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Father Essays

Fathers and sons

Pride has raised some into great happiness, but has also sunk others in failure and despair. In the novel “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev, is indeed pride that makes the conflict arise. Where a Nihilistic graduate is exposed to a traditional but constantly changing alien society he is not willing to accept. Bazarov discovers …

“Great-grandfather” and “On the Verge”

In both ‘great-grandfather’, and ‘on the verge’ the writers present an old person as the key figure to their poems with a variety of similarities and differences. Firstly, both poems present the key theme and idea of time to relate to their old person poetry. In great grandfather this is presented through the life cycle …

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My Grandfather

I always used to dread Sunday mornings. It was the day that my father would call my grandparents long distance to Korea. My father had a rule that my brother, sister, and I each had to talk to our grandfather and practice speaking Korean. I remember turning over in my bed to face the wall …

The psychological effects of absent fathers on daughters

Historically a woman’s role is to perform duties to maintain the home and nurture the children. A man’s function is to provide financial support. Today the focus has shifted. The nuclear family has dissolved and many women began to play both roles. Homes are now run solely by women. Mothers are now maintaining a career …

Impounded Fathers

While the INS – Immigration and Naturalization Services in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security have a duty to perfom, the system has many flaws. The essay, “Impounded Fathers”, by Edwidge Danticat, brings to light some of the unfair circumstances caused by these organizations. It speaks about the immigration system in the United States …

Reflection: the curious incident about the dog in the night-time

Reflection: Christopher’s autism makes it hard for him to understand the feeling of other people, he can’t empathize. He can’t understand metaphoras, sarcasm, or even love or anger. He shows a growing of independence throughout the whole novel. Especially, through the rebellion against his father by disobeying, his single trip to London or his investigations …

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