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Gay and Lesbian Adoption od Child

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Adoption has long been a way for a loving family who cannot have children on their own, or a family with some extra love to give to have children. Today, adoption has taken a turn for the worse, Gay and Lesbian couples who of course cannot children are adopting kids. I see this as one of our nations number one problems. What kind of message are these kids getting? That homosexuality is all right. If this continues America will have a group of children running around with deviant behavior hardwired into their mind.

Gay and Lesbian adoption must end for the sake of the children, for the sake of moral decency, and for the sake of the United States of America.

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Gay and Lesbian Adoption od Child
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Children in foster homes and orphanages have enough problems without have to deal with having homosexual parents. Other children and adult for something that they cannot control will persecute them, but their parents can. Even if they attend church they will not get the main Christian value of family.

The biggest problem of all is that they might end up thinking that homosexuality is OK or even good, and that is just terrible. All children need the influence of a mother and father (Gay Parent online Magazine). Unfortunately, some children are not able to receive this because of death, divorce, or abandonment, but some just miss out on this because of two greedy homosexuals who what to have their cake and eat it two.

The safety of the children is also in question when kids are placed with homosexuals. Forty percent of child molesters are homosexual, and they only represent ten percent of the population (Statistics website). This fact alone should make anyone want to outlaw homosexual adoptions. Also one of the nations foremost psychologist’s Dr. Laura Schlessinger says that same sex parenting in “despicable” and “a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys”(Newsweek 52).

The most obvious reason homosexuals should not be able to adopt children is that they really do not what them. If homosexuals really wanted children they would be straight and have them the normal way. If a person chooses to be homosexual there is nothing really the country can do about it, but if they what to bring a innocent child into their life of sin, we as God-fearing Americas must protect the young from this life of sin.

Homosexuals say that outlawing their adoption rights is a form of discrimination. This could not be farther from the truth, the government does not allow drunk-drivers to drive, and it also does not let convicted felons to own weapons. So why should we let these deviants have children? The Gay and Lesbian anti defamation league says that there are not enough adoptive parents for the number children there are. Yes, this is true, but there are also not enough jails, does that mean we should let murders and rapist walk the streets? Of course not, we will just have to find more heterosexual people to take care of these children. It does not matter if it is a one or two parent family, just anything to get the children out of the hands of homosexuals.

Homosexuality sickens me, what sicken me even more is to see a child in the hands of a lesbian woman. It make me think what has our country come to when we let homosexuals adopt child. How could it be that if only thirty-nine percent of the general public favors homosexual adoption rights, why only the state of Florida has a ban on homosexual adoption? This must change and it must change fast to many young lives are at steak.

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