Feminist Research Paper While surfing the Essay

Feminist Essay, Research Paper

While surfing the cyberspace yesterday I came across an article discoursing adult females and their function in a changing society. The article, which was written by Karin Crosbie stated that although adult females have come a long manner in the field of adult females & # 8217 ; s rights, there is still a long manner to travel. Crosbie stated that she is a women’s rightist, and as a women’s rightist it is her duty to see that action is taken to foster the cause of the adult females by any agencies necessary.

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Feminist Research Paper While surfing the
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She explains that adult females should non hold to turn out anything to work forces by such agencies as shaving their legs, nor conform by covering up the natural ego with make-up.

I agree with the overall construct she is seeking to convey, I feel that adult females do necessitate to take action, and that non all chances are yet equal. The job I have with her article is the image that she and other modern-day militants are coveying to the remainder of society.

When I think of a feminist two images come into head. The first, which possibly a small out-of-date is a adult females like Susan B. Anthony, person contending for existent issues that affair. The 2nd is of a adult females like the writer above, person who is utmost merely to be utmost. To my letdown it seems the later is going more prevailing within society.

After reading the article I scrolled down the page to where it listed & # 8220 ; more feminist links & # 8221 ; , the five that were given consisted of ; three sapphic rights pages, and two & # 8220 ; neo-feminist pages & # 8221 ; . Thinking this must be merely a little per centum of women’s rightist pages which were given by this specific writer,

I went back and searched many of the women’s rightist pages on the web myself. To my unpleasant surprise it turned out that about all were expressive of the same utmost subject.

So what does the current position of women’s rightists as a whole mean to society? I feel that the current position of women’s rightists is damaging to the adult females & # 8217 ; s motion. One ground is that I feel the current positions expressed by Crosbie are non merely unattractive but in a manner abhorrent. Once adult females could be proud to state they were women’s rightists. Today it is some sort of extreme word that places you amongst groups. This image could turn away perspective militants who would be major subscribers to the motion. Another ground is that the focal point has become more on fiddling appendages so on existent issues. No 1 cares if adult females shaves her legs or non, and although it might be some sort of symbolic stand I feel it is a nonmeaningful one. Not merely are people now embarrassed to be associated with the word, but it is losing its creditability.

It seems clear to me that the word women’s rightist ought to stand for adult females who are seeking to do existent alterations within the context of society for the common good of all adult females sincere adult females who dedicate their lives in indefatigable attempt to causes which make a difference in how people are treated and non to people who feel being extreme and acquiring attending are what matters most. If we can dothis, and change by reversal the tendency which the word is now taking, we will non merely be making a favour to the adult females & # 8217 ; s rights motion as a whole, but will be rectifying an unfairness that has no topographic point in such a baronial cause

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