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It discussed about to understand a democratic leadership. perpetualite: a man for others states that “In a democratic community each person is assumed to have equal significance without assuming, precisely, that all members have the same skills and gift. It does mean, however, that each person has unique talent that contribute to the group’s power base.

In a Christian point of view, leadership in a democratic style speaks of “Democratic community building that requires a knowledgeable leader who recommends that action be taken by the entire group; no authority figure; the leader listens and respects the other group members, encourages independence and offers guidance in the name of cooperation. Jesus as a democratic leader gives freedom of choice to his discipline and followers. He never forces anybody to follow and believe him. He respects the potentials and capabilities of his followers and the people around him. e is always leading and giving good example to his disciples.

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As a Filipino perpetualite christians, we are expected to live the culture of our race and to be proud of it. In one way or another, we will realize that everything is really temporary. What makes us being remembered is out memory on the people around us especially if you are a leader. Man and the sacred scripture.

Many centuries had passed and many generations had gone, a lot of disasters and events of humankind had changed and shaped human history from ancient to the wonderful story in the holy bible that is still reliable to the present situations. The Word of God is power. It has been the goal of man to attain the fullness of success. But in every success, it is undeniable that temptation is always on the way to destroy and discourage man’s relationship with God.

What is a commandment? A commandments defines the implication of belonging to god through the establishment of the covenant and acknowledgment given to god and worship of thanksgiving/(CCC 2062). To observe something strictly especially which one that interferes of our common understanding of freedom is really very difficult. The observance of commandments. Many Christians failed to live and observe properly the commandments of god due to some reason and excuses. Parental obedience.

In the family, obedience is always expected especially for the parents. The parents are always looked-up as the figure of commanding authority. Respect! Respect is defined as, “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”. The Authority of Commandment. The commandments are the life of every Perpetualite Christian Leaders.

A commandments defines the implication of belonging to god through the establishment of the covenant and acknowledgment given to god and worship of thanksgiving/(CCC 2062). To observe something strictly especially which one that interferes of our common understanding of freedom is really very difficult.

Respect is defined as, “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities,qualities, or achievements”. Topic 20: The observance for good manners As Perpetualite, we ought to be a man in the world. In relation to his fellowmen and other creatures, it is a reality that we cannot live without our fellow human beings and the world where we live. The Prime Education objectives. According to Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S. J “today our prime educational objective must be to form person for others; people who will not live for themselves but for god and his Christ-for the god-man who lived and died for the entire World”.

Man as being in the world. Let us borrow the philosophical understanding and explanation of man in the world form the book entitled, “the human person: not real, but existing”, by Eddie R. Bacor, states that “the term world is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words which means:weor and old. The term “weor” means “man” and the term “old” is interpreted as “age”. Literally, the world is interpreted as “ the age of man. ”(Babor, 2007).

Leadership at home Home is both the home or shelter and household or family. ”It plays a very important role in the life of any society, and it is the basic and most fundamental unit in any society. ” Parents need to realize that every world and deed of a parent is a fiber woven into the character of the child. Children on their part have to respect their parents authority over them and pity the home where everyone is the head. Children have an obligation to care for their parents especially in their old age. Christian Value. The Christian value that can help leadership be properly exercised in the family are summarized more concretely by Dr. Paul Kelly, an orthopedic, surgeon and family counselor.

This will emphasize the parental authority and responsibility as part of christian leadership. As we know, leadership always starts at home. Christian family should strive hard in forming and educating their children in according These inclinations are the primary responsibilities of the parents the first inclination speaks of good intention in rearing children as one great responsibility. The second inclination speaks of being true parents and not merely assuming responsibilities and later blames the children. The third inclination speaks of parent main objectives in having families-it is for self-preservations but not for selfish intention. The last inclination is to their parents as role models in community life.

In this chapter, it will discussed about a leadership in work which is a work without a leader would be in the state of chaos for it will be moving in different directions or in decision making without achieving the goal and the mission of the institution. The advantage of having a leader in a work is that it will give us clarity and direction on the mission and vision of the working group where they would stand and move on especially on the expectations of the management or the owner or corporate management. The following discussions will help you understand on how to promote leadership in work and why we need leaders in work.

How to promote leadership in work? The book entitled, “leaders for today hope for tomorrow”,by D’Sourza, Anthony A. (2001). The effective Characteristics of Leadership. Leadership in work must be the channel for progress as the author says, “these characteristics are quite different from those most people think of as reason aspire to leadership in corporations or in civic, social or political life.

The term civic is commonly defined as pertaining to a city, municipal or pertaining to citizenship. It comes from the Latin word “civicus” which means citizen. We need civic leaders to organize the community or municipality and even the city. They are taking in charge of communities’ need and security. In attaining civic organization, the people and the leader should remember the following concepts in attaining a smooth and progressive relationship:

  1. Effective Communication Skills. It is an on going dialogue for good interaction.
  2. Motivation. The idea is to inspire people to go beyond just doing a good job.
  3. Teamwork. Members are valuable contributors to the success of the organization.
  4. Organization and Time Management. A place for everything and everything in its place is a good rule of thumb.
  5. Resolving Conflict and Solving Problems. There is a need to identify conflict as early as possible and determine its causes.
  6. Evaluation. Once the support network is in place, it becomes the leader’s duty to evaluate the members and their work.
  7. Foster Positive Integrations. This is to support, encourage, and reinforce the mission and culture of the organization.
  8. Leadership is an Expression of You. Leaders are very special people in many ways.

Many are deprived of the opportunity to benefit the goods and opportunity which is for all.

What is Graph and Corruptions? Graft is defined as,”bribery and other corrupt practices used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business. Many in leadership positions even justify its widespread practice with the following rationale:

  • Compensation of government employees is too low that it is natural for civil servants to augment their pay through other (often corrupt) means;
  • Corruption could enhance economic efficiency by helping restore artificial and administratively determined prices to market levels;
  • Corruption plays a useful role in allowing cumbersome administrative procedures to be by passed and as a vehicle for distributive justice by transferring resources from the wealthy to those of modest means;
  • Corruption is lubricant for economic development.

Political leaders of society who looks at public service and elected positions in the government as an opportunity for business, influence, power peddling are more likely will resort to nepotism in their term of office. Nepotism occurs when the person who wields the power to decide gives certain favor to a relative in form of an employment. Nepotism as an Ethical and Moral issue in the Philippines. It can be traced back to the once-treasured-value of Filipinos: “delicadeza” whch aptly corresponds to the sayings: “nakakahiya , nakaka-dyahi; or baka may masabi ang ibang tao”; or walang kamag-anak, walang kumpa-kumpare!

The abandonment of this value subsequently dawns the issue of nepotism. When can we say that nepotism is committed? There are three terms that we just must consider in the definition of nepotism:

  • Favor
  • Relative
  • Gainful
  • Employment.

This chapter discussed about Hospitality where in how can we revive the culture and practice of hospitality in our country especially in this post modern era? Hospitality is defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers” (Oxford, 2003). But why we need hospitality? Commonly heard by many of us but seldom realized the importance of it especially in the post-modern world.

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