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Fracture of Hope



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    Who’s that one person we look up too? It could be a family member, friend, or even a teacher. We tend to find someone who seems to have everything together going on within their life and conductly has a clear mindset of the goals they are willing to achieve. From sticking within the cracks of arguments, disappointment within each other, and creating harshful insults, my younger brother had finally had the realization that I´m the one person who´s going to be by his side till the end. Beginning back to when it seemed as if being a child was delightful and waking up at the crack of dawn wasn’t so bad, that’s where the personal growth started to form.

    Siblings contain a type of source that continues a relationship from ending, you can’t, even if you wanted too. Returning home from the heat exhaustion of a walk from school deeply made my cheeks turn a bright red and my shoes rustic on the bottom from kicking rocks on the dirt path. My nose could smell the famous chicken soup my mother had made regularly for supper, reaching my hand out to open the door I was already greeted by my brother who had opened it before I could, ¨You’re late¨ he said shaking his head as if he was the adult. Rolling my eyes I walked passed him setting down my items and heading over to the dinner table.

    After discussing of how our school day went and what we both learned, it was officially homework time which practically meant my brother and I teasing each other the entire time and not getting anything done. Shifting my eyes towards his worksheet that I’m sure was due tomorrow looked like it needed assistance, the ironic thing about this was my brother needed guidance in his English class which I´m decent in and I needed assistance in my Math class which my brother wasn’t so bad in. Overpassing the independence of myself, we made a pretty good team. Although during the process of gaining frustration and being impatient with myself, it ended up being a life lesson.

    Looking past negative attributes from every angle and criticizing myself for not being able to gain patience gave me insight on how to achieve different types of obstacles by just simply listening, Growing up and witnessing the effects of working individually created a type of vision that made me believe that was the only possible way to obtain success. That’s where I was wrong, the best way to help ourselves is to create a platform we never considered for ourselves capable of.

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