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Flower Shop Business

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Summary: If you are blessed with flower arranging skills and you are looking for a fun and interesting career, then the flower shop business may just be answer you are looking for. Read on and find out some the basics of starting your own flower shop business. Flower shops and florists are busiest particularly during special holidays and events like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Wedding Season, and Prom Season. Not only that, flowers and floral arrangements are also in demand all year long.

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Flower Shop Business
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Consider birthdays, anniversaries, catered functions, when you want to say thank you, or if you are visiting a sick friend or relative in the hospital—these are only some of the occasions that can occur at any given day. If you are seriously contemplating on opening your very own flower shop then you must conduct an extensive research on the subject. Aside from the willingness and the desire to accomplish something, an equally important ingredient for any successful business is knowledge about the industry.

Discussed below are some pointers on how to start, operate, and manage a flower shop business. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic design principles involved in flower arrangement. If you already have a background in floral arrangement, then that’s good. Otherwise, you can always attend classes on the subject. There are many schools and institutions that offer courses on flower arrangement. You also need to study the rudiments of operating a small business. There are tons of sources you can avail of. You can read books, attend seminars, browse the internet for information. You can also buy instructional CD’s if you like, whatever gets the job done. Second, select a location for your flower shop that is highly visible and easily accessible both by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Don’t put up your flower shop in an area where yours customers will need to use a map in order to get to. • Third, you will need to invest on the tools of the trade, i. e. coolers, display counter, trimmers, clippers, storehouse, etc. Make sure you get the best value-for-money deal you can find. Don’t invest on something that you feel won’t last for very long. In certain instances, the “quality first before price” rule must apply.

To get the best deal, you need to check out as many retailers you can to enable you to compare prices. • Fourth, scout around for the best nursery or garden center that can supply flowers for your shop. Create a list of possible suppliers and assess them carefully detailing their plus and minus factors. As a general rule, choose a supplier that has been in the business for a while and have proven themselves reputable. Make sure that the supplier you team up with is consistent in its service and delivery. • Fifth, identify your target market.

You must have a clear idea of who your customers are. This way, you can tailor fit your marketing activities to appeal to them. When you conduct your advertising campaign, see to it that you have them in mind. • Sixth, give particular attention to your shop window. This is one way you can attract customers so make the most of your display. Use your imagination and dig into all the creativity you can muster. Make it a point that whatever you place in your window will grab the attention of passers-by. Remember, your display window is a reflection of the quality and capacity of your flower shop.

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