The Federal Government

This article talks about the growth and strengths of our Federal government before the New Deal. This article relates to people, power, and politics because shows how the lives of Americans developed over the years through the use of power practiced In politics. The specific topics that It covers are; the constitution, the federalist papers 10, women’s suffrage, FED Commonwealth Address and the role of government. The growth of the federal government In the 20th Century started with the American Constitution.

Our founding fathers expected the government to be the defenders of Its colleens’ liberty. For these reasons the first three Articles of the American Constitution supported separation of powers by delving the federal government Into three branches, which are the legislative, executive and Judiciary. Constitutionally, the federal government has the power to necessary and proper clause, which makes laws that shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution and powers.

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Some examples of how this clause was practiced in the federal government are the 10th Amendment which was about powers not delegated, he 14th amendment, which states that congress broadens constitutional power; states have to treat Americans equally to one and other and ensure due process. Also in the Landmark Supreme court case of McCullough vs.. Maryland that established two important principles in constitutional law.

First, the Constitution grants to Congress implied powers for implementing the Constitution’s express powers, in order to create a functional national government. Second, state action may not impede valid constitutional exercises of power by the Federal government. The next stage of federal government growth was during the Progressive era. The Government once committed to protecting the liberty of its citizens shifted its interest to firmly committing to looking for their Economic welfare.

The role of the government is to provide for the social welfare of its people. Interrupted by WWW the Progressive era took a turn for the better. The Government advances to railroads, the united States Food Administration was created, Federal Income tax was Introduced and all these events caused war related spending, which helped boost the economy. These Ideas all saw ways to help society to achieve these things and suggested Women’s Suffrage Societies; in 1903 the Woman’s Trade Union League was founded.

The period of progressive Ideas was then followed by the Progressive legislation. Prohibition was the period when the federal government Imposed a tax on alcohol, “Welch was protected by the 18th amendment. This tax was used to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the state and to stop reckless drinking In the country. The last stage of the Progressive Era was the Bureaucracy also known as the watchdogs of the Industrial Corporation. Technocracy and Expertise are the FDA Food, Drug Administration and Interstate Commerce Commission.

Also, the Industrial Workers of The World was established. The federal government got even bigger after the Great Depression, which was the period of over production and under consumption which had to become more involved in government and so they took over to help the economic collapse. America’s economic system is Capitalism. Capitalism solves the production crisis but it does not solve the distribution of goods. So, The New Deal proposed by Franklin Roosevelt provided relief and helped the economy nationally and internationally.

I am mutual with the author of the article because while federal government has indeed had growth since inception the New deal helped the state shape its economic development, recover public work, and create administration, Bureaucracy, and reforms. Some economist believed in cutting federal spending and taxing more Mould help boost the economy influenced the new deal. Monetary policy involved increase interest rates. The new deal adapted this idea and called it the fiscal policy, Inch was similar in taxing and spending. Reforms regulate investing and stocking, increase confidence. Some reforms were U.

S. Security Exchange, and Social Security and Labor. The Wages Act enforced this giving workers the right to form labor unions also, the Fair Labor Standards Act established minimum wage and Maximum hours. All of these things would not be possible if it wasn’t for the new deal.

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