Living with Parents and Living Alone Essay

Living with my parents and living all by myself is like living on two totally different planets. There are considerable advantages and disadvantages with both situations. Living alone may seem like plenty of fun and freedom, but I did not realize that there were many responsibilities and roles that I had to deal with until I came to the U. S. and started living alone. When I was in Japan, I used to live with my parents, and my mom always took care of me; however, I am now living alone in the U.

S. I strongly think that there are more advantages to living with parents more than living alone during the college years.

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Living with Parents and Living Alone
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When I was living with my parents in Japan, there was always someone around me and a person I can talk to whenever I came home, so I have never felt lonely. My family is very friendly, and they always talk and share about themselves with each other all the time.

I sometimes even felt annoyed because my parents kept on talking to me, asking me how my day was, what I did that day, teasing me and making fun of me every day; however, now I think it is better than being alone because there is no one to talk to in my house when I come home.

Last week, I had been super busy with my school work, and when I got out of class on Thursday night, I was happy that I was done for the week. After I came home, I wanted to share my happiness with someone, but there was no one to talk to. All of my roommates were out, and they didn’t come back home that night. I was alone, and actually missed talking with my parents and having them ask about my day. I never had to do the house chores when I was living with my parents. Since my father and mother got married, she quit her job and focused for many years on doing only house chores.

I was proud of her because my mom did everything for my family by herself and kept our house very tidy all the time. I did not need to worry about anything, but now I have to take care of myself and live on my own because there is no one who can help me out. I need to pay all the bills and utilities on time, do laundry, and clean up my room with cleaner all by myself. If I am being lazy and not doing any house chores, I would get kicked out from the apartment. If I don’t pay the bills, I would be in trouble, and if the laundry and the housework are not done, my partment would be dirty, and my roommates would kick me out. Lastly, whenever I came home, the meals were always ready for me when I was living with my parents. I would just sit at the dining table and eat what my mom or dad cooked every day. I was so excited to go home to the meals because both of them are really good at cooking, and they always cooked different meals for me. I really loved their cooking; however, now I can no longer eat their meals. There is no one who cooks for me because it is like I live alone. My roommates are always out.

Instead, I have to go to the grocery store, get ingredients that I can cook with, and make my own food every day; even though, I come home very tired. I am very lazy and do not really like cooking every day, so I lately find myself eating fast foods twice a week. Living with my parents and living alone are totally different arrangements for me. I have never felt alone, depressed or stressed when I was living with my parents, but now I am learning how to manage on my own, like an adult. I still miss talking to them like I used to, but I am learning how to adjust.

I am learning to take care of myself. There is no one who can help me out, but myself. I do miss those healthy and delicious meals that I had every day when I was living with my parents; however, now I will learn how to cook them myself. In the end, I do prefer living with my parents and I think that there are more advantages than living alone. I really do miss them; however, I am learning how to be a little more independent and grateful. I would try to think that this is a great opportunity to learn how to take more responsibilities and take care of myself.

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