Living With Parents Vs Living Alone

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The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of living with parents versus living alone. Living with parents provides a sense of dependence on them for daily needs and shelter, but can also result in conflicts and a lack of independence. Living alone allows for more freedom and independence, but can also be challenging in terms of financial management and loneliness. The article suggests that living alone can be a valuable learning experience, but only if there is a reliable financial income. Ultimately, the decision to live with parents or alone depends on individual circumstances and personal preferences.

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Living with parents entails the cohabitation in a family where children stay with their parents- mother and father. At times it could be either of mother or father for a child with single parent.

We shall critically analyze the two sides of living in a separate accommodation and cohabitating with one’s parents. The incidence of living alone is gradually on the increase owing to swift modernization speed and children desires to have a sense of independence, with no governance or tutelage.Living with parent is a form of dependence on parents for daily, weekly or monthly income. The shelter is taken care of by the parent.

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The parent tends to have domineering effect on the children. These sometimes result in conflict of decisions and rancor. In some parts of the world, children are expected to pay a rite of service to their parent before certain age of independence where they can now stand on their own. Most times child leaves the parents on account of joining his or her marriage partner few days after the wedding ceremony.

Ladies are often in this category. The male child has a higher tendency to quest for living alone.Living alone gives room for no restricted wild parties, having friends all over, girlfriends, etc. Sure, there is whole lots of freedom to do what you want and what you enjoy doing always without restriction.

Living alone is faced with challenges of ensuring washing and cleaning or getting a reliable maid to do the task for payment. This could have been taken care of by ones parents. Living alone attracts more friends especially the jobless ones who are excessive fun loving. Friends who have girlfriend would move closer to you to lobby for free access whenever you are on traveling for days.

It is important for ones to know his limitation before taking the role of managing home alone. Mostly confronted with people living alone is the huge cost of maintaining home with other personal expenses. There is a challenge of sticking to monthly budgets and spending successfully. The various regular bills to be paid must not be forgotten.

In this situation it is advisable to save any excesses for the rainy day. For example some cable providers do not wait for too long before disconnection if the payment is overdue. One would need a constant effort of setting a day to pay all monthly dues. Furthermore, boredom is a risk factor for depression and hypertension.

In the absence of friends and family within ones room, there is a need to get a game in place, television set with signal receivers all over the world (just for variety), or transistor.ReflectionLiving alone is initially demanding but prolonged staying alone leads to adaptation to the lonely environment. It is an institution of learning on its own. It teaches you independence, financial management capability even amidst scarcity.

It also develops instinctive mental skills and ability to manage and lead ability without supervision.Living with parents on the other hand, reduce a whole lots of task off your neck thereby providing more time to undertake other assignments of life. A learning way of life is still the best. I think living alone pays only if there is a sure regular financial income.

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