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Hope for Change

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  • Pages 3
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    All individuals have an obligation to stand up for what they feel is not right and unjust especially in today’s corrupt world and society. Throughout one’s lifetime many experience injustice acts and do not get treated fairly or right and through those hard times individuals take the time to stand up for what they feel is right.

    All individuals have the obligation to stand up for what is right and in All American Boys Quinn and Rashad take a stand, and influence the people around them and the community.

    Today there are various cases where people get put in a position where even there natural human rights they have, have been withdrawn from them. Numerous people want to stand up for what is right, but don’t know where to start. We live in an age in which most of the major articles that are supposed to protect our rights never seem to help.

    Although there are many things that go on in this world and serious actions are taking place against the black community and society, we can stand up for what is right and make a change for the future and better are world and influence the people of our nation and even the closest ones around us. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. At a time when human rights violations remain widespread, the discourse of human rights continues to flourish.

    There is no reason that this vision of institutional rights cannot prevail. With that being said it is time to start over with an approach to promote wellbeing and human rights in all lands.

    In Quinn and Rashad’s case the two had been put in a terrible situation where an incident occured between a police officer and Rashad, where Rashad was beaten up by the police officer and they stand up for freedom and justice.

    He is on his way to Jill’s when he is falsely accused of stealing from Jerry’s Corner Mart and is brutally beaten and arrested by Officer Paul Galluzzo. “Recovering in the hospital from a broken nose and ribs, Rashad feels embarrassed by the attention being drawn to his case in the media”. However, under the influence of his brother, Spoony, and after conversations about the Civil Rights movement with Shirley Fitzgerald, he becomes more passionate about standing up for justice.

    At the end of the novel, he is proud to fight against police brutality on behalf of all black people especially those who were killed by the police.

    This situation changes the entire novel because of the simple fact that you have these two young African American teenage boys that seem to be living an okay life until one day and issue arises that affects both individuals both mentally and physically.

    Along with that this situation allowed their voices to be heard for a change and gave the community a chance to give government officials a peace of their mind without violence or chaos.

    But although sometimes we may not get the outcome that we want, we should always continue to try and achieve our goals and have a positive outlook and have a hope for a positive change in society and a new tomorrow which is not always that far away.

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