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Geopolitical: Nursing and Phenomenological Community

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A geopolitical community is defined by Maurer & A ; Smith ( 2013 ) as “a spacial designation–a geographical or geopolitical country or topographic point. Geopolitical communities are formed by either natural or human-made boundaries. ” A river. mountain scope. or a vale may make natural boundaries. An illustration of this is most of the small towns in Nepal. the state where I was born. Nepal is full of mountains. rivers. lakes. vales and tableland. Most of the small towns are of course divided by hills.

mountains and rivers. Human-made boundaries can be structural. political or legal in nature. Structural boundaries can be roads. canals. Bridgess or rail route paths. while. legal boundaries can be comprised of metropolis. county. province. provincial. territorial or state lines ( Maurer & A ; Smith. 2013 ) .

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Geopolitical: Nursing and Phenomenological Community
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The differences in the geopolitical boundaries can be observed between counties of New York City or any other in major metropoliss of USA. Political boundaries could be exemplified by school territories or congressional territories ( Maurer & A ; Smith. 2013. p. 396 ) . A phenomenological community can be thought of as an assembly of persons who portion the same point of view. relationships. values. involvements. beliefs and ends. A phenomenological community is looked at as a “relational instead than spacial designation” ( Maurer & A ; Smith. 2013 ) . Geographic boundaries do non needfully hold to be shared in a phenomenological community.

Religious. cultural and societal groups are premier illustrations of a phenomenological community because their values and beliefs set them apart from other groups ( Maurer & A ; Smith. 2013 ) . All of us live in a geopolitical community and most of us are portion of many phenomenological communities. Public wellness nurses have to confront certain challenges while working with different community group. First of all there will be linguistic communication and cultural barrier. Public wellness nurse are big independent. They pattern without professional supervising. They pattern collaboratively with other public wellness subjects that have different position. To get the better of the challenges some of the best patterns for guaranting on traveling competences include peer reappraisal. brooding pattern. end scenes. obtaining cognition of different cultures/ patterns and self-evaluation.

Mentions:Maurer. F. A. & A ; Smith. C. M. ( 2013 ) . Community/public wellness nursing pattern. Fifth edition. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //evolve. elsevier. com Relevant challenges and considerations for public wellness nursing pattern. ( 2011 ) . Retrieved from World Wide Web. wellness. province. manganese. us/divs/cfh/ophp/consultation/phn/practicecouncil/docs/relevantchallanges

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