Financial Markets Essay

China Merchants Bank, founded on April 8, 1987 head office located in shenzhen, the business is given priority to with the Chinese market. China Merchants Bank has listed on April 9, 2002 in Shanghai stock exchange, a-share stock code 600036. Since the a-share listed, China Merchants Bank has been adopted with China generally accepted accounting principles and international financial reporting standards to compile annual audited financial statements.
China Merchants Bank development goal is to become China’s leading retail bank. China Merchants Bank provide customers a variety of corporate and retail banking products and services, the fund also proprietary and valet business.

As China’s leading retail bank, China Merchants Bank has a huge customer base, well-known brands, a wide range of products and excellent service. In corporate banking, China Merchants Bank, provide enterprises with services of various types, such as loans, account settling and managed, and has obvious competitive advantage in terms of cash management. China Merchants Bank has led China’s banking industry by creating a synergy of “Profit, Quality, and Scale” and a structure of core values including “Service, Innovation and Stability.

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Financial Markets
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The Advantages ,such as, on the informatization, leading trade selling a uniform IT platform is constructed, and created the first domestic telephone banking, realize the automatic client money earlier or withdrawals and transfer of zero in transit. In the product development, a lot of action travel business products have obvious market competitive advantage. The disadvantage, such as, the customers is relative to less, The Network laid is relative to less. Wholesale business of foundation is weak.China Merchants Bank has developed into the most influential commercial bank brand in China thanks to continuous financial innovation, quality customer service, prudent management and strong business performance. For many consecutive years, China Merchants…

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