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George Washington Carvers

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George Washington Carver was a pioneer in ecology.When Carver was a young boy he wanted to know about every thing in God's creation.He believed that everything in the natural world is part of one great whole. And when he became professor at the Tuskegee Institute Carver taught his students how to work with nature to make worn-out farmland productive.George Carver said, "I am a blazer of trails." He made people respect nature's design.

He knew that he work wasn't an end, but it was a beginning. It is unknown exactly when George Carver was born but that it was something time near the end of the Civil War in 1865.When He was an infant Carver and his mother, Mary, were kidnapped by a raiding party.A neighbor of the man who owned his mother went after the party and found Carver but never found his mother.After his mother was lost Carver and his brother were raised by their owners.

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George Washington Carvers
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After slavery was abolished they stayed with the Carver family, which is where the name was taken.The Carvers raised the two children like When George was about 8 years old he became interested in religion.A friend of his told him about sunday school and praying.He went home and prayed to God and he said after that "God just came into my heart." After George becamed saved he saw things in a new light.He wanted to study God's world and learn as much about it was possible.Hefirst learned from the Carvers all he could.He tryed to enroll in school but was turned away because the towns people wouldn't let a black in their school.Then the Carvers hired a private tutor for George.Soon he left home for a black school not far away, but after a year he felt he need more and started to search for something better.He later enrolled at Simpson College, where he stayed for a while …

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