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Philippine Fulbright Student Program

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 The objective of a Fulbright grant is to enable qualified Filipinos to pursue their graduate studies in their fields of interest in the United States and develop leaders who can contribute to promoting better understanding between the Philippines and the United States. Applications are accepted from faculty and staff of Philippine universities and professionals from the private and government sectors. Grants under the Philippine Student Program are for a maximum of one academic year for non-degree, one to two years for master’s, and two years for doctoral degree studies.

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Philippine Fulbright Student Program
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The grant provides for round-trip international travel, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition and fees, book/supply allowance, and health and accident insurance. Fields of Study 1. Study of the United States – The study of American culture, life, and society through such fields as government, education, arts and humanities, law, economics, literature, history, the multi-disciplinary field of American Studies or any other humanities or social science field with significant study of the U. S. subject matter. 2.

Global Issue – Fields of study include environment, human rights, civic education, governance and public administration, peace studies/conflict transformation, international relations and transnational issues, international economics, international business, international law, and information and communication technology (ICT). 3. Open Grants – Fields of study not covered by the first two field categories with the exception of engineering, medicine, nursing, and other health-related disciplines, and applied sciences and mathematics. General Eligibility Requirements . Philippine citizenship 2. English proficiency 3. College degree with major in field of specialization; excellent undergraduate record 4. While no medical certification is required at application time, applicants must be in good health to pursue graduate work in the United States. Finalists will be required to pass a medical examination. 5. Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience (after college) in their field of specialization. 6. Applicants for degree programs must be no older than 40 years of age at the time of application.

This age requirement is waived for non-degree study. 7. Applicants must be prepared to return to the Philippines immediately upon completion of their study. 8. In addition to the eligibility requirements cited above, non-degree applicants must meet the following: a) Applicants for doctoral enrichment must be enrolled in a relevant doctoral study program in a Philippine university and must have completed at least two-thirds (2/3) of the academic course requirements of his/her PhD program. ) Applicants for doctoral dissertation research must be enrolled in a doctoral program, must have a dissertation topic approved at least by his/her adviser, and must show proof that materials required to pursue research are not available in the Philippines but are available in the United States. • Individuals holding dual (Philippine-American) citizenship, are permanent residents, and/or are presently studying in the U. S. are not eligible. • Fulbright alumni who have received awards under the Philippine Fulbright Student Program (i. e. , those who pursued master’s, PhD or non-degree study) are not eligible for another grant. Students already in the US are ineligible for a grant. • Individuals who have resided in the US for 5 or more consecutive years in the past six years are ineligible for a grant. Required Documents 1. Official or certified true copy of transcript of records from all colleges/universities attended 2. Certified true copy of diploma (NOT ORIGINAL) 3. Four letters of reference (forms are provided in the application kit) 4. Completed 7-page application form 5. NBI clearance acquired in the past six (6) months NOTE:Standardized test scores (TOEFL, GRE) are not required at the time of application.

Documents submitted will not be returned to the applicants. Application Period: December 12, 2011 to March 23, 2012 FULBRIGHT PROGRAM APPLICATION FOR STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE APPLICATION. INSTRUCTIONS 1. All forms in this application, including letters of reference, are to be completed in English and typewritten in black ink or printed from a computer. As applications must be photocopied, do not use blue or other colors of ink. 2. All pages and parts of the application must be completed and returned to constitute a full dossier. DO NOT ATTACH YOUR RESUME. . Each page of the following application carries its own instructions which should be read carefully before proceeding. 4. Every question must be answered completely and carefully. Please make every effort, however, to limit your responses to the space provided. 5. List your choices of university or U. S. geographical area only on the university preferences form. Do not mention such choices or preferences on pages 1 through 5 of this application. 6. Completed applications must be received by the Philippine-American Educational Foundation (not postmarked) by 23 March 2012. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 7.

Candidates must attach complete and certified academic documents (NOT ORIGINAL) covering the entire period of study at universities or other post-secondary institutions. Documents must be accompanied by complete official English translations. All documents submitted become property of PAEF and will not be returned. APPLICATION A complete application consists of the following components: 1. APPLICATION FORM In the first seven pages you will state biographical information, study objectives, curriculum vitae, and other information. Often specific instructions for completing a question or item will be provided in the application.

Please read all instructions carefully. In addition, please review the following important information. Item 1 – Name: It is very important that you list your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport. Item 12 – Institutions Attended: Please list all post-secondary institutions attended in reverse order (putting the most recently attended first). List all post-secondary institutions attended even those from which you did not achieve a degree. Item 24 – Study/Research Objective: The study/research objective description that you provide is an essential and highly important part of your application.

You should take great care to write a clear and very detailed description of the program you want to pursue. Clearly identify the area(s) within your field of study in which you want to specialize or concentrate. If there is specific research that you want to accomplish, please describe. An unclear, incomplete, or overly brief statement can diminish your chances for a Fulbright award. Item 25 – Personal Statement: The personal statement is a narrative statement in which you can include information about your education, practical experience, special interests, career plans, and your purpose in applying for study in the U.

S. Page 7 – University Preferences: Please note carefully, it is not an expectation that you will have U. S. university preferences. However, if you do, please be specific. Do not just list the name of a university. Provide the name of the department and the specific program within that department in which you are interested. If you have been in contact or correspondence with a faculty member, please provide the name and contact information for that individual. You can also use this form to provide other information that is important to you, e. . , climate, large vs. small institution, urban vs. rural location, etc. If you have applied to a U. S. university within the past three years, please list the programs and the results. If you have letters of admission, letters of invitation, or other correspondence from a school, especially a preferred program, please forward a copy (not the original) of this correspondence to the PAEF Office. 2. SUPPLEMENTAL FORM Letters of Reference/Recommendation: You must have four letters of reference (or recommendation) submitted on your behalf.

Letters of reference are extremely important. All letters of reference should be written by teachers under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in work related to your proposed field of study. Letters of reference should not be written by persons related to you either by blood or marriage or by personal friends. At least one academic and one professional or work-related letter should be included among the letters. The letters should be written in English and typewritten in blank ink or printed from a computer.

Please be certain to ask that both pages of the form be completed. 3. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION Transcripts: Applicants must attach official, complete and certified academic documents covering the entire period of study at universities and other post-secondary institutions. Documents must be accompanied by complete official English translations. These documents must consist of: ¦ One certified official record (transcript) from each university or post-secondary institution you attended, even those schools from which you did not receive a degree or diploma.

These transcripts should list the subjects you studied and the grades you received during each year of your enrollment. Include all post-secondary institutions you have attended, even those from which you did not receive a degree or diploma. Official transcripts must be submitted in sealed envelopes. ¦ Certified, official evidence of each post-secondary or university degree, diploma or certificate awarded to you should be included as part of the completed application. Copy(ies) of original transcript(s) for any course work (graduate or undergraduate) done in the United States must be requested by you from the U. S. institution(s) and forwarded directly to PAEF in sealed envelopes. 4. NBI CLEARANCE Applicants should be able to submit an NBI clearance secured not earlier than six months prior to application. YOU SHOULD PROMPTLY INFORM PAEF OF ANY CHANGES IN YOUR ACADEMIC STATUS, CONTACT INFORMATION, OR FUTURE PLANS AFTER THIS APPLICATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. | | | | | | | | | |FULBRIGHT PROGRAM | |AN APPLICATION FOR A GRANT TO STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES | |THROUGH THE PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION | |Read instructions on the cover sheet carefully.

All blanks should be completed in English and typewritten in black ink or printed from a computer. | |ATTACH HERE A PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN WITHIN THE |GENERAL INFORMATION | |PAST 6 MONTHS. | | |(Make sure your full name is written on the | | |back for identification should the | | |photograph become accidentally detached. ) | | | |1. NAME OF APPLICANT: (As it appears or will appear on your passport. | | |Family First Middle | | |Mr. ????? ????? ????? | | |Ms. ESTEBAN JUVELYN LAPITAN | | |2. NAME ON PREVIOUS ACADEMIC RECORDS: (if different from above) | | |????? | | |3.

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH (city or town/province) |Month |Day |Year | | |CAMILING, TARLAC |July |20 |1979 | | |4. CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS: LOT 35, BLOCK 25, DPCH, PHASE 1,JAIME SIMEON DRIVE | | |SAN MIGUEL, TARLAC, PHILIPPINES | | |PHONE: ????? MOBILE: +09053523788 | |5.

GENDER | | |Male Female | | |6. CIVIL STATUS (single, married, | OFFICE ADDRESS: SAN ROQUE, TARLAC CITY | |separated, or widowed) |????? | |MARRIED |OFFICE PHONE: ????? E-MAIL: [email protected] com | |7. LIST AGES OF CHILDREN, IF ANY |8. DO YOU NOW HAVE, OR HAVE YOU EVER HAD: U. S. Citizenship?

Yes No | |2 |U. S. Dual Citizenship? Yes No | | |U. S. Permanent Residency? Yes No | | | |STUDY PLANS | |9. DEGREE OBJECTIVE: Please indicate your desired degree objective for this program of study. | Master’s | PhD | Non-degree (must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in a Philippine university) | | | |Doctoral enrichment | | | |Doctoral dissertation research | |10. WHAT IS YOUR PROPOSED MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY? BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE SPECIFIC AREA OF YOUR FIELD IN WHICH YOU PLAN TO SPECIALIZE. | |I am a chemistry trained teacher.

As such if be given a chance to enrich, and be immersed more of the current trends in my field on Chemistry Education that would | |be great. | |11. FUTURE PLANS: (Describe the career you plan to pursue after completion of study or research in the U. S. (e. g. , teaching, government, business, industry or any | |plans you might have for continued study or research in the Philippines). Also indicate if you will be returning to former employment, or if you have been | |promised a position in the Philippines after completing your U. S. studies. ) | |After completion of the study, I intend to report back to my current work and share what I have learned with the agency.

I am looking forward to be a promoted as a| |Master Teacher in Chemistry or Science Education Supervisor of the Division of Tarlac. | |Application Page 1 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: Juvelyn L. Esteban | | | |EDUCATION | |12. LIST UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES ATTENDED IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (putting the most recently attended as first in the list), INCLUDING ANY IN WHICH YOU MAY BE| |PRESENTLY ENROLLED. DO NOT INCLUDE SECONDARY EDUCATION. |INSTITUTION AND LOCATION |MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY |INCLUSIVE DATES |ACTUAL NAME OF DEGREE OR |DATE RECEIVED OR EXPECTED | |(List in reverse order and write name in full. | |(month and year) |DIPLOMA | | |Do not abbreviate. ) | | |(Do not translate. ) | | | | |From |To | | | |University of Saint L Salle- Tarlac State |Educational Management |11/2010 |???? /???? |Ed.

D- Educational Management|2013-2014 | |University | | | | | | |De La Salle University |Chemistry |4/2008 |5/2009 |MaEd- Chemistry |2009 | |Tarlac College of Agriculture |Science Education |10/2001 |4/2005 |MAT- Science Education |2005 | |Tarlac College of Agriculture |Chemistry |6/1997 |4/2000 |BSeD- Chemistry |2000 | |13. LIST SCHOLARSHIPS OR FELLOWSHIPS HELD AT PRESENT, OR IN THE PAST. (Give source or sponsor, amount, where held, and duration dates. | |Eduardo Cojuangco Foundation Scholar- Full Sholarship Grant, held at Tarlac State University; | |Tan Yan Kee Foundation scholar- School Fees subsidized at De La Salle Univeristy | |14. INDICATE ANY ACADEMIC HONORS OR PRIZES WHICH YOU HAVE RECEIVED. (Indicate TITLES and DATES) | |Bachelor of Secondary Education- graduated as Cum Laude awarded in year 2000. | |15. LIST BELOW ANY BOOKS, ARTICLES, OR THESES PUBLISHED BY YOU, ESPECIALLY IN YOUR PROPOSED FIELD OF STUDY. IF POSTED ONLINE, PLEASE PROVIDE THE URL/WEBSITE | |ADDRESS. | |(Give title, place, and date of publication. Use another sheet, if necessary. | | ” Beliefs, Context, and Practices of Teaching Chemistry in Tarlac National High School” A coursework conducted and submitted as a partial requirement for the | |degree of master of education at De La Salle University | |”Proximate Chemical Analysis of Snack Chips Fortified with Spirulina Platensis” an unpublished Masteral Thesis submitted as a partial requirement for the degree of| |Master of Arts In Teaching, Tarlac College of Agriculture | |16.

LIST PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES, FRATERNITIES, OR OTHER ORGANIZATIONS IN WHICH YOU NOW HOLD MEMBERSHIP OR IN WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN ACTIVE IN THE PAST. (Indicate if | |you have held an elective office. ) | |* Member, Chemistry Association of the Philippines 2001 to present | |* Member, Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc 2005 to present | |* Member, Professional Teachers of the Philippines, 2001 to present |* Member, Science Club Advisers, Tarlac National High School 2004 to present | |* Member, De La Salle Alumni Association | |* M | |17. TEACHING EXPERIENCE: (Describe any teaching position/s you have held or currently hold. ) | |I held the position of Teacher 1 of the school, thereafter promoted presently to Teacher 3. | |18. RESEARCH: (Describe any research you have completed or in which you are currently involved. Indicate whether you are the principal proponent, lead | |researcher, or a team member. | |????? | |Application Page 2 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: Juvelyn L. Esteban | | | |OCCUPATIONAL EXPERIENCE | |19. IDENTIFY YOUR CURRENT POSITION OR OCCUPATION. (Write the position title which best describes the activity in which you are currently involved. ) | |Teacher in Chemistry | |20.

OCCUPATIONAL EXPERIENCE: (List positions held. Begin with the most recent employment. ) | |NAME AND ADDRESS OF EMPLOYER |POSITION TITLE/ TYPE OF WORK |DATES (Month and Year) | | | |From |To | |Tarlac National High School- San Roque Tarlac City |Teacher lll in Chemistry |3/2004 |1/2012 | |Camiling Secondary

Institute- Camiling, Tarlac |Teacher in Chemistry |6/2003 |3/2004 | |Camiling Colleges- Camiling, Tarlac |Teacher in chemistry and biology |6/2000 |3/2003 | |????? |????? |???? /???? |???? /???? | |21. LANGUAGE SKILLS: (Rate yourself Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. Include all languages in which you have some competence. ) | |Mother Tongue |FILIPINO | | LANGUAGE |READING |WRITING |SPEAKING | |ENGLISH |good |good |good | |FILIPINO |excellent |excellent |excellent | |????? |????? |????? |????? | |????? |????? |????? |????? | |22. IF YOU HAVE TRAVELLED, LIVED, OR STUDIED IN ANY COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE PHILIPPINES FOR MORE THAN A MONTH, INDICATE PLACES, DATES, AND REASONS (e. g. , education,| |research, business, vacation, etc. ). | |????? | |23. LIST BELOW ANY CLOSE RELATIVES OR FRIENDS IN THE UNITED STATES. (Give name, address, and relationship. | |NAME |ADDRESS |RELATIONSHIP | |????? |????? |????? | |????? |????? |????? | |????? |????? |????? | |????? |????? |????? | |Application Page 3 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: Juvelyn L. Esteban | |24. | |STUDY / RESEARCH OBJECTIVES | |Write a clear and detailed description of your study objectives and give your reasons for wanting to pursue them in the U. S. Be specific about your major field | |and your specialized interests within this field.

Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake, and explain how your study plan fits in with your previous| |training and your future objectives. This statement is an essential part of your application. Do not name specific U. S. universities at which you would like to | |study. | |NOTE: Please limit your response to the space provided. Do not use ALL UPPER CASE letters. | |I am a chemistry trained teacher. As such, I would love to delve myself that focuses more on Chemistry Education. Philippine Educational Higher Institutions course| |offering are such broad in scope that focuses more on liberal art papers and limited opportunities to concentrate more on the subject area. | | |I wonder if the American Educational Institutions has an extensive exposure on this field of Chemistry Teacher Education that would enrich my knowledge and | |understanding the dynamics of the field more. | |Application Page 4 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: Juvelyn L. Esteban | |25. | |PERSONAL STATEMENT | |This personal statement should be a narrative statement describing how you have achieved your current goals. It should not be a mere listing of facts.

It should | |include information about your education, practical experience, special interests, and career plans. Describe any significant factors that have influenced your | |educational or professional development. Comment on the number of years of practical experience already completed in the field in which academic work will be done| |in the U. S. Do not name specific U. S. universities at which you would like to study. | |NOTE: Please limit your response to the space provided. Do not use ALL UPPER CASE letters. | |????? | |Application Page 5 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: ????? | |26. |RESUME / CURRICULUM VITAE | |Your professional resume or curriculum vitae should give a complete and accurate account of your academic and work experiences and provide a good quality of depth | |to showcase them. Kindly avoid providing too much information and limit your resume or curriculum vitae to the space provided below. | |NOTE: Do not use ALL UPPER CASE letters. | |????? | |Application Page 6 | |NAME OF APPLICANT: ????? | |UNIVERSITY PREFERENCES | |Please indicate U. S. institutions at which your academic goal/s could be accomplished/met. List in priority order three (3) universities of your choice. Indicate| |specific departments and/or programs. Give specific reasons for each choice.

If you have been in contact with professors, please provide names, email, and/or | |phone contacts for each one. Your preferences will be taken into consideration INSOFAR AS POSSIBLE. | | | |27. MOST HIGHLY PREFERRED INSTITUTIONS | |University |Department |Degree |Specialization/ Concentration |Specific Reasons and Contacts | |1. ????? |????? |????? |????? |????? | |2. ????? |????? |????? |????? |????? | |3. ????? |????? |????? |????? |????? | | | |28.

OTHER INSTITUTIONS IN WHICH YOU MAY BE INTERESTED | |Please list any other U. S. institutions and departments in which you may also be interested. Feel free to share other information that you think might be helpful,| |e. g. , preference for a geographic location, climate, etc. | |????? | | | |29. INSTITUTIONS TO WHICH YOU HAVE APPLIED | |It is not expected that you will apply for admission by direct application or correspondence with a university in the United States.

If, however, you have already| |submitted an application form directly to any universities in the U. S. , list the names of these institutions below and indicate the response you have received, if | |any. Please attach letters of admission, letters of invitation, and deferral requests to your application. | |University/Department |Date of Application |Response to Application | |????? |????? |????? | | Should you have additional direct contacts with U. S. universities, you must immediately notify PAEF. | | | |30.

Indicate if you have or are planning to apply for a fellowship, scholarship, assistantship, or other educational grant, or loan from another organization, | |government, or educational institution. (This information will not prejudice your application. ) | |????? | |CERTIFICATION: I CERTIFY THAT THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THIS APPLICATION IS COMPLETE AND ACCURATE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT ENTITLED| |TO HOLD, NOR DO I HOLD, U. S. CITIZENSHIP OR PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR DUAL CITIZENSHIP (FILIPINO-AMERICAN). | |DATE: ????? |SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT | |Application Page 7 |

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