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Gdr Versus Kodak – Bart Film Scanner

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Introduction Georginelli Dental Research (GDR) was a global company with production facilities in the United States, Europe and China. GDR place much of its marketing emphasis on education and research. Moreover, the dentist who practice their research in the GDR research institute, they are GDR brand loyal and prefer its product over other brand. The company wanted to retain its market share in dental imaging through digital advances so as to cautiously get its profit margin in film sales. Angelo Bella (the project manager) attempted to commercialize a new dental film scanner under the Bart Film Scanner name.

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Gdr Versus Kodak – Bart Film Scanner
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The objective of the company is to introduce a low cost film scanner that could provide a bridge to huge tread of digital imaging and to keep the very profitable film portfolio viable. The major challenge for the project manager Angelo Bella was because this Bart Film Scanner previously failed attempts by other teams at GDR to develop a low cost but not profitable dental film scanner.

GDR has an edge of providing far more critical detail than the competitors like Kodak, Fuji and Agfa. The object of this case study is to find out how Bella meet time to market and cost goals by motivating his team.

QUESTIONS: COMMUNICATION: 1. As a project manager, what should Bella do now that Namath has given the approval to proceed with Bart? * Bella should come up with a strategic marketing plan with GDR objective, which show the target market share and exactly what GDR are looking to accomplish. * Bella should have complete product understanding that covers technical aspects and should work closely with BT Wang team in order to insure that Bart film Scanner is completed within the expected time frame and have high product quality.

Bella should make sure that past mistakes are not repeated while working on Bart film Scanner. 2. What are the keys to success for the Bart team? The keys to success for Bart team are: * Bella should work on the four “Ps” of marketing place, product, price and promotion. * Team motivation, share ideas, and work on “can do” strategy. * Focus on product goal and work with team to get the result. 3. What types of roadblocks will Bella face and how can he overcome these to keep Bart on schedule? 1.

Management approval: because of previous failed attempts it was difficult to get management approval, for that Bella need to start the project with enthusiasm, full of excitement, by erasing painful memories, motivation with believe to achieve goal and learning from the previous attempts failures. 2. Low cost: work for low cost product with high profitability. 3. Time to market goals: product should be completed within target time frame and should be lunch on the right time. 4. GDR Managers: many of the Bart team manages have the approach that internal cost structure of GDR is conducive to design anything inexpensive.

Bella should have one o one meeting with them to understand why they don’t believe and to present them his believes on the project. 4. What role should BT play on the project and why? BT Wang has a very crucial role in the success of Bart project as BT team need to develop a product, which fulfills: * Company goal and objective to have low cost product, and high profitability. * Customers’ expectation to have high quality product on low cost. SCHEDULE: 1. Should the team follow GRD’s phases-and-gates process or some other commercialization process for the scanner?

There is no harm for Bart team to follow GRD’s phases-and-gates process so as to take the decision on the basics of information available including business case, competitive assessment, risk analysis, recourses available and input from all over worldwide region. Beside this, there is nothing wrong to follow some other commercialization process which is more beneficial to make the project successful. 2. Who should own the overall project schedule, updates to the schedule and communication of critical paths?

In my opinion, Bella himself should take up the lead to look after overall schedule, updates and communication because he is very motivated and enjoy the challenge of doing what others couldn’t do. He is working on this project as a passion and will do all the best to bring Bart film scanner idea at low cost and high profit volume into reality. 3. Should GDR and DIS employees be exchanged throughout the project? I think that it would be very beneficial for both companies GDR and DIS to exchanged employees for the success of the project.

Dental Imaging Systems (DIS) manufactured low-end scanner, its technology can benefit the company to built low end scanner and DIS is not a direct tread to GDR since its name and reputation is not well known in the market. DIS can take benefit by learning business tactic and business strategy to build its market portfolio. 4. If GDR’s phases-and-gates process is followed, should representatives from DIS attend gate views? Yes, it is very important for both team members to fully understand the project and identify the need to make the project successful.

For that they need to share * Mission: Launch of Bart to coincide with the introduction of a new line of dental films, which allow GDR to generate cash revenue. * Goals: is to develop, design and launch a low cost scanner with high profitability in less than a year. * Roles and responsibilities: Each team member should clearly know their role and responsibility that what is expected from them. * Ground rules: there should be specific guideline for the team members on which everyone agree on. * Decision making: both teams should have clear understanding who will make the decision, how and when it will be implemented. Effective group process: proper communication and mutual understanding help in effective group processing.

LEADERSHIP: 1. What can Bella and BT do to energize team members and make them believe in the future success of the Bart Scanner? Bella and BT should have group meeting or discussions about the project on a weekly basis. Listen to team member ideas, inspiration and doubts. Clear their doubts, acknowledge them, appreciate their work, motivate them, and remind them why their work in important. 2.

How should Bella address critical path items owned by either GDR or DIS? Bella should address critical path items by sharing each piece of information. Both team members should be involved in achieving the target and goal by knowing the terms and conditions and should agree on that. The aim, purpose, time frame, budget, and scope should be clearly mentioned. Both team members should know their strength and weakness. 3. How should Bella address the naysayers, both on the team and within the organization, who might easily undermine the project?

Bella should address both on the team and with the organization by clearing their doubts and responding the unanswered the questions. Listen to their ideas, suggestions and comments them. Bella should also address the progress to the organization on weekly basic. Once the project is driven smoothly as per the plan without delay and setback, the chances of naysayers will be eliminated within the organization and the team. RECOGNITION: 1. What can be done throughout the project to continue to motivate team members? Team member get motivated with recognitions and rewards.

Meetings and open discussion should be done to show team member the importance of the project and your believe in the project. Bella should completely align with his team on the given objectives, motivate them, keep positive attitude and do follow ups. Progress should be acknowledged in meeting and by emails. 2. Should there be any formal celebration for both GDR and DIS team members? Yes, there should be a formal celebration for GDR and DIS in order to maintain good relation and motivation for the upcoming projects. 3.

If there is any type of formal recognition, how can it be done in a culturally sensitive manner? Formal event should be arrange for the project participants to recognized and appreciate their effort and performance that contribution on Bart film scanner project through certification and awards on a forum of quarterly. Conclusion: GDR was among one of the numerous small companies in the dental industry with giant competitor like Kodak, Agfa and Fuji. Bert Film Scanner was a challenging task for Angelo Bella the project manager of GDR.

After several attempts to launch the project by several GDR managers, initially the project seems to be a failure. But Bella believe on the project to have low cost film scanner project with high profitability made it possible. The case teaches us that change is challenging but not necessarily has negative impact on the organizational culture. Although, the project was previously failed and no one support Bella idea to start the project again but Bella motivation and determination to work bring a positive change within the organization.

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