Gender Peace and Stereotypes: Are They Connected

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Is the argument correct that biologically, men are physically and mentally superior to women? In my opinion the difference between men and women is socially constructed by the patriarchal society due to which women become subordinate to men in society. The patriarchal society not only creates the differences between men and women but The” Second Sex” that is one is not born, but rather becomes that is highly disrespected in the society.

The stereotypes which makes society patriarchal about being men superior than women is that men is bread winner and runs his house but a women is born only as a “housewife” or a “mother”, which gives men power in society and family. Gender stereotypes like “women is weak” or “pink and blue are gendered colour” or ”being soft is feminine character and “being tough and strong is masculine”. In patriarchal society women have little or no claims to material, sexual and intellectual resources of the society that is, in patriarchal society women have to struggle for education, to have property, or to make choice regarding marriage and other aspects of life. For men these resources are there right and can make choices according to their wish that affects their life.

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What so men control in patriarchal society? According to today’s scenario different areas of women’s lives are in control of men like women’s productivity or labour power, in both the areas household as well as outside men controls women’s productivity. In household women sever all kinds of services to her husband, children and other members of family for her whole life but this work is not considered as work and has to be dependent on her husband and outside the home women’s are paid less compared to men like on construction sites women are paid less for every hour compared to men i.e. even 1/3 of men’s income or even some husbands do not allow their wives to even go outside for work. Men also controls women’s reproduction, they cannot decide how many children they want, whether to use contraceptives, or a decision to terminate pregnancy and even the women’s sexuality is controlled by men and most property and other productive resources are controlled by men and are passed from father to son, according to UN statistics 60% of hours of work is done by women and 40% hours by men but they get only 10% of world’s income and 1% of world’s property.

A women’s life experience is based on how other people view her appearance. She needs to think for every activity she does in front of others like eating, sitting, or etc. As women are considered as pride of their house and they must maintain the same. In India, on one level, there is female foeticide, rape, domestic harassment, eve-teasing and multitude of crimes against women. On the other level there is this nasty thing called male chauvinism. All those male are highly educated boys, who if given a chance can write beautiful essays on women empowerment.

However women’s role and performances have been changed drastically over the past few decades which has added new dimensions to the arguments on sex or gender distinction. Men and women are not equal. We are biologically and physically very different .but that doesn’t make any one sex inferior to other. We need to work on gender equality on both the levels. We can bring changes by changing the way the stereotypically society thinks the things or by influencing their behavior.

As peace and gender inequality are negatively connected. the decline in gender equality in the society there will be more peace as there will be no inequality, no violence, and equal respect and dignity for both men and women. As women empowerment makes nation more strong.

The agenda of women empowerment comes only when they aren’t treated equally. Nowadays we can see the agenda has become a quest to equality but a tool of gender dominance.

One of the most appreciated movies of that time, Mother India is a movie that depicts not only the hardships faced by women but also a good example of patriarchy. There are scenes in the movie that depict utmost patriarchy. At every stage in the movie it is shown that the women are a class of gender that are to be suppressed. They have no right to take decisions, talk to the landlords. Instead they are a symbol of love, care, affection, child upbringing and finding solutions to the problems. They are the ones who face the problems without showing pain that they suffer. This is something that is still constantly going on in our day to day lives. Yes, it has reduced up to a limit, but there is always someone to decide and take decisions for the women in the family; be it the eldest women as well Single mothers are women who are divorced, widows or due to teenage pregnancy. Patriarchy is extremely evident in their lives. They are not allowed, actually not eligible according to the society, to take decisions on their own. This is also evident in the movie when the husband leaves due to guilt and shame. The protagonist is left alone because even the mother-in-law dies. What happens is the landlord who has always been on the front to get the protagonist to sleep with him and in favour he would let all the dues go, now takes a step towards attaining this. He forces her and she despite being “the strong and determined women” forced also by the situations that she faces, goes to him and begs for food. But he tries to rape her and she bits the hell out of him. The patriarchy system is a system which talks about how the male dominates a woman’s life and how she despite her own wants and needs falls down to those dominations. But in today’s world, this is changing. Woman nowadays are trying to have their own decisions taken and not being ruled over by men.

There is a beautiful quote “she just need to remember who she is and the game will change”. The quote signifies a beautiful message that if women remember her power and strength, she can change the world. However there is an improvement, women have come up from their worst situation because they realized their importance for self and worked hard and in the same way our future will be enrich when women gains the strength they require. But a massive support must be there by the men as both men and women are part of society

Sexual orientation fairness is the main indicator of harmony – more so than a state’s riches, dimension of majority rules system, or religious identity.1 Gender fairness is likewise a commitment: since ladies are individuals, states are committed to topple obstructions to ladies’ human rights, expand interest in ladies’ equivalent human rights, and guarantee sexual orientation fairness pushes ahead rather

than backward.2 Creating a universe of sexual orientation equity and sex equity implies building aggregate power instead of commanding force. It implies making an existence where individuals and planet can thrive – paying little mind to age, race, sex, class, ethnicity, capacity, or sexual introduction and sex personality. It implies toppling relations of abuse and savagery from the individual to the political to the worldwide dimensions. It is in this way no big surprise that brutality against ladies and social, political, and monetary imbalance among ladies and men increment dangers of state precariousness, inward question, and universal clash. Promoting gender equality and women’s human rights requires recognising and transforming social, political, and economic structural obstacles that privilege masculinity over femininity for human security and peace for all people.

We are brought into the world similarly meriting. Sex uniformity isn’t about Men having all the power and ladies none – either in point or in all actuality. Sex uniformity comprises of errands being finished by those that best can total them. Childrearing, Policing, Emergency Services, Mining, Teaching. Would you be able to exhibit you can carry out the responsibility? Assuming this is the case, you land the position. Sex is insignificant to that… As long as you can demonstrate you can carry out the responsibility. What’s more, it’s sweeping. A really sexual orientation level with world would have people warriors on the bleeding edge – all physically sufficiently able to carry out the responsibility. It would have near half male CEOs, excavators, educators, medical attendants, specialists, latrine cleaners, security powers, crisis administrations, lawmakers, legal counselors… As long as you can carry out the responsibility, you have the activity.

Ladies’ strengthening is a basic part of accomplishing sexual orientation correspondence. It incorporates expanding a lady’s feeling of self-esteem, her basic leadership control, her entrance to circumstances and assets, her capacity and command over her very own life inside and outside the home, and her capacity to impact change. However sexual orientation issues are not centered around ladies alone, yet on the connection among people in the public eye The activities and frames of mind of men and young men assume a fundamental job in accomplishing sex uniformity.

Training is a key territory of core interest. Despite the fact that the world is gaining ground in accomplishing sexual orientation equality in instruction, young ladies still make up a higher level of out-of-younger students than boys. Approximately one fourth of young ladies in the creating scene don’t go to class. Commonly, families with constrained methods who can’t bear the cost of costs, for example, school charges, garbs, and supplies for the majority of their youngsters will organize training for their children. Families may likewise depend on young ladies’ work for family unit errands, conveying water, and childcare, allowing for tutoring. Be that as it may, organizing young ladies’ instruction gives maybe the single most astounding quantifiable profit in the creating scene. An informed young lady is bound to delay marriage, raise a littler family, have more beneficial youngsters, and send her own kids to class. She has more chances to gain a pay and to take an interest in political procedures, and she is more averse to end up tainted with HIV.

Women’s well being and security is another vital zone. HIV/AIDS is turning into an undeniably significant issue for ladies. This can be identified with ladies having less open doors for wellbeing training, unequal power in sexual association, or because of sex based viciousness. Maternal wellbeing is additionally an issue of explicit concern. In numerous nations, ladies have restricted access to pre-birth and newborn child care, and are bound to encounter entanglements amid pregnancy and labor. This is a basic worry in nations where young ladies wed and have kids before they are prepared; frequently a long time before the period of 18. Quality maternal social insurance can give an essential section point to data and administrations that enable moms as educated chiefs concerning their very own wellbeing and the strength of their youngsters.

Additionally in zone of center in achieving sex equity is ladies’ monetary and political strengthening. In spite of the fact that ladies contain over half of the total populace, they just claim 1% of the world’s riches. All through the world, ladies and young ladies perform extended periods of time of unpaid residential work. In certain spots, ladies still need rights to possess land or to acquire property, get access to credit, win pay, or to climb in their work environment, free from occupation discrimination. At all dimensions, incorporating at home and in the open field, ladies are generally underrepresented as leaders. In councils around the globe, ladies are dwarfed 4 to 1, yet ladies’ political investment is essential for accomplishing sexual orientation fairness and authentic vote based system.

The World Economic Forum as of late positioned the United States as nineteenth on the planet on its sex hole record. With ladies containing short of what one fifth of chose individuals from Congress, the report recognizes political strengthening as the best sexual orientation value issue for the United States. The U.S. positioned higher in monetary strengthening, however, ladies’ procuring power remains around 20% lower than men’s. Ladies in the United States have an exceptionally high positioning of instructive achievement, however, with elevated amounts of proficiency and enlistment in essential, optional, and college training. At present, there are more U.S. ladies going to school than men.

Comprehensively, no nation has completely accomplished sexual orientation fairness. Scandinavian nations like Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden lead the world in their advancement toward shutting the sexual orientation hole. In these nations, there is generally evenhanded dispersion of accessible pay, assets, and open doors for people. The best sexual orientation holes are recognized essentially in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. In any case, various nations in these areas, including Lesotho, South Africa, and Sri Lanka outrank the United States in sexual orientation equity.

unfortunately, there is as yet far to go to accomplish full equity of rights and openings among people. In this way, it is of fundamental significance to end the different types of sexual orientation brutality and secure equivalent access to quality training and wellbeing, monetary assets and support in political life for the two ladies and young ladies and men and young men. It is additionally fundamental to accomplish measure up to circumstances in access to work and to places of administration and basic leadership at all dime.

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