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Family History Essay

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    My grandmother Celia Hernandez has multiple health issues. Her health history includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as type 2 diabetes. My grandmother Celia Hernandez was first recognized with type 2 diabetes twenty-eight years ago during her age of forty-two, resulting in her finding multiple issues. Her conditions changed her living matter significantly that her daily routine consists of following procedures to keep her conditions under control.

    Celia Oergel was born on January 15, 1949, in Santiago Tangamandapio, Mexico, where she was raised as well. My grandmother has five siblings, three brothers, and two sisters. My grandmother Celia is the second oldest, Celia grew up in a family that struggled financially. Her siblings with herself would roam around Tangamandapio trying to find any job that would allow them to receive any kind of money. Her parents were really strict and wouldn’t allow her to go out much. But once in a while, she would sneak out with her friends and go out to friends and go out to parties and places teenagers would be at. Then one day at one of those parties she attended she met Arnulfo Hernandez and a connection formed.

    Celia Oregel and Arnulfo Hernandez had a bound together so intense, that my grandmother got married to him on July 22, 1965, at the age of sixteen years old. My grandmother’s name became Celia Hernandez. She had her first child in 1966 to Victor Hernandez. And continued to have kids until 1986 at the age of thirty-seven, when she had a total of nine kids. Celia Hernandez lived in Santiago Tangamandapio, Mexico until 1989. Celia, my grandfather Anruflo, and six of my uncles, my father, and two aunts came to the United States for the first time. Celia Hernandez first moved to Merced, California in 1989 with the rest of her family. Five of her oldest sons started working and started a family, meanwhile, she stayed as a stay at home mother and the rest of her children finished school.

    Sometime throughout the year of 1977, my grandmother was experiencing heartburn and serious pain in her upper chest. She spoke to Arnulfo and her cousins about her concerns and thought of the worse. So she then decided to go to Merced Community Medical Center to get checked. A pint of blood with her consent was taken out of her for testing. Celia’s results came back a week and a half ago. Throughout that time period, she didn’t try to think about unless her heartburn would incredibly touch her. She received a phone call from her doctor asking if she was able to make an appointment to discuss her results. My grandmother went to Merced Comunity Medical Center to receive her results. Dr. Mayu then told her cholesterol and blood pressure was very high, leading to the result of having type 2 diabetes.

    Having high blood pressure increases heart diseases or strokes. Having importance to have regular check ups. High blood pressure breaks or covers arteries in providing blood and oxygen to our brain, if it does not happen properly a stroke can occur. Ever since my grandmother, Celia was diagnosed with high blood pressure she was limited her sodium intake as well as eating healthy. As well as making sure she has some type of exercise throughout her day. Celia has takes medication for it as well, every day once she wakes up and before she goes to sleep.

    Cholesterol is fat. Cholesterol is needed helping organs do their intension. Having a huge extent of quantity of cholesterol blocks arteries in transporting blood all around the body. Large quantities of cholesterol assemble stock up throughout time priming to serious health risks. Cholesterol is a high factor of death that encounters to be taken seriously. My grandmother ate lots of fat. The foods she ate were either of animals, not produced foods. Nutrients not having much cholesterol are from plants, basically produced foods. Being able to decrease levels a healthy life living has to be restricted. More activities need to be happening, sugary or fat food or drinks are to be kept aways, healthy weight should be maintained. My grandmother reduces her levels by making sure she gets activities involving her body done, such as going out for walks. She also limits her drinks and foods.

    Type 2 diabetes happens as chemicals inside a figure are created in the pancreas act like a perfect shape to let lactose in the gore to use for energy. Celia Hernandez has type 2 diabetes, her cells didn’t normally answer for the chemical. Making her pancreas create hormones to get her cells to answer. Sooner rather than further ahead, her pancreas wasn’t keeping up to make her gore rise setting her to prediabetes then leading to type 2 diabetes. It may be difficult to manage it, everything that’s done improves the health making it worth it.

    Ways to manage the condition is eating healthy, being active, or antibiotics that sometimes is authorized from doctors. Medicine helps authority the sugar into the blood and assist steer away from difficulty, although the medicine may be taken it is still important to eat healthily and exercise. My grandmother, Celia checks her gore regularly. My grandmother needs to keep her level of sugar as near to the accuracy wanted as practical. So she uses Accu-Check which, a self-test to see her sugar plan as well as to avert problems. Accu-Check is an electric utility that calculates levels with a drop of blood.

    My grandmother uses a needle that is provided from with test kit that she uses on the fingertips. She positions drops of blood onto a strip provided. The screen shows the levels of her sugar. Celia Hernandez checks tests twice a day. Once before breakfast and t before dinner. From her outcome, she follows the policies that are given to her from the doctor.

    Obesity in America is especially frequent. Populations develop a poor fitness living through young ages, rising chances of high blood pressure and cholesterol, and eventually getting diabetes. It’s really large in young adults in developing a habit of well eating and working out at a young age. Having those conditions can be challenging so it’s vital in keeping away from stress, regulate the physical activity, getting enough sleep. Doctor appointments need to be made to help with health and to voice concerns. It is very important to develop healthy eating and exercise at a young age, to avoid risking any health conditions.

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