Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment

Sharp Healthcare offers groups for suckling female parents. postpartum depression. sorrowing for loss of a kid. fleshiness. eating upsets etc. Make the community members value wellness publicity steps? What is the grounds that they do or make non ( e. g. . engagement in instruction. fund-raising events. etc. ) ? Fund-raising events for local childs with Neuroblastoma ( Pediatric ) Cancer Fundraise for community athleticss like football and cheerleading What does the community value? How is this evident?

Religion- Church on Lord’s daies with householdFamily Values- many household maps like concerts in the local park. film dark at the Lake On what do the community members spend their money? Are financess equal? CarsHomes. rent- cost of life is high in CAEating outShopingMiddle Class bulk. financess can acquire tight

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Health Perception/ManagementPredominant wellness jobs: Compare at least one wellness job to a believable statistic ( CDC. county. or province ) . Fleshiness33 % in San Diego are overweight. 26 % are corpulent30 % of childs classs 5/7/9 are overweight/obese in San Diego County ( “Community profile: county” . 2013 ) Immunization rates ( age appropriate ) .4. 5 % of Preschoolers are losing one or more vaccinumsOut of 43. 000 preschoolers in the county. 1900 are non to the full immunized Not all households in San Diego are immunising their kids due to things they hear about vaccines- Ex-husband: vaccinums doing autism Parents do non make their research and frequently listen to hear-say or false intelligence studies Appropriate decease rates and causes. if applicable.

Top 10 causes of decease in San Diego: Malignant tumors. diseases of the bosom. Alzheimer’s. chronic lower respiratory diseases. cerebrovascular disease. accidents ( unwilled hurts ) . diabetes. intended self-harm ( Suicide ) . chronic liver disease ( cirrhosis ) . hypertension/hypertensive nephritic disease and influenza/pneumonia ( “San Diego County” . n. d. ) In 2012. in San Diego entirely there were 20. 018 deceases

3. 684 in East County San Diego1. 806 were Male1. 876 were Female377 Latino3. 015 White130 Black88 Asiatic70 OtherAge groups 0-4 ( 28 deceases ) . 5-14 ( 6 deceases ) . 15-24 ( 42 deceases ) . 25-24 ( 68 deceases ) . 35-44 ( 90 deceases ) . 45-54 ( 278 deceases ) . 55-64 ( 474 deceases ) . 65-74 ( 587 deceases ) . 75-84 ( 863 deceases ) . 84+ ( 1. 248 deceases ) ( “San Diego County” . n. d. ) Prevention plans ( dental. fire. fittingness. safety. etc. ) : Does the community think these are sufficient? Drug Abuse bar plans. Delinquent and school failure bar plans CAL Fire teaches a fire bar plan locally in San Diego. CA Safe Kids San Diego which teaches bar of unwilled accidents such as submerging. child rider safety. athleticss and diversion safety and prosaic safety ( “Safe Kids San” . 2014 ) Western Dental provides services for people who no insurance for a cheaper rate Multiple gym installations such as 24 hr Fitness. Crunch and Chuze are some of the biggest gyms out here Available wellness professionals. wellness resources within the community. and usage. Planned Parenthood- wellness attention for gestation and STD bar Local hospitals- Kaiser Permanente. Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Scripps Hospital. Sharp Memorial Hospital are a few large infirmaries in San Diego. CA Urgent Care clinics like Doctors Express are available

San Diego Public HealthLanguage Specific health care such as Arabic. Spanish. Tagalog etc. Common referrals to outside bureaus.WIC- Women. Babies and ChildrenBlack Women. Babies and ChildrenFood StampsLow Cost medical and dental attentionHabitat for Humanity

Nutrition/MetabolicIndexs of alimentary lacks.Vitamin lacks such as Vitamin D and IronUnexplained weariness. toffee. dry hair. ridged or spoon shaped nails. oral cavity jobs. diarrhoea. crossness or deficiency or appetency can all bespeak alimentary lacks San Diego has one of the largest homeless populations in the state. particularly stateless veterans. Malnutrition is prevailing in this group of people Obesity rates or per centums: Compare to CDC statistics.

This slug was answered up above in a old inquiry.Affordability of food/available price reductions or nutrient plans and use ( e. g. . WIC. nutrient boxes. soup kitchens. meals-on-wheels. nutrient casts. senior price reductions. employee price reductions. etc. ) . Food StampsWIC ( Women. Babies and Children )BWIC ( Black Women. Babies and Children )Meals on wheelsSenior price reductions offered at some eating houses like Soup Plantation. 55 plus is considered senior citizen here in California Project Homeless ConnectHandiness of H2O ( e. g. . figure and quality of imbibing fountains ) . Water fountains in all shops and schoolsDrinking H2O ( Tap H2O ) meets most authorities criterions but demands to be more exhaustively treated Water comes from 3 topographic points: Northern California from snow and rain. the Colorado river and local rain H2O overflow Fast nutrient and debris nutrient handiness ( peddling machines ) .

Peddling machines at most all high schoolsCalifornia seeking to alter contents to offer healthier picks Fast nutrient on about every corner- very accessibleEvidence of healthy nutrient ingestion or unhealthy nutrient ingestion ( rubbish. long lines. observations. etc. ) . Always long line as fast nutrient topographic pointsGyms ever crowed. protein/workout drinks ever in manusBeachs are full of people in bathing suits ( fit and unfit )Farmers markets on Midweeks crowdedA batch of people do particular plans like Weight Watchers. Opti-Fast. Medi-Fast. Nutri-System. Jenny Craig etc “Re-think your Drink” this plan is seeking to extinguish sugar sugared drinks and are replacing them with H2O. low fat milk for 50 % or greater natural fruit juices Provisions for particular diets. if applicable.

Items incorporating specific allergic reactions have them stated on the label like nuts. shellfish or specific fruits For schools ( in add-on to above ) :Nutritional content of nutrient in cafeteria and peddling machines: Compare to ARS 15-242/The Arizona Nutrition Standards ( or other province criterions based on abode ) Fruit/veggie based drinks with no less than 50 % fruit juice

Milk 2 % fat. non-fat. soy or rice milkNot more than 35 per centum of its entire Calories can come from fat ( excepting: nuts. seeds. eggs. cheese. fruit. veggies and leguminous plants ) Not more than 10 percent Calories from sat fat ( Excluding: eggs and cheese ) Not more than 35 % of its entire weight may be composed of sugar. including of course happening and added sugar ( excepting: fruits and veggies that have non been deep fried ) Not more than 250 Calories per single nutrient point ( Middle schools and Jr High Schools. High Schools ) No more than 175 per single nutrient point for simple schools Amount of free or decreased tiffin

60 % free or decreased tiffin in schools in San Diego. Calcium

Elimination ( Environmental Health Concerns )Common air contaminants’ impact on the community.Smog. Allergies- Pollen. CastNoise.Major Airport. major Military bases. heavy traffic noisesWaste disposal.Miramar LandfillPest control: Is the community notified of pesticides usage? Yes. single abodes take attention of their ain plague jobs Hanta Virus- In mouse crap in our countryHygiene patterns ( laundry services. manus rinsing. etc. ) .Laundry mats are in copiousness. dry cleaners and single washer and driers in some abodes Singing the “Happy Birthday” vocal twice while rinsing custodies was on the local intelligence to assist people rinse their custodies more expeditiously Toilet place screens in most public bathroom services

Signs saying “Must wash custodies before returning to work” in all eating house bathrooms Bathrooms: Number of bathrooms ; inspect for cleanliness. supplies. if possible. Most public bathrooms have marks for employees to subscribe when they have checked and maintained the public toilet Public bathrooms are by and large clean and good stocked. if non normally an employee of the topographic point is easy notified Universal safeguard patterns of wellness suppliers. instructors. members ( if applicable ) . Protective gowns. baseball mitts. shields when managing bodily fluids for wellness suppliers when in installations Teachers normally do non hold entree to all of the equipment necessary but by and large have baseball mitts on manus Temperature controls ( e. g. . within edifices. outside shade constructions ) . Temperatures by and large in the 70-75 scopes in controlled countries such as schools and shops Shades provided at local Parkss

Community pools and beaches available for hot temperaturesSafety ( commission. security guards. traversing guards. badges. locked campuses ) . Most twenty-four hours attentions are locked installationsTraversing guards at most simple and in-between schoolsSecurity guards at shops and infirmaries to forestall larceny and offense Trolley GuardsVolunteer Police patrol ( Aged work forces and adult females )

Activity/ExerciseCommunity fittingness plans ( gym price reductions. P. E. . deferral. athleticss. entree to YMCA. etc. ) . YMCAsGymnasium: 24 hr fittingness. crunch. chuzeAYSO ( local association football conferences for childs )T-ball/ baseball/ playground ball Fieldss at Cactus Park ( name of drama park ) P. E in in-between school/high school for 2 old agesDeferral at simple schoolsZumba and Jazzercise plans locally

Recreational installations and use ( gym. resort areas. motorcycle waies. boosting trails. tribunals. pools. etc. ) . Resort areas at most local ParkssMission Trails- hike. motorcycle trailsCowles Mountain. Iron Mountain- Hiking trailsCommunity pools- YMCAsSafety plans ( regulations and ordinances. safety preparation. inducements. athletic trainers. etc. ) . Lifeguards at local community pools and beachesSafe drivers inducements with Allstate InsuranceDiscounts on auto insurance with good classs and no problemCrime Stoppers. Mc Gruff Crime Dog. Kidzwatch Academy. Safety Sam are police station plans that childs and other community members can take part in to guarantee community safety Injury statistics or most common hurts.

In San Diego. unwilled hurts were the 6th taking cause of decease in 2009 About 1000 people died that twelvemonth of unwilled hurts with 30 % of those caused by poisoning including overdose Every hr in San Diego. an norm of 19 people are hospitalized or treated in the ER because of hurts Car accidents. drowning. falls. assault. struck by an object. Burnss. overexertion and asphyxiation are some of the most common causes of hurt in all age groups Evidence of sedentary leisure activities ( sum of clip watching Television. picture. and computing machine ) . Computers used as primary resource for schools

Internet used as primary resource for communityDriving short distances that could be walkedT. V takes up. on norm. 2. 8 hours of most people’s twenty-four hoursAges 15-19 spend read for an norm of 4 proceedingss per weekend twenty-four hours and 52 proceedingss playing a game on the computing machine Ages 75 and over spend an norm of 1 hr of reading per weekend twenty-four hours and 20 proceedingss playing games or utilizing a computing machine Employed grownups with no kids spend about 4. 5 hours per twenty-four hours making leisure activities and employed grownups with a child/children spend about 3. 5 hours making leisure activities per twenty-four hours Means of transit.

Trolley. Bus. Cars. Bikes. Walking and park and drive for carpool

Sleep/RestSleep routines/hours of your community: Comparison with sleep hr criterions ( from National Institutes of Health [ NIH ] ) . Eating heavy dinners. caffeine. smoke and exercising tardily in the twenty-four hours is set uping slumber of people in SanDiego Graveyard displacements are common due to topographic points being unfastened 24/7

Sleeping anyplace from 6-9 hoursIndexs of general “restedness” and energy degrees.Lack of “bags” or “dark circles” under eyesHair. make-up and outfit appropriate for environmentLess caffeine neededFactors impacting slumber:Shift work prevalence of community membersAll displacements. largely 12 hr displacements in the healthcare field.Chiefly anyplace from 7am-6pm for most full clip employed people Environment ( noise. visible radiations. herding. etc. )Near chief airdrome. military bases. visible radiations and crowds near football and baseball bowls. colleges. populating near freeways Consumption of caffeine. nicotine. intoxicant. and drugsA least 3 major Universities in San Diego ( Caffeine intake! ) Average age in San Diego is 20s-30s and big night life crowd downtown San Diego ( Alcohol and drugs ) 2012 drug stats: Heroin addition. crack/cocaine lessening. Methedrines addition. marijuana addition. prescription opioids lessening. ecstasy lessening ( “Drug maltreatment patterns” . 2014 ) Homework/Extracurricular activities

High school pupil norm 3 hours of prep per darkAnywhere from 6. 8 to 17. 5 hours of prep per hebdomad for high school pupils Elementary schools 2. 9 hours per hebdomadMiddle school 3. 2 hours per hebdomadAfter school sports- up to 3 hours of pattern for some similar football Health issuesStress. common colds/flu. paediatric malignant neoplastic diseases. diabetes types 1 and 2. fleshiness. high blood pressure

Cognitive/PerceptualPrimary linguistic communication: Is this a communicating barrier?English/ Spanish. Arabic. Vietnamese ( possible communicating barriers ) 37. 1 % of San Diego’s population speaks a different linguistic communication than EnglishEducational degrees: For geopolitical communities. usage hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nose count. gov and compare the metropolis in which your community belongs with the national statistics. San Diego County: High school graduates 85. 4 %

Bachelor’s grade or higher 34. 4 % ( “State and county” . 2014 ) Opportunities/Programs:Educational offerings ( in-services. go oning instruction. GED. etc. ) Many plans offering GED plans and homework categories including community colleges All infirmaries and health care centres provide in-services

Grossmont college. Grossmont grownup dark schoolROP ( Regional Occupation Program )Learn English ( plan in El Cajon. CA to assist aliens larn English ) Educational authorizations ( annually in-services. go oning instruction. English scholars. etc. ) CEUs for nurses- 30 hours every 2 old ages for RNs

Particular instruction plans ( e. g. . larning handicapped. emotionally handicapped. physically handicapped. and gifted ) GATE- gifted and talented instruction planChildren’s outreach undertakingLibrary or computer/Internet resources and use.El Cajon libraryInternet on all phones. ipadsComputers at most schools including simple schoolsFunding resources ( tuition reimbursement. scholarships. etc. ) . Scholarships offered through the Chamber of Commerce for faculty members up to $ 3. 000. Many colleges offer academic scholarships and athleticss scholarships ( Full and partial drives ) UCSD and Rady’s Children’s Hospital both have tuition reimbursement and pupil loan refund plans UCSD will refund two tierces of the tuition or pupil loans

Board of Governor’s Fee waverMilitary price reductions

Self-Perception/Self-ConceptAge degrees.Many households in El CajonChiefly 20s and 30s in San Diego County such as downtown San Diego Kids under age 5= 6. 5 % of populationPeoples under age 18= 22. 6 % of populationPeoples 65 and over= 12. 3 per centum of populationPlans and activities related to community edifice ( beef uping the community ) . San Diego City College peer mentoring planMAD ( female parents against intoxicated drive )Large Brothers/Big Sisters plan ( Mentoring striplings )Peer Leaders ( high school program- pupils give other pupils “counseling” when they feel like they can non speak to an grownup ) Community history.The country now known as San Diego County has been inhabited for over 10. 000 old ages by the Kumeyaay Indians San Diego became portion of the United States by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on 1848 stoping the U. S. –Mexican War One of the original counties of California

San Diego used to be a really big county including all of Los Angeles and extended to the Colorado river Pride indexs: Self-esteem or caring behaviours.San Diego is one of the most sought out metropoliss to see and/or unrecorded Very expensive because they demand is thereA batch of plastic surgery in San DiegoSpray sunburns. forge nails. forge hair. people are in form ( wears Bikini ) San Diego occupants back up a batch of charities and cancer/disease foundations Donating money to a good cause is common among this community

Published description ( booklets. Web sites. etc. ) .San Diego MagazineSandiego. org for local media ( Website )Union Tribune San Diego ( News Paper )

Role/RelationshipInteraction of community members ( e. g. . friendliness. openness. intimidation. biass. etc. ) . East San Diego is more friendly than West or North San Diego ( More money in those countries ) Very accepting of Gays and Lesbians in SanDiego ( Hill Crest is a metropolis known for an copiousness population ) Gay Pride Parade is a immense event in SD

Very big interracial community. non a batch of biassPlans to forestall in-school intimidationVulnerable populations:Why are they vulnerable?Homeless population business district San DiegoLack of medical insuranceHow does this impact wellness?Increase spread of diseaseIncreased badness of diseaseNo entree to medicine or medical interventionsPower groups ( church council. pupil council. disposal. PTA. and packs ) : Mexican MafiaLogan Heights GangHells AnglesPTAs in simple schoolsJehovah’s informantChurch of jesus christ of latter-day saintssHow do they keep power?InfluentialHave a batch of people under them or following themPTA helps do determinations for schoolsPositive or negative influence on community?Gangs normally a negative influenceHells Angels used to hold more of a negative influence but now are more positive towards the community and back up local charities like paediatric malignant neoplastic disease 1s Harassment policies/discrimination policies.

Under the California Department of Public Health all employees have a right to work in an environment free from all signifiers of favoritism. including sexual torment. bullying. revenge or coercion. The CDPH is committed to supplying a work environment free from sexual torment. Sexual torment is a signifier of sex favoritism that is illegal under both province and federal jurisprudence The Fair Employment and Housing Act defines sexual torment as torment based on sex or of a sexual nature ; gender torment ; and torment based on gestation. childbearing. or related medical conditions. The definition includes torment based on sexual orientation. and besides protects an individual’s existent or perceived gender individuality. whether or non different from the individual’s existent gender at birth The CDPH endorses a “zero tolerance” policy aimed at forestalling all such inappropriate behaviour. As a consequence. CDPH may take disciplinary actions. up to and including formal subject. when policy misdemeanors occur. even if they are non so serious as to be improper ( “Sexual Harassment Prevention” . 2008 ) Relationship with broader community:

PolicesSan Diego has had allegations of inappropriate behaviour of constabulary officers such as groping and sexual favours CHP. Sheriff’s section. Police in each metropolis such an San Diego Police Department Fire/EMS ( response clip )

By and large called from the City in which the Emergency isResponse clip is good- by and large under 10 proceedingssFire sections all work together from all environing metropoliss when needed Large fire in Escondido/ San Marcos merely happened in San Diego County. fire sections from all about came to assist Cedar fire in El Cajon more than 10 old ages back. fire sections from out of province came and helped Other ( nutrient thrusts. blood thrusts. missions. etc. )

San Diego Blood Bank- ever has blood thrusts in parking tonss of large shops like walmarts and concerns Local nutrient thrusts at schools and health care clinics/facilities

Sexuality/ReproductiveRelationships and behaviour among community members.Have had many allegations of teacher/student relationshipsMany older male/young female relationships and visa-versaMany relationships with more than 10 twelvemonth spreadsYoung marriages/pregnancies commonMarried Population 45. 15 %Single Population 54. 85 %Now Married 43. 16 %Married but Separated 1. 99 %Never Married 40. 39 %Widowed 4. 58 %Divorced 9. 88 %Married. w/children 35. 54 %Married. no kids 37. 34 %Single. w/children 16. 27 %Single. no kids 10. 86 % ( “People in San” . 2014 )Educational offerings/programs ( e. g. . growing and development. STD/AIDS instruction. contraceptive method. abstention. etc. ) . Planned Parenthood- instructions and bar methods of STDs and Pregnancy. prenatal attention Access to deliver control.

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