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How has your hispanic heritage influenced your academic and personal long term goals?



Words: 672 (3 pages)

How has your hispanic heritage influenced your academic and personal long term goals?             I am what I am today because of my Hispanic heritage. What I am today is because of the great contributions from where I come from. I am proud to say that through my heritage I am able to value the…

Understanding and Applying the Heritage Assessment tool



Words: 1551 (7 pages)

Heritage Assessment Understanding and Applying the Heritage Assessment tool Nurses have to be culturally competent, they need to assess their individual values and beliefs about health and health care; otherwise, nurses might assume that all cultures share western premises and values. In order to be considerate to an individual, nurses must remember that beliefs and…

Heritage of Humanity – the Pantheon


Words: 2000 (8 pages)

The Pantheon The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved building in Rome despite all the additions and restorations to its original form. The original Pantheon was built in 27 BC by Marcus Agrippa after the conclusion of the Battle of Actium. The monolithic structure seen in Rome today, however, is no longer the original Pantheon…

Lewis and Clark Expedition and Clark Trail Heritage


Words: 467 (2 pages)

Graded Assignment The Game with No Name A friend of yours would like to capture the adventures of Lewis and Clark in a video game, but she needs your help. She wants the game to be awarded Top 10 Kudos like Super Mario, Rock Band, and SimCity. Read all the directions first and follow them…

As Far as I Concern About Heritage Building


Words: 816 (4 pages)

As far I concern about our case study of heritage buildings (City Hall, Fort Cornwallis and Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower), in generally my feeling or respond towards that building is kindly proud. This because, basically that buildings was built in a previous year ago (since year 1786) and the reason and function are based…

The Meaning of Heritage in the Family as depicted in Alice Walker’s Everyday Use

Alice Walker


Words: 1093 (5 pages)

The Meaning of Heritage in the Family as depicted in Alice Walker’s Everyday Use Everything in this world appears to have a history including history itself. History tells people the roots and the legends that explain where and how things started and how people, place and things end up like they are now. In all…

Patient’s Heritage Assessment in Nursing


Words: 1512 (7 pages)

Culture profoundly influences people’s health due to how it affects people’s view on disease, how they seek health care and how they communicate with health care providers. Working in an American, multicultural society, nurses must possess cultural competency in order to provide patient-centered care to meet patient’s needs and expectations. To assess a patient’s cultural…

Reaction Paper (with Regard to Philippine World Heritage Sites)



Words: 2699 (11 pages)

The documentary “Legacy: Philippine World Heritage Sites” mainly focuses on obviously, the most prominent and prolific spots in the country. Toti, an architect, who manifested great interest towards historical structures and landmarks, traveled around the country to resuscitate Filipinos’ awareness regarding the maintenance of our beloved wonders, namely, the admirable Tubbataha Reef located at the…

Indigenous Heritage and Issues Surrounding Its Safeguarding


Words: 2411 (10 pages)

  What is ‘Indigenous heritage’ and what are some of the contemporary issues surrounding the safeguarding of this heritage? I.                    Introduction Human societies are slowly beginning to understand the global damage wrought by colonisation. Since the 1960’s the struggle of Indigenous peoples right to control their own heritage has entered the public consciousness. The issue…

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