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Feminist perspectives on Inhabitant BY Henna 23455 Feminist perspectives on Inhabitant : “It all starts because of a woman” is the tag line used by many people. Some sacred books say “Stay away from wine, gambling and woman. ” “Woman is the door to hell”, “The heaven for a woman lies in her husband’s feet”, “A Woman lacks a pen’s”, “Eve was born out of a bone which was from Adams rib-cage”. What do all these quotes have in common? All these quotes ‘second’ woman, they subordinate women to men. Even in our society we follow a patriarchal system. A system wherein Women are fortunate to men.

A system wherein a Man is considered the head of the family and controls women’s sexuality, labor or production, reproduction and mobility. Society, when it thinks in a man’s perspective, portrays woman subjectively. If we take a closer look at patriarchy, we see that it has a history. Where do you think, this history comes from? It definitely comes from the Epics and the Mythology our Society has constantly lived with. These Epics and Mythological stories are considered , our cultural heritage. We feed on them in order to attain our own samaras.

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But, it is today that we have known that our stories have a loophole somewhere. With all due respect to our Epics and Mythology, but,don’t you think that some stories were unfair to women characters of that era? Does this question not pop in your mind when you hear that Seta goes through ‘Agene-parish’ Just because some laymen poisoned Ram’s ears by telling him that Seta might be characterless! When, she was an ideal example of a ‘Patti-frat Nair’! Does this question not come to your mind when you hear that Draping had to marry five men!

Don’t you think Gandhi as an ideal example of ‘sacrifice’ when in reality she was blamed for mocking her husband Thrashed for he was blind! These questions surely, vividly prove that the women in the Mythological stories were shown as ‘other’ and were seen as only property or an object. I will be dealing with the Women in the Epic Inhabitant through a feminist lens. The women in Inhabitant were different. They had their own set of thought processes. They were ambitious, loving, fierce, sacrificing in Nature. As per my knowledge on this text, I feel there are some major women characters in

Inhabitant, notably : Satyriasis, Skunk, Gandhi and the most celebrated personality, Draping, following Hiding. Beginning with Satyriasis. Satyriasis was the queen of the Koru king Shantung of Historians and the great-grandmother of the Panda and Koura princes (principal characters of the Inhabitant). She was also the mother of the seer Was, author of the epic. Now, in the story, it is said that when Satyriasis was in a relationship with the Koru King Shantung, a news spread that King Shantung would put his elder son Baksheesh (son of Koru King Shantung ND the Holy river Ganges) on the throne and bestow his kingdom upon him.

Satyriasis, who is the later queen of Koru dynasty does not like this and she asks him to either leave her or to make her and King Shantung’s son the next ruler of Koru Dynasty which is not accepted by Koru King Suntan. Baksheesh does not like his father staying alone, sad and in grief and hence takes a vow on taking his mother(River Ganges) into consideration by saying that he will be the support to the later rulers of the Koru Dynasty and will give away the power and prestige for good. This point is worth taking look at!

If Baksheesh would not have taken this vow, Inhabitant would have never happened as he would have surely turned out to be a good, noble ad brave King as Inhabitant took place due to bad leadership. People, took this very point and blamed Satyriasis-The over-powering and ambitious lady, the reason for the cause of Embarrass. But, no one took efforts to plunge deep into Activity’s mind and her own story before she was attached to Koru King Shantung. Satyriasis was called as a Mandatory’ (the queen of finny tribes)! Once a ‘Sage’ (as he is addressed to) was attracted to Manhattans-satyriasis.

They got into relationship and he left her giving her false promises. She stayed with her parents and brought up the child! The Sage was gone for good! Hence, as our Psychology says today, we when loose something which we know we deserve, get very much attached and conscious when the destiny offers you the same opportunity next time! That’s hat happened to Satyriasis. But, her story and the baby of the Sages’ and hers’ is hardly mentioned … Which is a ‘sad’ story! People called Satyriasis more ambitious but addressed the man, a Sage who turned a lustful eye on her and left her when she deed him the most.

We hardly hear this part attached to Activity’s life. Hence, the woman character, Satyriasis was treated unfairly. Next, we come to Gandhi. Gandhi, was an incarnation of Matt, the Goddess of Intelligence, as the daughter of Subclass, the king of Kandahar. Gangland’s marriage was arranged to Deathtraps, the eldest prince of the Koru kingdom who was born blind. Gandhi voluntarily blindfolded herself throughout her married life. She was also put down by the masses. People pointed her, saying that she made fun of her husband.

That, he was cocking her husband and make him feel low of himself. Most of the people never so the good part of Gander’s decision of blind-folding resell. She, as a women of that era might have felt that she should not surpass her husband as the whole set-up was a patriarchal set up in those days. She was a woman who was a seeker of the quote “A woman’s heaven lies in her husband’s feet” and she followed the teachings. She yanked away her power of eyes and made her a handicap so that she would be her husband’s follower. She might be wrong, for she never had to do this!

I also feel that, he would not have blind-folded herself, would have helped her husband to maintain the kingdom through her eyes. Both would have been equally contributed o the Kingdoms affairs. But, she was a Woman of that era and hence did NT hind beyond the patriarchal system. Still, people ignoring her ‘Sacrifice’ which she gave for her husband say that she Just mocked her husband and did nothing else throughout her life. This thinking, I strongly believe is anti-feminist in Nature. Thirdly, we come across the most celebrated personality, Draping! Draping, was a daughter of King

Draped of Panache and the wife of the five Pandas. When Hydrations becomes the king of Hastiness’s at the end of the war, Draping (again) becomes the queen of Antidepressant. She is also variously referred as Grasp (or Krishna, meaning one of darker complexion), Penchant (meaning one from the kingdom of Penchant), Yeasting (meaning one born from a Yak or fire-sacrifice), Inhabitant (great wife of the five descendents of Barbara) and Sardinian (literally: an expert maid, her assumed name during her second exile in which she worked as Viral kingdom’s queen Suddenness air-stylist).

It is the portrayal of struggle by Draping to achieve equality, dignity, rights, and freedom from the patriarchal boundaries. Draping is portrayed as a brave and Courageous character in Embarrass and loads of times, her will and character are put to test. Traditional society has a system which doesn’t see anyone as an individual. People are identified either by their caste or their relation to a particular class of a society. Individual consciously or unconsciously confirms to the society.

In Embarrass, Draping is always under conflict and many a time, she is forced to CT against her will. She is compelled to marry five husbands regardless of her choice which puts her in a critical situation throughout her life. Duration looks at Draping as a characterless woman. He has no respect for her. But it is not a choice made by herself. She was compelled into such situation. In a traditional dichotomy, it is considered that a woman has a body and a man has a mind. To disgrace a woman, disgrace her body.

Woman should be subjugated to humiliation. And she is disrobed in the sight of full Palace. She is always suppressed at different situations of her life. Her relation with her mother-in-law Skunk for example, who always tries to keep Draping in hold. In Embarrass, it is prophesied that Draping is the change bringing person, deciding the fate of an entire nation. Her destiny is inter-related with fates of many people. Was warns her in a prophecy to be careful during three most important situations of her life.

He professes that destiny is going to speed up its process because of her pride, temper and vengefulness. When she says that she doesn’t want such fate, she is advised to hold back her question at the time of her marriage. And she is advised to hold back her laughter when her husbands are at the height of their power and thirdly, she is advised to hold back her curse when she is shamed. She is not left with any choices to be made about her own life and despite that, lots of restrictions are laid against her in each and every phase of her life.

Draping I in conflict through the Epic. At the same time Draping acts haughtily, instinctively and recklessly so many times, without giving it a thought and without caring for others which lands herself in troubles loads of times. Why couldn’t it have en Argon who fell in love with me? He could have wrested my mind from the thoughts of a man (Karma) who wouldn’t stop occupying it even though I would never see him again. Here we can observe the dual standards of Draping.

Draping knows that BEMA is in love with her. But she expects Argon to fall in love with her. She wants to use Arson’s love as a makeshift tool to pry her mind away from the thoughts of another man who is not her husband (Karma). Even though she is married to five husbands, she still pines for the love of another man. And he is the same man who as insulted by Draping herself in front of the whole assembly of her suitors in her samovar, that too about his lineage and morality of his birth.

But conditions forced her to act against her will and take cruel decisions which brought grief to herself and her close ones. Nevertheless, She was not the only cause for the occurrence of the battle of Inhabitant. There was nothing more dangerous in this world than a woman spurned. Druid had been humiliated and insulted in the presence of kings, courtiers and commoners after the dice game. As a princess of Penchant, Koru empress and a wife of the Pandas and more importantly as a Oman, she was smarting under the insults from the dice game.

Honor and pride demanded that those who were guilty of her insult, should be punished. This war was the only thing that would wipe away her shame and sadness. “Panelist’s gender becomes her weakness. She seeks revenge through her husbands (Obama, Aragua and other Pandas) since she is a woman. ” Hence, to conclude, I believe, that Women in Embarrass had some vices in them which you can find in every Human- being but those vices were not that instrumental in blaming our Women Characters in Inhabitant the Cause of Inhabitant .

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