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Food and Beverage Department report

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Guest contact in the in-stay phase; preparations during the pre-arrival & postgraduate phases. Maitre d’ Us proviso / Captain/ Sommelier / Chef De Trencher Rang service for all events held in the during an event; meeting w/’ guest & sales negotiation on the pre-arrival preventive / Banquet Captain Servers Us proviso Rank and If less Commits De rang arrives A la carte dining -Individually priced menu items that are ordered separately. Table d’ h ate -Set menu meal -Events or function for groups of guests held in hotels.

These may include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, conferences and conventions.

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Food and Beverage Department report
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Room service -A service available in hotels where personnel receives guest orders through the phone & delivers food & other items to the guest’s rooms. Bars & Lounges -Outlets in the hotel that may display a theme. They serve alcoholic beverages. Fine Dining Restaurant upscale restaurants in hotels are also called fine dining or white tablecloth restaurant. It offers specialized menu selections, such as a la carte or table d’ hotel.

The items on the menu may be available for long period of time usually around three months. It may change AC. O season & to the request of regular costumers. Menu changes are based on consumption pattern, salability & availability of ingredients. Dining Experience Guest is welcomed by the host. Guest is seated by the host. Order taker approaches & takes drinks order. Restaurant server delivers the food. Restaurant server explains the menu & takes food order. The drinks. Dessert. Check is presented to guest. Hotel staff bids guest goodbye & wishes them to come back again. Check is settled in the Point-postal & returned to the guest. River checks back on the Suggestive & Upsetting Techniques Suggestive Selling means encouraging guests to buy additional & Upsetting means recommending more expensive & possibly higher quality items. In performing suggestive & upsetting techniques w/ guests, the if. Steps are suggested: 1 . Exude enthusiasm & sincerity when assisting guest in selecting menu items. Servers should be aware of all food & beverage items in the menu. 2. Use appetizing words, such as “fresh”, “freshly squeezed”, “popular & onerous” in describing food. 3.

Suggest foods & beverages that naturally go together -? soups & sandwiches, bacon & eggs, steak & baked potatoes, coffee & dessert. ; Suggest a beverage w/ an of order salad or dessert. ; Suggest a sandwich w/ an order of soup or beverage. ; Suggest a soup, a cocktail, or some other appetizer w/ an order of grilled or fried food. ; Suggest a vegetable or a salad w/ an order Of meat & potatoes. ; Suggest dessert items fifth guest only orders a main course. 4. Compliment the guest’s choices. Make guests feel good about their selection. Table American Table This service serves the guests food directly from the kitchen.

All the food is served from the left using the left hand while the beverages are served from the right w/ the right hand. Clearing is done from the right. French Ta bled This is the most elaborate & most formal table service & is used in exclusive clubs, hotels & restaurants. In this service, there are usually two waitperson that serve the guests from a food wagon/side table. The food is attractive, tastefully arranged & presented to the guest before serving. The waiter then serves the individual plates from the platter, Russian Table Foods are placed on the latest in the kitchen/serving pantry, garnished & served.

This method commonly used in banquets. Waiters take the food & serve it directly to the guest, transferring the food from platter to plate using a Buffet service This is a type of service wherein guests choose their meal from an array of food. The guests either help themselves or are served by food servers behind the long table(managed buffet). General Rules For Table Service 1 . Food items are placed & removed from the guest’s left side while beverage items, from the guests right side. 2. Use the left hand to place & remove dishes when working n the guest’s left side & the right hand when working on the guest’s right side.

This is to give more room for the server & to avoid physical contact w/ the guest. 3. Dishes should be handled by placing the four fingers of the left hand at the bottom of the plate, & its thumb on the upper side. The thumb should not touch the eating surface of the plate as this can be a source of food-borne illnesses.

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