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Future of Resources

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Nowadays, the price of petroleum is increasing at a high rate. According to the news, the price of petroleum has surpassed 2,000 won per litre, which is a serious problem. The reason for increasing the price is a lack of petroleum. After the Industrial Revolution in England, humans have been using an enormous amounts of resources on Earth, and only a little amount of it is left. Therefore, the prices of energy sources keep rising, and human beings are struggling with the problem.

Then, what could be a solution to the problem?
The solution that is thought as the easiest and the most useful is to harvest from renewable energy sources. Of course, it takes a lot of money to build the infrastructure, but since it is unlimited, it would be used for as long as possible. Two main renewable energy resources are sunlight and hydro power. Those are already used nowadays. The energy from sunlight is used a lot by people.

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Future of Resources
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You have probably seen black boards on the ground. Those are sunlight boards. it takes the sunlight and change it to electricity by turning turbines. It keeps the energy, and use it at nighttimes, which is really practical.
The hydro power is also considered as a renewable energy source. It makes electricity by using the water. Water is allowed to flow through tunnels in the dam, to turn turbines and make electricity which is sent to the homes and the places that electricity is needed. The advantages of hydro power is enourmous. First, once the dam is built, the energy is virtually free. It also means that water is renewable, which could be used forever. Also, there will be no waste or pollution produced, which could save our planet’s environment.
In conclusion, renewable energy sources such as sunlight power and hydro power will save the price problem of petroleum, and also save our planet, Earth’s environment. When we keep practicing to use these sources, our lives will be much easier and convenient.

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