Fundamental Principles of Hci

M2 portion – Considering your work for Task 2 vitamin E or f. bespeak how some of the cardinal rules of HCI have been applied and how the specific demand has been met.

In this portion of the assignment I will be reflecting on the specializer input ( vitamin E ) design I have designed. I have designed a keyboard which has Braille keys. for the intent of the people who are blind. as this keyboard will be an advantage for the blind which means that they will non be isolated merely because they are unsighted. but in fact utilizing this keyboard the blind can go on their day-to-day lives like others traveling to work and schools etc. One of the Fundamental rules of HCI is that the user has easiness of usage. and I have applied this rule in my design allows people to type on the keyboard with easiness.

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I have besides covered the perceptual experience rule which covers. coloring material. form and the layout of objects. I have applied this rule in my design as I have layed out the keys roomily which allows the user to hit the key which they wish to easy. And by doing the design in this form and layout the user can easy recognize the Braille keys.

P5 – Briefly depict how each of the input and end product HCI that you have created meet the specifications provided.

Input utilizing synergistic mouse

I have designed a intelligence tablet reader which has the particular characteristic of touch screen. which allows the user to scroll through the page. The specification requires an input that has to be through a mouse/keyboard/monitor. I have met this specification by planing a intelligence tablet which normally has a mouse connected to the tablet. but the one I have created served this intent by merely scrolling on the screen of the tablet.

End product to a pressman

I have designed a pressman which has a touch tablet button on the pressman. and this can be used if the user decides to do a certain figure of transcripts. The specification is met as I have designed an end product which serves the intent of treating paperss out. and besides has the characteristic of a touchpad which allows the user to manually change the figure of transcripts they wish to do. There are besides difficult buttons which can be used in instance the touch tablet stops working.

Input utilizing a different input device from a mouse

I have designed a bet oning guidance wheel which can be used to put in into a gaming console such as drama station 3. and be used as an input. The specification has been met as I have designed a guidance wheel which has an extra characteristic of a biometric scan of every user. Which means that every clip a user which to salvage their game progress they merely need to put the thumb print on the scanner and the game will automatically salvage the information of the individual whose thumb scan it is. and every user will necessitate to infix the inside informations before playing on the guidance wheel so that the maneuvering wheel can salvage to that individuals file.

End product to something other than a pressman or proctor

I have designed an synergistic white board which has a solar power tablet connected to it. which means that it uses solar power in order to run. The specification has been met as I have designed an end product which is an synergistic whiteboard with an extra characteristic that has a solar tablet connected to it. which saves electricity cost for the user.

Input for a specializer demand

I have designed a keyboard with an extra characteristic that allows the unsighted people to type utilizing this keyboard. I have met the specifications for this design as I have designed an input which serves a specializer demand for the unsighted people with a brail keyboard. it besides has a MIC fitted with the keyboard which allows the user to talk into the MIC and the computing machine so interprets the words and types up into the papers.

End product for a specializer demand

I have designed a Television and talker which is voice activated and used for handicapped people. I have met the specifications of the design as I have designed a Television and talker which allows the handicapped to remotely command the Television. for illustration ON would intend the Television to turn on etc. This would let the dibbled user to sit where they are and command the Television without holding to travel.

M3 – Describe how effectivity of HCI may be measured

Normally the effectivity of HCI can be measured when you carry out trials such as?Speed of interaction? Number of mistakes from actions? Ease of understanding by the user

The effectivity of HCI can be measured by making trials that looks at the velocity of interaction between the user and the HCI. it measures the how long the response is after the user makes a move on the HCI. and if the velocity of interaction is really high so that piece of HCI will be known as really effectual. this is because the HCI will let you to travel around the computing machine easy and rapidly without much problem.

The effectivity of HCI can besides be measured by making trials on that HCI to see how much mistakes it has. and after making trials if the consequences show that it has a batch of mistakes so that HCI will non be a really effectual. This is because a batch of mistakes on a HCI can do the user decelerate down when interacting with the HCI. but if there are non that much mistakes so it can be known as an effectual HCI. because the user can utilize it efficaciously without holding to trouble-shoot.

The effectivity of HCI can be measured by the apprehension of the user and to what extent the user has the cognition and apprehension of the HCI. If it seems as though that the user does non hold the apprehension of the HCI so the decision would be that the HCI is non really effectual. But if the user is understanding the HCI and can easy interact with the HCI so the HCI is effectual as the user can utilize the HCI without any issues

D2 – Compare the HCI you have developed with those commercially produced for similar merchandises. bespeaking the good and less good characteristics of each and any betterments which could be made.

I have designed six HCI’s to accommodate the intent of those users who interact with computing machines. and now I will compare my HCI’s with existent HCI’ which are produced commercially and find the advantages of my HCI and disadvantages of each and every HCI.

My first design is a intelligence tablet reader. where the user is able to read all the newspaper digitally. Those intelligence tablet that are produced commercially are the criterion designs which have really less characteristics. those commercially produced are updated day-to-day with the intelligence from all the newspapers. The advantages of my HCI:

? Speakers that allow the user to listen to the intelligence if they want. although the intelligence can be heard via the talkers. ? Compared to the commercially produced intelligence tablets my HCI has a keyboard which can be accessed from the tablet. this allows the user to see other intelligence sites that are non listed on the tablet as default sites. ? It allows the user to interact with the HCI utilizing a mouse which is connected to the keyboard in instance the touch screen does non work.

The disadvantages of my HCI:

The keyboard is non safe to utilize as this could damage the keyboard. because the intelligence tablet is designed to be used whilst on the move but holding all these excess characteristics of utilizing the keyboard at the underside could interrupt or snarl. ? Alternatively of holding a built mouse to travel around the tablet. it would be better if there was a slot to allow the user insert a mouse externally.

The 2nd design is a pressman that a touchpad which allows the user to manually type in the figure of transcripts of a papers the user would wish. So for case if the user sent a papers to the pressman and so realised that the user needs more than one transcript so merely merely add more transcripts. The advantages of my HCI:

? The design of the touchpad is such that any age any user can easy utilize the touchpad. as the touchpad is labelled with easy text. ? If under anyfortunes the touchpad does non work so the user can entree the pressman with alternate buttons.

The disadvantages of my HCI:

My HCI does non hold many characteristics that other Printers may hold. ? I could hold designed a pressman with a built in photocopier or scanner.

The 3rd design is a bet oning guidance wheel. which compared to the commercially produced 1s is a batch better as my HCI gives more characteristics to interact with the user. The advantages of my HCI:

Built in bio metric scanner saves game informations to the user’s profile. These are done by the users making their ain profile and delegate their finger print on their profile. ? In instance the maneuvering wheel malfunctions so there are buttons that can be used to manually play the game. There are built in talkers that let the user listen to the game drama.

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