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Trust, respect and responsibility

Trustworthiness Being truthful is key to establishing trust in relationships of any type. If you give your word to someone that you are going to do something, it’s a must you do it. I believe trust is the main important thing in a relationship. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, what do you …

Citizenship, A Right And A Responsibility.

When I think of America I think of freedom and citizenship. The right to vote or the right of free speech are aspects that, as citizens, we posses. Being born in America automatically gives you these rights and many more, and most importantly, you become a citizen. Now, with citizenship comes responsibility such as obeying …

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Age Of Responsibility

Should there be a defining age of the transition from childhood to adulthood? Recent studies have shown that the age to define adulthood has varied in different states and various organizations have proposed measures to set the age to the right, if we can all agree on one; or is there a set birthday to …

Responsibility Through Tough Love In “A Perfect Hotspot”

Responsibility Through Tough Love In, “A Perfect Hotspot,” Virgil Suarez tells the story of a young man named Tonio that is forced to work with his father during his summer selling ice cream. This story really connected with me in the sense that the older someone gets the greater the responsibility they have. Suarez incorporates …

The Age of Criminal Responsibility

The age of criminal responsibility is the age below which is deemed incapable of having committed a criminal offence. The age of criminal responsibility in NSW is 10, no one under 10 can be charged with a crime. This is usually extended to 14. Doli incapax refers to a presumption that a child is “incapable …

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