entire world and creating a false illusion that the American government has made the first step in the said event.Most evidences and arguments for the conspiracy claim about the lunar missions were taken from the evidences presented by the NASA administration such as the photographs, videos, evidences such as moon rocks and others, and the reality regarding the capacity for space exploration during those periods.

    Proponents of the hoax theory have found some discrepancies and odd concepts in the photographs and films of the lunar missions. Some of these odd concepts are the presence of crosshair in the pictures, which are also sometimes behind objects, not a single star was present in the background of the medias, the inconsistencies of the color and angle of shadows and lights, the identical backgrounds in most photos, the presence of some “hot spots” which are denoted as spotlights, and others. Some photos and videos even present scientific and mechanical question in them such as the absence of blast crater or any dust scatter, the unseen flame in the ascent procedure of the lunar rocket, and the intriguing movement of the flag despite the absence of wind in outer space and in the moon. All of these arguments and evidentiary questions similarly denote that the lunar landing was staged in a remote facility in the planet as part of a deliberate conspiracy to deceive the world.

    The partial hoax claim describes the conspiracy to well-created and critically staged involving the use of significant amount of funds to trick the entire world. If so, what is the purpose of staging an elaborate hoax of creating the illusion of a successful lunar landing? Many proponents have claimed that the conspiracy was created to save the America government particularly the NASA administration from the shame of their previous Apollo failures. As presented in the NASA history, lunar mission before the Apollo 11 ended up in a tragedy particularly the Apollo 1, which has caused significant damages to the NASA’s installation. Second is to revive the pride of the US government in their race against the USSR in the field of space exploration.

    Years before the lunar missions, it is historically obvious that the USSR is winning their competition with their significant space exploration success. To be able to get ahead in the race, the United States must make a significant success such as the lunar landing however, they are still incapable of making the said event thus, the government resorted to lunar conspiracy Another possible reason for the hoax was to divert the attention of the society from the international problems namely the Vietnam War and from the detrimental condition of their society during the said period.  Thus, to create an event able to entertain and amazed the public attention, the US government perpetuated the hoax to hinder the pending social insurgency in their society.Basing from the claims of the proponents of the conspiracy theory behind the event of the lunar missions, a common person can actually state that the government created a hoax for the sake of their society’s pride eventhough this is based from a lie.

    From the said arguments, successfully putting a man in the moon and returning him back is not a fiction indeed as the scientific society can make this objective thought it will require tremendous effort and resources. However, the said event is still positively possible thus, the government and a high agency do not need to create a conspiracy just to realize the ability of the humankind. Through putting in the faith and dedication of the people, an event of a successful lunar landing and transcending the barriers of space exploration, founded in truth and reality is indeed possible for the humankind.

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