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Community Resources Assignment

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Today’s elderly have many resources available to help with the challenges they will face in their aging years. As a nurse, it is important to have resources to go along with patient teaching. It is one of our duties in providing our senior patients with total care. Areas of concern for seniors that will be explored in this community research are dental care, exercise, and nutrition all of which can aid in helping the aging to increase the quality of their health warding off diseases and disabilities and prolonging life.

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Community Resources Assignment
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Oral Care In the elderly, oral care is of concern because of the many changes of the oral cavity that can occur from poor oral hygiene, systemic diseases, environmental factors and the effects of certain medications (Tabloids, 2014). In finding oral care resources, I happened upon a Geriatric dental practice located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. This practice is headed by Mary Fisher, D. D. S. She has been treating the senior community for more than 30 years.

Besides treating patients in her dental office, she offers portable care to patients in assisted living facilities, urging homes, and hospitals.

Payment is fee for service and senior discounts varies with the type of service rendered. In finding this resource I didn’t know beforehand that some dentist specialize in just geriatric care and it was good to know that this dentist provided portable care for those who may not be able to come to her. Also it’s good to know that she does have experience working with dementia and Alchemies who resist assisted care. Would refer this resource for oral care to seniors who need a specialist and lack transportation to get to her office. Nutrition

Another area of concern in seniors is that of getting adequate nutrition. In completing a thorough patient assessment, nurses will need to know if their patient is eating an adequate diet and if not, explore to find reasons and resolutions. A couple of common reasons is due to the lack of money and transportation to purchase food. A community resource that found that may help with supplementing food is the organization Focus Hope food program. I’m very familiar with Focus Hope because my family received their help for several years when I was a little child.

In addition to feeding seniors, they provide DOD to low income families with young children. The food program works by supplementing food to those who are age or older, live within the counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washstand, and are low income seniors. Once approved, seniors can shop for food at one of their food centers. They can also make home deliveries to homebound seniors by using volunteers (Focus Hope). Upon researching this organization, was met with the sad fact that for many of the seniors that access their centers, the box of food they receive is their main source of nutritious food for the month.

As I walked through one of their food centers on Conman Boulevard in Detroit, I notice that the food was provided through the US government of agriculture and was not like your typical food bank with different brands of food. Seniors can receive cheese, dried milk, cereal, peanut butter, juice, pulled pork, dried eggs, and cream of wheat, amongst other nutritional packaged and canned foods. This organization would be a great resource to share with seniors who meet the requirements for this food program and are finding it hard to afford for the adequate nutrition their bodies need. Exercise

Exercise is an important component to living healthy in the elderly. Regular exercise and physical activity can reduce the risk of developing some diseases and disabilities that develop in the aging. One community resource I found to be very helpful in helping the aging exercise while making it fun in the process is a senior walking program presented by the Detroit Medical Center. I stumbled upon this program when joined a group of seniors lining up to register. When it was my turn to sign I included my birthrate and right away I was declined. “You’re not old enough”, they told me.

Anyhow, I still walked the river walk but just wasn’t a part of their program. What surprised me the most about this movement is the mass number of seniors that participated. The scenery walking along the river is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. It surely calms the spirit. Also, because it’s a community effort, and it has hundreds of participants, friendships can be made. The program is during the summer months and promotes wellness through walking and fitness classes on Detroit downtown river front. The program is free and included is a small health assessment, including blood erasure check.

This program is very impressive and would recommend this resource to seniors whom have been told they need to exercise because with this program you will also receive other health information and resources that is tailored to seniors. Seniors can find more information about this program through the website http://deterioration’s. Org/things-to-do/irreversible. Oral care, Nutrition, and Exercise are all important elements to a long healthy life. It is good to know of community resources in these categories and to be able to provide this information when needed.

Even better, if the resource is something you would use for yourself which in my case was the River Walk Program; the more likely you will be able to motivate seniors needing this resource.

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