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Field Experience Reflection

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When I first entered Shawnee Middle School I was unsure of how I would fit into world of education as a teacher. After my observation was done I changed my view of this and knew that I would make a great teacher. I was able to learn many different things that will be helpful to me when I get hired as an educator someday. Although I will have to face many challenges in the classroom, I possess many of the strengths it takes to be a good teacher.

There were many times during the week that gave me a great idea of how the everyday life of a teacher would go. Also I got a great feel for how the classroom environment will be for most secondary educators. Overall it was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about myself, and the classroom.

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Field Experience Reflection
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During my time in the classroom I felt very comfortable being around the students and helping them out when they asked me questions.

As a teacher it is very important to feel comfortable in your work environment because if you don’t it will be nearly impossible for you to do your job in a successful manner. It was a great experience being around the students and being able to help them, which is one of the main reason for why I want to become involved in the profession. The classroom environment was a very inconsistent one and usually depended on how the students acted. If the students were well behaved it was very positive and constructive, but if the students were acting up it was exactly the opposite. The desks were lined up in straight rows to prevent students from interacting and talking too much during lectures. Also the room was decorated with colorful walls from posters to help create a positive classroom environment. Overall the classroom environment was set up to give each student the best possible chance they had to succeed.

From my observation I believe the teacher involved the students a good amount during lectures and assignments. For example, during lectures on chapters the teacher included a guided reading. This was a sheet the students were required to fill out while the chapter was being lectured to them. After each time the lecture got to a point where a question could be answered the teacher would call on a student to answer. I find this to be a very effective method because it is both informational and fun for the
student by keeping them involved. Another way that the teacher would involve the students in instruction was by breaking them up in to smaller group to complete worksheets. After a chapter was read he would divide the groups up equally between the smarter kids and the students that didn’t perform as well. They would be given assignments that ranged from chapter review to group discussions about what was just learned. This was a way for the students to reflect on what they had just learned and give them another view of the content besides the teacher lecture. All the lessons that I viewed taught in the classroom were very similar to one another because it was the way the teacher thought would be most effective. Most lessons started out with a lecture of all the information that could be found throughout the entire chapter. During the lecture each student would fill out a guided reading paper that would be used to review for the upcoming quiz or test. After this was done the teacher might split the students up into small groups for review and completion of the guided reading. Each lesson was then completed with the showing of an informational movie clip over the topic that was just discussed. This gave each student three different views of the content to maximize learning. I found each lesson to be taught very effectively and in a way for the students to learn best.

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