Federal Government Actively Promote Industrial

The American economy thrived because of federal involvement, not the lace k of it. How did the federal government actively promote industrial and agricultural develops .NET in this period? The rapid expansion Of factory production, mining, and railroad construction around the country specifically the North signaled the change of America to a mature industrial in gusty.

Most manufacturing took place in industrial cities, with New York a symbol for Dana mimic urban growth. Cities financed industrialization and westward expansion. While all HTH s happened in the North, agriculture boomed in the West. The federal government had given pale ant of land to territorial and state governments who were in turn eager to sell the land and acquire population. Through Eastern and European advertising, settlers flooded the West to work the fresh virgin land.

More land came into cultivation in the thirty years after the Civil War that n in the previous two and a half centuries in American history. The federal government had alls o issued the Homestead Act, which helped hundreds of thousands of families establish far ms, further promoting agricultural development in the West. 2. Describe the importance of the nation’s railroads in the rise of America’s SE condo industrial revolution. The amount of railroads in the United States tripled between 1860 and 1880 a ND then ripped again by 1920.

With this expansion, new areas were open to commerce ail farming and a national market was able to be established for manufactured goods. Companion sees developed ways to use each others tracks allowing for a wider range of deliveries, connecting t he east coast to the west coast. With the hugely expanding market with the railroads, a modern in district economy was able to flourish. National chains were able to develop in this time and sys embodied the integration of the nation and its businesses.

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